Lemlist is the first automated and personalized emailing software for large-scale campaigns.

Why use Lemlist?

Emailing is now an integral part of communication strategies. Its objective is to increase the visibility of your company by directly reaching the target market. Today there are many software programs specialising in emailing, including Lemlist. This software has enormous advantages which allow it to be known on the market.

The advantages of Lemlist?

 Prevents emails from landing in spam  Customisation of emails according to your wishes  Regular innovative features

The disadvantages of Lemlist?

 Low quality of customer support   Expensive tariffs  Repetitive bugs

Overview of Lemlist

Full description of the tool

The Lemlist tool is an automated platform for generating quality emails. You can use it to create human relations and to obtain a better relationship with your customers. The logical consequence of its use is to boost your business' turnover. The proof is that Lemlist gives you the possibility of associating images, videos and templates with the content of your email. There is nothing like this to fascinate customers and encourage them to buy your products.

What makes Lemlist so special is its automation. It allows you to actively manage repetitive tasks and the sending of your e-mails on autopilot. The company will be able to deliver emails easily while making sure they don't end up in spam.

Lemlist specialises in cold emails or outreach emails. Its goal is to make emails unique through personalisation and automation. This software is complete and offers an intuitive interface with numerous integrations and a very efficient support.

This email marketing software is beneficial in many ways. Among its advantages, we can mention the deliverability of emails with the help of an automatic warm-up. The recipient of your emails is tracked before they are sent, allowing you to be on the lookout for the customer's response.

When it comes to personalising the content of emails, it is a revolution in email marketing. You can add images, videos or landing pages to your email according to your strategy. Lemlist also offers the automation of your prospecting. It is therefore a great solution to save time, but also to increase your opening rate.

When you are new to emailing, you can't send a large quantity of emails without having an excellent reputation beforehand. Lemlist has obviously thought about this eventuality. This is why it offers "Lemwarn", a cold emailing software. The principle of this software is simple. It allows you to increase your reputation thanks to a network of 20,000 professionals.

Our opinion

Lemlist is an emailing software that offers many possibilities. Mass emailing, automation of the sending process, personalisation of the content, these are all reasons why we appreciate this solution.

Ultimately, you must have an effective communication strategy to reach your customers. With Lemlist, you will quickly reach your emailing objectives.

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