Becoming a computer freelancer: a step-by-step guide

Discover our guide on how to become an IT freelancer and launch yourself as a freelancer in the entrepreneurial adventure.
to become a computer freelancer

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Have you always been passionate about IT? If so, it's an industry that's constantly growing. With the necessary skills and qualities, you will be able to do your job in an optimal way. Among the solutions available to work, there is the option of freelancing. Do you want to become a freelancer in the IT sector? Discover here the different steps to become an IT freelancer.

Why become a computer freelancer?

The computer freelancer is an individual who works on his own account in the computer industry. In other words, he has no employees and is his own boss. For the management of tasks related to accounting, he can turn to partner companies.

On behalf of his customers, the missions of the independent worker in data processing can be varied. Indeed, he can realize an audit of the information system of a structure, ensure the software integration and the web development. Moreover, he trains teams and takes care of the network security of the establishments.

Depending on the client who resorts to his services, the IT freelancer can be an Agile Coach, a Trainer or a Network or Development Consultant. Within companies, these freelancers are commonly solicited because of their know-how and expertise.

What is interesting with the freelancer is that he is autonomous unlike the employees of the IT sector. With his freedom, he can simply define his schedule and select the missions he wants to provide. According to his preferences, he can choose the clients he wants to work with. By working on his own account, the IT freelancer can promote his career development and land new contracts. Finally, he can expand his network and increase his income while practicing this profession that he is passionate about.

What job is possible for a computer freelancer?

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Do you really want to work as a computer freelancer? If so, you should know that several possibilities are available to you. Indeed, there are a multitude of jobs you can do to satisfy your customers and earn money. Here is a list of opportunities for the computer freelancer.

The project manager

For a freelance, the function of project manager is probably the simplest. He generally intervenes at his clients' for the duration of a project that he manages from A to Z. Note however that there are many possibilities for the freelancer. Indeed, he can opt for the role of project manager in order to set up and lead a whole team around him. On the other hand, with the function of Project Management Officer or PMO, he will have to take care of the follow-up and the progress of the works.

The developer

Currently, companies need a developer for the growth of their business. It is a professional who writes software according to the requests of the project manager. The developer is specialized by the programming language he masters. This is why there are Java, Python, Javascript, C# and Visual Basic coders. It is also very common to find developers who master one or more technological environments such as Linux, Web, Windows, etc. The more they master these different elements, the more they are appreciated by companies. Note that IT freelancers who master several languages have no trouble getting new assignments.

The architect

At the beginning of a project, the architect is an essential IT freelancer for companies. He defines the way the software should react and the way data and information should flow. Thanks to his know-how, he makes sure that the project perfectly meets the client's expectations. This is an important role that suits anyone who wants to work independently. It will allow them to move from project to project while gaining experience and money.


Currently, cybersecurity issues on the internet are plentiful. This is the reason why skills in this field are in high demand. To become a computer freelancer, this is a branch you can turn to. Besides, there are several avenues open to you, including software configuration, technology security testing and audits.

Quality control

Whether it is during the execution or at the end of the project, finding an independent expert who ensures that the standards are well respected is very important. As a result, many companies are going to the market looking for an efficient and competent quality controller. To become an IT freelancer, this is a position you can think about.

The support technician

Currently, all operations are conducted directly online via the Internet. However, when the computer project is born, it is sometimes necessary to go directly on the field. The freelance technician is able to go to the customer's site to identify and solve a customer problem. He can also ensure maintenance activities and help the customer to master a software.

The Data "scientist

Apart from the classic profiles mentioned above, digital technology has created new specialties suitable for freelancers. For example, expertise in analyzing and structuring data related toartificial intelligence technologies is in high demand on the market. You can turn to this option to increase your income.

What are the different steps to work as a freelancer in IT?

If you are serious about becoming an IT consultant, you need guidance to achieve your goals. Here are some tips that will be extremely helpful.


Before you take the plunge for good, you need to ask yourself what motivates you to become an IT freelancer. Think about why you want to work independently. Don't forget to ask yourself about your aspirations in creating your business. If the adventure seems exciting, it is full of difficulties and doubts. With the right motivations, you will progress serenely and you will evolve in the best conditions. Find the elements that will give you the strength to work hard and stay the course when you are overwhelmed by doubt.

The place of work

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Coworking space

As a freelancer, you will work on several projects with client companies. In order to do your job well, you need a place to work. If you don't have a large budget, you can set up an office in your apartment or house to work in.

On the other hand, if your means are important, you can go to a coworking space or rent a room.

Investment in quality equipment

To work as a computer freelancer, you must necessarily have the right equipment. One of the first pieces of equipment you need is a laptop. It must have the right configurations in terms of storage memory, RAM, processor speed, etc. In addition, you need to host software on your PC that is essential for your freelancing business. Wi-Fi connection is a must for accessing the Web. Depending on your chosen profession, you will need to invest up front in additional hardware.

The commercial aspect of the freelance activity

Whatever your chosen profession as a freelancer, you must be able to sell yourself and your skills in order to appeal to prospects. If you don't have the commercial fiber, turn to specialized agencies to get the help you need.

Awareness of limits

The commercial aspect is essential for the IT freelancer who wants to start. Apart from this important aspect, the freelancer must frame his field of expertise in order to determine his limits. Thus, he will be able to remedy them and offer adapted services to his customers.

The perpetual watch

The sectors of activity where technologies intervene are plethora. When you choose to work as an IT freelancer, you must necessarily be aware of the news and trends that come out every week. There are clients who keep up with the latest practices. As an expert in the field, you need to sort out the best benefits for the companies you work for. This is necessary to prove the quality of your services and for your credibility in the market.

The development of a professional network

When you are self-employed, you are alone in handling all the tasks related to your business. You don't need to hire a small team, but you do need to work on your network. This will give you many advantages such as getting new clients and new assignments. For example, by acting on your communication as a Data Scientist on social networks, creating a website and participating in events in your field, you will have a professional network. In the technology sector, you will quickly notice the importance of having a well-stocked address book.

The use of the web and digital tools

As an IT freelancer, the best thing to do is to bet on the web. By having a well referenced website for your business and by exploiting the power of social networks such as LinkedIn, you will improve the visibility of your expertise. In addition, consider using certain solutions to increase your productivity. By selecting the right tools, you can automate certain tasks in your IT activity.

What is the possible status of a freelance computer consultant?

As a self-employed person, you are obliged to define your legal status. Often, the choice of this status leads to the creation of a company. However, freelance administration is a solution that will allow you to avoid this constraint. Whatever option you choose, it will allow you to manage your professional activity. It has rules of operation and advantages that you will enjoy. Depending on your needs, there are several statutes that you can choose from.

The micro-business

The micro-enterprise is a particular form of individual enterprise. Adapted to auto-entrepreneurs, it is characterized by its accessibility. If you choose this status, the formalities you will have to go through will be simple and will allow you to concentrate on the essential of your business.

The Individual Limited Liability Company

The Limited Liability Sole Proprietorship or EIRL is another form of sole proprietorship. It differs from the auto-entreprise by the uncapped turnover and the legally distinguished patrimonies. Thus, in case of debt of the entrepreneur, his responsibility is limited.

The Single Person Limited Liability Company

The EURL or Limited Liability Company is based on the same principles as the SARL. It has a legal personality and a registered office. In this case, the sole shareholder must give a share capital to his company, but his personal assets are protected.

The Unipersonal Simplified Joint Stock Company

The Unipersonal Simplified Joint Stock Company differs from the Unipersonal Limited Liability Company on several points. For example, when the sole shareholder chooses to benefit from dividends, the operation is more interesting than in the EURL. Indeed, he will have less social charges to pay.

The portage salarial

Thanks to freelance work, the computer freelancer can keep his autonomy while enjoying the social benefits reserved for classic employees. He can then carry out the missions of his choice, negotiate his fees and organize his schedule according to his preferences. In addition to his freedom, he benefits from a monthly remuneration and his administrative obligations are taken into account by the company which deals with the portage.

What help do I need to become a computer freelancer?

Do you want to work as a computer freelancer? If so, this entitles you to some support. Note that you will have the choice between two main options. Discover them without further delay.

The accompaniment

To become a computer freelancer, you must put all the chances on your side. When you have no experience in freelancing, you need to find a suitable solution. For example, whether it is for the choice of your legal status or for the validation of your provisional budget, you must benefit from the assistance of a professional. A chartered accountant, a lawyer or a company specialized in coaching are excellent solutions. To find the right provider, you should go on the internet. Take into account the year of experience, the ranking on the web and customer reviews to make your selection.

Financial aid

To start your computer freelance business, your own finances are important. When they are not enough to make your budget, there are financial aids you can turn to. Among these, there are the subsidies of the local authorities, the Acre and the Arce.

Becoming a computer freelancer : in summary

All in all, to become a computer freelancer, you need to have the right skills and choose the right business for your aspirations. Once you have selected your business, you must follow the advice offered to satisfy your clients and earn money.