How to return an Aliexpress item?

Find out how you can return an Aliexpress item using either the free return or the non-free return.
return an aliexpress article

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One of the risks when ordering on the internet is that at the time of receipt, the item received does not correspond to the one ordered. This happens on all sales platforms and Aliexpress is no exception. However, fortunately it is possible to return the product, but under certain conditions. Find out how to return an Aliexpress item.

Understanding the return policy at AliExpress

The page showing the return option, buyer protection and the "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons of Aliexpress.

To manage the return of items, the company has established a return policy which you can easily find at the bottom of the page of its site. To make it simple, you can proceed in two ways, depending on the type of orders made.

You can return your package for free if the supplier has specified this fact. Moreover, at the time of the order, it is specified that the article benefits from a free return in case of a problem. You will then see the mention "Free return". The best thing to do is to make sure you choose products that offer this benefit, so that you are not caught off guard at the end. If not, things can get tough...

Return not free

Interface to validate the return of an item on Aliexpress with the item in question, the reason for the return or refund, the amount and the method of refund as well as the method of return "Self-drop".

We notice that it is often the cheap products that do not offer free returns. In this case, the shipping costs come back to you and they can be so high that it's better to let it go. However, you don't have to be discouraged, because it's not over. You just have to do it differently. Instead of returning the package at an exorbitant price, ask the supplier to refund. This can be done in three ways:

Demand a full refund without return

You have every right to make this claim if the item ordered arrives damaged or completely different from what was advertised.

Request a partial refund without return

Sometimes the package is not exactly what you ordered, but you can still use it. Sending it back would be very expensive so a partial refund is reasonable.

Return with full refund

In the event that your order has arrived but you no longer want it for one reason or another, you can return it to the supplier and claim your money back.

Return of an item without "free return

If the return is not free, it means that the shipping costs are yours. In this case, go to the site and search for the product:

  • Click on the " open a dispute " tab and request a full refund with return of the product.
  • Return the item in its original packaging and seal it properly.
  • For return cases, sellers fill in an address, so make a note of your seller's address.
  • It is advisable to return the item by registered mail. This way, you will have a proof that the package was received in China.

Note that a form is provided by Aliexpress in case of return. Once you have returned the package, inform the seller about the courier company and the tracking number on it.

Tips for a successful return

For some reason, if you had to return the item you ordered, you certainly don't want there to be any problems with its return. All it takes is a few precautions to make it go smoothly.

A cart full of boxes with the mention "Aliexpress".

Compare several courier companies

In general, customers have 15 days to return a package if there is a problem. In case it is a free return, the courier company that will handle the return will depend on the supplier. However, if you are responsible for the return shipping costs, you may want to consider doing a little investigation. Check with various courier companies to find the one that suits you best in terms of budget. When the package is returned, AliExpress will refund you within 3 to 20 days. This will be done through the method you used for the purchase.

Insurance especially for valuables

It is best to cover your return with insurance and it is even more recommended in the case of a valuable item. If you don't do this and the package gets lost in transit, then you will lose your money.

No registered parcel but a registered letter

In case the item you want to send back is less than 2 kg. It is better to ask for the package to be sent by registered mail. This way, you could benefit from a reduction of almost half of your shipping costs.

Return of article with "free return

Aliexpress interface allowing you to specify the reason for the return, the amount to be refunded as well as the method of return "Free" or "Self-drop".

In this situation, you have the possibility to send back the received package without any explanation and the costs will be charged to the supplier. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • On the platform where you purchased the item, search for the product and select " Return Goods ".
  • A list will appear where you will be asked the reasons for the return of the article. You can choose the one you want, the return will be accepted in any case.
  • Once AliExpress validates the dispute, you will only need to select "Get a free return tracking number". This will provide you with a label. Validation may take a day or two.
  • Once you have downloaded and printed the label, you can repack the package in its original box and send it back safely.
  • Don't forget to stick the free return label you printed on the package. The return period is 15 days from the time the return label was sent to you.
  • The free return label is cancelled if the return is not done within the time limit, so it is better to get started as soon as it is received, so as not to lose the refund.

In addition, the refund procedure can take 15 days at Aliexpress. To track the package, just go to the order tracking on the platform. Once it is mentioned " Parcel returned to sender ", you can start hoping for a refund. Note that it is now possible to pay for your purchases by PayPal on Aliexpress. By doing so, it is possible to claim the refund directly from PayPal, through your own PayPal account.

Return an Aliexpress article: in summary

Aliexpress is an online sales platform allowing to have products from China accessible everywhere in the world. However, problems sometimes occur, requiring the return of an item. For this purpose, the firm has set up an efficient return policy, with paid or free returns depending on the case and refunds if necessary.

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