10 best platforms to create your website easily without coding

Discover the 10 best platforms to create your website easily without coding or knowing anything about HTML.
create your website easily without coding

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To carry out a business on the Internet, you must necessarily have a website. If specialized agencies are recommended for the design, it is partly for the in-depth knowledge in development that some experts have. However, today there are solutions to create a website easily without coding and without the need for special knowledge in HTML or CSS. These different platforms are relatively similar to the point that it is difficult to select just one. If you are looking for a platform to design a website without lines of code, this is where you will find what you are looking for.


You need a website creation platform that does not require the writing of a single line of code? Webflow is exactly the solution you need. Thanks to its well-developed functionalities, it allows you to design custom and modular websites. The only limit to the use of this tool is your own imagination.

If you want to create a website, do not hesitate to turn to Webflow. Using this solution does not require a lot of coding knowledge. You just need to associate and combine blogs using the "drag and drop" technique. However, you should know that the platform is far from being intuitive for beginners. Indeed, the different settings and parameters proposed by the interface are so numerous that they can be difficult to understand.

This is the reason why some specialized agencies use Webflow to create websites for their clients.

Compatibility with other tools

Creating a site without code with Webflow is interesting since you have the possibility to integrate several other tools. Depending on your preferences, you can combine solutions such as Coda, Slack or Airtable with your platform. This will allow you to obtain an efficient site.

Webflow offers

With Webflow, you can create several types of websites. Showcase site, blog, personal website, these are all possibilities you can explore. Depending on the option you choose, you have several choices at your disposal. First, there is the Basic plan which is available from $12/month. It is suitable for customers who want to create a site with as little content as possible.

There is also the CMS plan at $16/month which is suitable for content based sites. Finally, there is the Business plan at $36/month which is best for a site with a lot of traffic.

If you are planning to design an e-commerce site, you will have three main options to choose from. These are the "Standard" package, the "Plus" package and the "Advanced" package. These solutions are $29, $74 and $212 respectively. The difference between these plans is the size of the business. The "Standard" plan is suitable for small businesses, the "Plus" plan is for a growing business and the "Advanced" plan is best for a large business.


Prestashop is an open source e-commerce platform that will allow you to create your own online stores to sell your products. To use this tool, you must necessarily subscribe to a web hosting service provider specialized in the field. Then, you must install this CMS on your support in order to access its interface.

ThePrestashop interface is well structured and allows you to modify your site according to your preferences. Note, however, that the configuration will require extensive knowledge. If you are planning to design a large online store, you should hire a developer. With his guidance, you will master the management of stocks and products. Note however that you will need a little time to adapt and master the CMS.

The interesting thing about Prestashop is that it allows you to view reports on your goals. Installing plugins is possible with this e-commerce website creation platform. However, you need to take a lot of precautions since your extensions may conflict with themes.

Prestashop pricing is probably what will make you happy because the CMS does not charge any commission on your sales. The CMS is free, but you need to set aside a budget for the theme you want to use. Also, expect to spend some money on certain modules.


Do you emphasize intuitiveness as the main criterion to find a no code website creation platform? If so, Wix is definitely what you need. It is a platform that works like Webflow, but has an easy-to-use interface. Therefore, even a novice has the ability to create their own website in a very short time.

With Wix, you can use the template of your choice to develop your platform. There are a multitude of templates that will allow you to get a personalized website. Once you've chosen the theme you're interested in, you can modify the content without coding. To do this, you just need to "drag and drop".

Although Webflow offers more customization solutions, Wix is no less interesting. Indeed, you have the possibility to enrich your website thanks to the installation of extensions. One of the strong points of this platform is that there is a multitude of French resources that will accompany you until the publication of your site.

The rate of creation of Internet site

For the creation of a website with Wix, the options available to you are multiple. For a small personal website that displays Wix ads, you can subscribe to the "Domain Connection" plan which is 5.40 euros per month. Apart from this plan, you can opt for :

The main difference between these offers is that the "Basic Plan" offers you limited storage, but enough for the creation of a blog. As for the "Unlimited Plan", it gives access to unlimited bandwidth. It is especially suitable for the creation of a professional website. Finally, the VIP plan allows you to get more storage space.

The rate of creation of online store

For the creation of your online store with Wix, you can enjoy three main offers. These are the Basic plan at 20.40 euros per month, the Unlimited plan at 31.20 euros per month and the VIP plan at 42 euros.


Squarespace is one of the no code website creation software. Even if you are a beginner, this platform allows you to design your website in a few hours. To do so, it uses the famous "drag and drop" technique. Squarespace is quite an interesting solution since it allows you to analyze your statistics and send newsletters.

In terms of use, Squarespace is an easy tool to learn. If you have the ambition to improve your website, the ideal would be to receive a training. It will allow you to master the advanced features and develop your website. Moreover, if you plan to create an online store, the modification of the code will be necessary for the customization of the product pages.

As for the design of your Squarespace site, it can be defined thanks to the templates. These templates will allow you to create professional websites with a minimalist design. If you are worried about the layout of your platform, you should know that it will be in responsive design. Your customers will be able to view your site on any device.

Squarespace allows you to create whatever you want, although your animations will be slightly limited. In terms of pricing, you will have the choice between four plans, namely: the Personal plan, the Business plan, the Basic Commerce plan and the Advanced plan. These different offers are available respectively at : 11 euros/month, 17 euros/month, euros/month, 24 euros /month and 36 euros/month.


WordPress is without a doubt the most popular CMS of all time. To illustrate this statement, you should know that 40% of the sites in the world use this solution. It allows you to create sites in a simple way without any line of code. Of course, for the most advanced sites, the modification of the code will be unavoidable.

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular with individuals is its very intuitive interface. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, you will be able to create dynamic and static pages easily. In terms of design, you will have the chance to use many templates that will allow you to get a custom platform. Note however that unlike Webflow, WordPress will not give you too much freedom.

WordPress is one of the best CMS in the world, partly thanks to its plugins. Indeed, this solution is mainly based on its extensions. At the beginning, the platform offers only basic features. To enrich it, you need to install many extensions. Depending on your needs, there are several plugins that you should choose.

In addition to these various details, you will have access to a multitude of online resources. Tips, tutorials, blogs and videos will allow you to easily create your website.

Wordpress.com pricing

WordPress is a hosting platform composed of several paying offers. The personal plan available at 4 euros/month allows you to create a personal site, but you will not have access to extensions. As for the Premium plan charged at 8 euros/month, it is used to create a blog without plugins.

For your professional activity and for your online store, you can count respectively on the Business offer at 25 euros/month and the E-commerce offer at 40 euros/month.


Wordpress.org is a free version of the famous CMS that is installed when you subscribe to web hosting. This solution is totally free when you pay for your hosting and domain name.


It is impossible to talk about WordPress without mentioning WooCommerce. This particular platform is a WordPress extension that allows you to manage your e-commerce site. When hosting fees are not taken into consideration, this solution is totally free.

The interface of this extension is easy to use. You just have to fill in explicit parts related to the different categories. The configuration can be done by anyone. In terms of design, WooCommerce uses all the templates of WordPress. You will have to select the theme of your choice and customize it. However, to get more specific designs, you will need to hire a web developer who influences the code.

The options available with WooCommerce are plethora. Therefore, it will necessarily take you some time to learn how to master the extension and use it to sell your products on the internet. Depending on your preferences, you can combine this plugin with other plugins to access better features. However, be careful to avoid bugs.

In conclusion, WooCommerce is free and it allows you to create an online store in a few hours. However, it has limitations on several levels, namely: the freedom of customization and the freedom of design management.


On the web, Bubble is a no-code website creation software that is widely used. Like Webflow, it allows you to create your pages using an improved "drag and drop" technique. Indeed, here you have the possibility to select the element you want to drop. You can also change the size and color according to your preferences.

One of the strong points of Bubble is its assistance. The platform guides you thoroughly through the design of your site. When you design a new page, the wizard accompanies you for its successful configuration. The intuitiveness of Bubble's interface is quite impressive and so is the number of available features. If you want to create a custom website, the menu has all the elements you need.

Moreover, to help you achieve your goals, Bubble offers a grid view. This will allow you to associate the different elements as you wish. In fact, this no-code website builder is easier to learn than Webflow, but you need to explore all your creativity.

There are several packages available for creating sites with Bubble. These include; the $25/month "personal" package, the $115/month "professional" package and the $475/month "production" package.


If you are frequent on the internet, then you have probably heard about Shopify. It is a solution that has a similar interface to WordPress. The main difference is that this platform is more oriented towards online business.

In reality, Shopify is a must-have solution for creating a store for selling on the internet. It allows you to access an easy-to-use interface with many features. You will be able to add products to your catalog, define categories and perform other actions in an intuitive way.

Shopify's design is similar to that of WordPress. You will also have access to templates to customize. Unfortunately, you won't have the chance to create an online store completely in your image since the design features are quite limited. However, the extensions will allow you to explore other possibilities. Note that the "drag and drop" technique is available with this platform for creating a website without code.

If you are looking for a quality solution for your online store design, Shopify is all you need. The solution allows you to manage shopping carts, make automatic payments and manage fees. To access all these options, you need to sign up for an offer with Shopify.


If you're looking for an alternative to Wix, Weebly is a no-code website creation platform you should turn to. It uses the "drag and drop" technique to work, which means you can create your platform by moving blocks around on your pages. The interface of this platform is very simple, but in terms of creation, you will be limited. Anyway, you can use themes to have a solid base. Weebly offers three plans, namely: the Personal plan at $6/month, the Professional plan at $12/month and the Performance plan at $26/month.


The last platform of this top is Builder. It is a no-code site creation solution that allows you to add lines of code from a button. This tool allows you to successfully animate your site, but it will take some time to adapt and learn. What really appeals about Builder is that you can integrate it with Shopify to create an online store.

Builder offers you several plans, which you can select according to your needs. These are :

  • The Free offer
  • The Basic offer: $20/month
  • The Growth Offer: $40/month
  • The Enterprise offer: custom

Create your website easily without coding : in short

All in all, several no code website creation solutions exist on the market. Depending on your budget and your desire for customization, you should turn to the most suitable platforms for you.