The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

The best e-commerce payment solutions

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Offering several payment solutions, especially for your mobile buyers, is essential for the optimal functioning of your e-commerce. An online payment method basically allows you to do cash-in, a payment page and offer service around the payment to increase sales. The most important thing to sell more and better is to have a good interface to manage. Discover from this guide, the best payment solutions for your e-commerce.


Paypal is first and foremost older than stripe. Obviously, these are not the only solutions on the market. However, Paypal is one of the major players on the market, and is used as a payment method in the majority of e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce and PrestaShop as mentioned in our previous article, or Shopify. This platform has several advantages and some disadvantages. The number one advantage of Paypal is that it has a strong reputation, which inspires confidence for online purchases.

The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Many users know that when making purchases on this site, the risk of fraud is almost minimal. Moreover, in case of failure they have a protection that allows them to contact the brand for a complaint. For bloggers, sellers and youtubers, it is also a very easy way to collect money safely.

With Paypal, the management of payments is really intuitive. You have the possibility to pay by credit card via Paypal, which is a real advantage. To have more information on the new rates applied, we advise you to go on the site to see the news updated.

Paysite cash

The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Paysite cash is the right alternative to Verifone and PayPal. As far as commissions are concerned, you still do not need a distance selling contract. The platform offers you a subscription system without commitment. The advantage with Paysite cash is that the payment channel is very short.

In particular, this method is not widely used, and it may cast doubt on your customer base. You do not have the possibility to personalise the sales page. You will not be able to put your logo or your identity and this can be a barrier to purchase. The site is also not very intuitive.


The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

First of all, Stripe is rather cheaper than PayPal. Stripe's base rate is 1.4% commission for sales made with European cards plus 25 cents. It is 2.9% for non-European cards plus 25 cents per transaction. This does have a cost, but it is lower than PayPal. The latter offers mainly sliding-scale costs. The basic fee is about 3.4% per sale plus a 0.25% commission.

It is therefore clear that securing payment is an important budget for the company. It is essential to give the buyer confidence. Stripe is simpler to manage subscriptions. This alternative is becoming more and more widespread. The payment channel is extremely short. The interface is also very intuitive, so you can easily manage your payments.

For an optimal use of the site, it is advisable tohave an SSL certificate to improve the security of the platform.


The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Paygreen is a very convenient online payment solution dedicated to e-commerce. This solution is available since 2015 in France and has more than 3000 customers. Paygreen is specialised in online payment for e-commerce and marketplaces. The platform provides e-merchants with simplification in the integration of certain services and in the management of payments. Paygreen provides marketplaces with a transaction management environment for each of the sellers in the marketplace.

What makes Paygreen special is that it is the first payment solution that focuses on social and environmental issues. This can be seen in the two solidarity options offered. One is online rounding and the second is Tree, a new innovation. You can find out more on the Paygreen website. Tree is an algorithm that calculates the CO2 emissions linked to an order on the internet. The consumer is then offered the opportunity to offset the order directly on the payment page at the time of purchase.

This allows the retailer to enhance his image and build customer loyalty. In addition, the consumer will be able to shop in an eco-responsible manner.


The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Verifone works with all banks, French and Belgian. The payment page is customizable. This gives the customer a sense of confidence. They can then provide their bank details as they are on the right site.

Verifone is very secure and the customer support is very available. It is also reassuring as an e-tailer to know that when you have a problem with a specific service, you know who to turn to for advice. To put Verifone on your website, you need to sign a distance selling merchant contract.


The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Payzen 's payment by identifier allows the Internet user, once their customer account has been activated, to pay on your site without having to re-enter their bank details each time. This type of payment is a real advantage for building customer loyalty, increasing repeat purchases and facilitating the management of subscriptions. We are going to explain the synopsis of a payment by identifier as well as the specificities linked to the backoffice.

The Internet user opens a customer account on a merchant site. This account is associated with one or more bank cards. In the latter case, the Payzen payment platform creates a card account for each formula. Before the customer account is validated, the bank details are verified by the site in real time.

PCI DSS approval allows the platform to store and secure data. In the case of a one-click payment, the request is made in real time by sending an http form or by webservice from the merchant site. For payment by subscription, the merchant site can choose to delegate the management of due dates to Payzen via an http form or webservice, to manage the due dates and to communicate them to Payzen via a file.

Payplug "Ingenius Choice

The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

The great thing about Payplug is that there is no VAD contract to sign. If you don't feel like going to your banker to sort out some details, you should know that this platform works quite quickly. The payment page is also customisable. There is good payment management like on Verifone and you have tools for security. Also, the customer support has a habit of being available. It's nice to have someone answer you accurately and individually. There are no setup fees or commitments on Payplug. Discover this service now!

Above all, they offer very competitive rates. For a subscription of 10 euros per month without commitment, they take a commission of 1.6% and 0.25 cents per transaction. The rate is degressive according to the volume. The more you sell, the more turnover you generate and the less commission they take from you.


The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Mollie is an alternative to stripe that is very versatile and will help you get started in several European countries if you wish. This platform has several advantages. It supports dropshipping. You don't have to worry about being locked out of money overnight.

Mollie will allow you to put several reliable payment methods on your site in a few clicks. Registration on this platform is simple and takes less than 15 minutes. You must make sure that you fill in the fields mentioned. Your personal data must be provided without any mistake.

Amazon Pay

The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Amazon pay allows you to make seamless payments on e-commerce sites using your Amazon account. With this new solution on the market, make your purchases with confidence. Your purchases are protected by a reliable security system.

Amazon Pay is a great innovation for the millions of Internet users who will be able to pay for their purchases as easily as possible. Payments are made using information previously gathered from their Amazon account.

Take advantage of the reliability that thise-commerce giant provides to give your prospects a trusted checkout experience. With this alternative, you can reduce the frequency of cart abandonment.

Traditional means

We don't always think about it when we open an e-commerce business, but it would be useful to keep an eye on the traditional means. They are still used on some sites. You can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

The cheque

The 10 best payment solutions for your e-commerce

Moreover, cheques take some time, as when there is no one to receive it, the transaction usually takes a few minutes. Overall, all of these payment solutions are efficient. This makes it possible to diversify payment methods. It is important to know that the current trend is to reduce payment by cheque because of unpaid bills.

This method is sometimes not recommended by some banks. Nevertheless, it is a good alternative in terms of online payment. There is still a fairly strict framework for writing the cheque and this slows down the time and desire to do so.

The transfer

In our opinion, bank transfers are the best traditional payment method. This method is relatively very fast and secure, and the process goes through a banking institution. Therefore, there is no risk. Above all, you must check that you have received the amount due for the correct order reference. In this configuration, traceability is very important.

The mandates

Mandates are less and less offered, but they still exist. They are also a very good alternative depending on your clientele and their needs. Do not hesitate to propose it, because it is possible.

Payment on receipt

Payment on receipt

If you have a physical shop, payment on receipt would be ideal. When the customer orders, they come to the shop and pay you. It's a kind of "click and collect" just that the payment happens on the spot.

With all these payment solutions on offer, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. Opt for the most popular platforms offering greater reliability, such as Paypal and stripe. All of these payment methods guarantee that your sales will be properly managed. Check out their official websites to get a clearer idea of the different offers and features available.