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Captain Contract

Captain contrat is a platform that offers various legal services for the pleasure of individuals and professionals.

Why use Captain Contrat?

Legal matters are essential when you decide to set up your business. You must respect all the regulations for the smooth running of your activities. This is the reason for the existence of Captain Contrat. It offers you quality legal services for the development of your business.

The advantages of Captain Contrat?

 Considerable time savings  Taking care of legal formalities  Money back guarantee

The disadvantages of Captain Contrat?

 High price of paid services  Too much assistance  Non-availability of extra legal services

Overview of Captain Contrat

Full description of the tool

Captain contrat is a platform of legal professionals who put their expertise at the service of Internet users. They specialise in assisting entrepreneurs with the legal procedures involved in their business. Their objective is to provide their clients with support at the best price. This is why they provide a neutral and persuasive opinion on each legatech available on the legal market.
Captain contrat is composed of experts who are available and always ready to listen to their clients. They remain open to all remarks and criticisms that could enable them to provide better quality services.

With this site, you can quickly set up your business online. What is interesting is that you will be followed and advised by professional lawyers. Of course, you have to pay to take advantage of these services. With the system offered by Captain Contrat, time is saved. This is why the lawyers also reduce the fees for their services.

The pricing of Captain Contrat depends on the package chosen. The Basic Pack allows you to set up your company by going through all the administrative formalities. Note that the platform's interface is intuitive and allows you to carry out your operations without assistance. As you might expect, the basic package is not complete. So turn to the next package.

The security package allows companies to delegate the legal details of setting up a company to experts. They take care of the administrative procedures to give your company a legal status. These specialists gather the necessary documents before filing them with the registrar. Such a service is charged at €129 in addition to the legal fees.

The serenity pack is the premium option of Captain Contrat. It consists of a business creation service and legal support. The price of this package is €289 plus additional costs.

Our opinion

The Captain contrat platform is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs. It offers affordable services. Because of its efficiency, it is a service provider that we recommend.

Captain contrat is a legal platform specialised in the creation of companies. You will find several qualified experts. If you need to, please visit the site to take advantage of their services.

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