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Our team is at your disposal to guarantee a total transparency on the creation of a robust and powerful website thanks to the power of the CMS Wordpress. We develop a unique strategy in Geneva to position you in the first results of search engines.

With the experience and SEO tools of our agency, we ensure a good visibility to your site in search engines.

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At Ingenius, we have a technical team available 7 days a week to answer your technical needs, as well as a team available 5 days a week to help you get started with your website. If you have a project, don't hesitate to come and discuss it with our Wordpress agency in Geneva.

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Why choose a Wordpress agency in Geneva?

The development of a web platform, the increase of a ranking on search engines or the maintenance of a site are as many reasons for which you must call upon a professional. Whether it is generalist or specialized, it has its own method that will allow you to succeed in your project. If you are in Switzerland, using the services of a WordPress agency in Geneva can be an excellent idea. What are the advantages of such a company? What kind of websites does it create? What are their missions? How to select the right provider? We answer you here.

What does a Wordpress agency in Geneva do?

Are you planning to hire an agency specialized in WordPress in Geneva? You should know that there are several aspects of your project that they can take care of. What are they?

The realization of a website

The main service that a WordPress agency in Geneva can offer you is the implementation of your own platform. If you decide to digitalize the services of your establishment, you must necessarily have a site. Through the channel it represents, you will be able to implement all your communication actions that will help you reach a good clientele.

When designing your platform, you should not do things by halves. Here, it is all about making a site that achieves the goals you have set for yourself. Therefore, a team of developers like the one at a WordPress agency in Geneva is exactly what you need. In addition to assisting you, they will make recommendations on how to create the specifications for your platform. Finally, it puts in place a quality site that meets your expectations.

Organic referencing

A web agency is not only used to create websites. It also brings its know-how in the field of organic referencing. With a quality optimization, your company can improve its positioning on SERPs. With well optimized pages, your content will appear in first place in search results after customer queries.

Review of your performance

The natural referencing audit is a domain in which theWordPress agency in Geneva can intervene. We study the evolution of your platform's performance and analyze the data using a technical monitoring tool. The objective of this intervention is to determine if the objectives set at the beginning are being met. If this is not the case, your provider will adjust the strategy.

Recommendations related to the strategy implemented

To promote your platform's ranking in the SERPs results, a communication strategy is essential. TheWordPress agency in Geneva has for mission to accompany you to develop your different actions. We offer advice on how to improve the reach of your content on the internet.

Additional services offered by a WordPress agency in Geneva

The creation and referencing of a site are not the only tasks that a WordPress agency in Geneva takes care of. To satisfy its clients, it takes care of writing content to be published to meet the needs of visitors. It also offers advice and recommendations for an excellent strategy based on textual and multimedia content.

In addition, individuals use social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube for at least one hour during the day. This time is enough for a business to convert a simple internet user into a customer. To do this, you must work on your referencing on these social media so that the visitor finds your company. A WordPress agency in Geneva will allow you to set up an adapted strategy on the main social networks.

What types of platforms are designed by a WordPress agency in Geneva?

Whether you are an individual, a company or an educational institution, WordPress is a CMS that will allow you to create the ideal site to manage your activities. By turning to a specialized agency in Geneva, you can succeed in any project. Here are some platforms you can design with an expert company.

The presentation site (showcase)

One of the first possibilities offered by a WordPress agency in Geneva is to have a presentation site. Today, this type of solution is adopted by companies and individuals for their business needs. As the name suggests, it allows for the presentation of services, goods or items of a company. Here, no purchase can be made by the visitors. The main purpose of the shop window is to inform customers about the services offered by the establishment. Its use can allow the latter to promote services, obtain conversions or lead to sales.

While browsing the internet, you have probably come across platforms that display cooking recipes, tables or examples of cover letters. These are showcase sites that have the particularity of not offering any sales. However, depending on the sector of activity of the company or the needs of the individual, its realization will not be based on one and only model.

Depending on your expectations, your WordPress agency will provide you with a custom-made platform to present your services to Internet users.

The online store

E-commerce stores are spaces that allow the company to sell its products. It is therefore a platform used by a merchant to offer various items to Internet users who do not wish to go to physical establishments. The purpose of creating an online store is to increase its visibility and reach more people, because the Internet is a place visited by millions of individuals every day.

For any establishment that is going into sales, an e-commerce is important. However, it is also true that the design of an online store is complex and requires a large budget. You will obviously find management systems that will allow you to create your sales platform, but their cost is high.

Fortunately, you can benefit from creating an online store with WordPress and its e-commerce extension WooCommerce. With this extension, you will have a custom-made platform that will satisfy your business needs. With the various features at your disposal, you will not only be able to showcase your products, but also improve your annual sales.

The blog

To get quality traffic, the blog is a qualified channel. Today, it is a must for influencers, companies and individuals. This type of site is a space where it is possible to post original, authentic and pleasant contents for the readers. The latter can then enjoy the reading and express themselves at the end in a space reserved for this purpose.

The main advantage of a blog is that it optimizes the ranking of a platform in the search results on Google. Moreover, the articles written on your blog can be used for your social networks and for your newsletter. By using these contents, you will succeed in establishing a lasting relationship of trust with your followers.

The blog caters to a multitude of individuals. If you have personal information and stories to share with your community, this is a WordPress platform you can design. Also, if you are a professional wanting to share your experience and background to reach recruiters, the blog is perfect for you. Finally, to keep customers updated or to publicize your actions when you are an association, this channel is exactly what you need.

The portfolio

To trace your professional career, the portfolio is the right solution. Depending on your preferences, you can prepare it on paper or in digital format. It is an element that you can send to potential employers that you have targeted. If you are a graphic designer for example, the portfolio will allow you to show some of the work you have already done. It will also describe your potential and what you can accomplish. When you go to an interview for a job, it is a real asset that you should take with you.

Unlike the CV, there are no specific rules for writing a portfolio. You can therefore choose the design you like. The only details you need to pay attention to are the hierarchy of the information, the structuring of the content and the logical sequence.

What's interesting about the WordPress CMS is that it provides you with the necessary tools to create your online portfolio. If you have the possibility to design it without any particular skills, the ideal would be to use the services of a specialized WordPress agency in Geneva.

Finally, why hire a WordPress agency?

WordPress agencies exist to satisfy the demand of individuals and businesses. There are many reasons why you should turn to this type of provider.

The WordPress Geneva agency masters this CMS

If individuals and companies turn to WordPress agencies, it is mainly because they do not master all the features of this CMS. These companies are therefore service providers that will allow you to take advantage of all the technical specificities of this content management system. With the support of a specialized agency in Geneva, you will avoid the malfunctions that can occur when you design your site alone. Conflicts of extensions, lack of updates and non-functional links will be situations that you will not experience. Only a WordPress agency will allow you to optimally design your platform and fix the problems it may encounter.

The WordPress agency allows you to have an excellent design

To create a WordPress website with an elegant design, there is nothing better than an agency specialized in the installation of this CMS. Generally, free and premium WordPress themes can be adapted at first sight. Over time, they are no longer suitable due to a lack of flexibility or heavy code. With the web design skills of a member of the WordPress agency team, you will have a final architecture that will seduce you and please your visitors.

Going through a Wordpress agency allows you to beat the competition

To survive in a competitive environment, you must necessarily adopt new technologies. This is also the reason why you need to hire the services of a WordPress agency in Geneva. The latter is familiar with the digital trends in your industry. Therefore, they will easily anticipate the trendy practices. By using the latest techniques, your provider will help you increase your traffic and stay ahead of the competition.

The WordPress agency allows you to have a perennial site

The services and products you offer to customers on the Internet allow you to support yourself. Therefore, you probably want to be able to enjoy your e-commerce platform or your website for a long time. To do so, you must maintain it. This is one of the missions of theWordPress agency in Geneva. It also guarantees the reactivity of your platform to offer a good user experience to the Internet users.

How much does a typical Wordpress agency service in Geneva cost?

Before contacting an agency, it is very important to define your budget. At Ingenius, we offer different packages: genius custom, genius solo, genius drop, genius ecom, genius seo and genius autopilot.

These packages are specially adapted according to the type of your project, your requirements and the features you want to have on your Wordpress website. Of course, the rates will strongly depend on the nature and complexity of your website.

Whether you are an independent, a small company or a large structure, we offer a variety of offers adapted to all profiles.

How to contact a Wordpress agency in Geneva?

It is not easy to choose a single agency among the different digital companies present in Geneva. That's why you need to set some basics to find the right provider.

The needs of your company

Before you start choosing a WordPress agency in Switzerland, you must first put a name to your needs. All this information must be presented in a professional way in a document. This document will allow your provider to have all the missing data about your company, your goals, your budget and other elements of the project.

In fact, you need to define the task that the WordPress agency will be asked to perform to satisfy you. Regular or occasional maintenance, website creation, platform redesign, e-commerce design, search engine optimization... These are all elements you need to think about before starting your search for the perfect provider.

Type of agency

You should know that there are two main types of WordPress agencies. On the market, you will find both generalist and specialized establishments. Of course, each option has its advantages and limitations. Depending on your needs, you should choose one of the two solutions that are available to you.

Note that a generalist WordPress agency will offer you site creation, promotion and design improvement. You will benefit from their support from the beginning to the end of your project. Here, there are no subcontractors involved and you are dealing with a single provider. Unfortunately, this type of agency does not only deal with WordPress sites as it claims. They also cater to clients who want to design platforms with Magento, Shopify, etc.

As for specialized WordPress agencies, they only use WordPress to build platforms. You will benefit from their expertise in a specific field. Creation of a WordPress store, creation of a blog, setting up a portfolio or a showcase site... Depending on your needs, you will use one of these two solutions.


In fact, serious agencies like to reassure their clients and learn more about their projects. Therefore, when you are looking for a WordPress agency in Geneva, you should make sure that they are reliable. During your first meeting, don't hesitate to ask all the questions that will convince you that your provider is exactly the one you need. Evaluate your contact's skills and professionalism. Your first contact, either in person or on the phone, will tell you a lot about your potential collaboration.

The value of the agency

Don't they say that the shoemaker is usually the worst shod? In the web domain, this is simply inconceivable. To be a developer, you must have a multitude of skills. That's why you need to turn to a WordPress agency that has a pleasant and enjoyable website. Don't hesitate to browse the platform of your providers to judge their expertise.

Also, online reviews are important leads that will tell you how well the agency is performing. So do some thorough research to find out what customers think of the company. Finally, ask friends and family who have recently used the services of a quality provider.

All in all, a WordPress agency in Geneva must be qualified and efficient to allow you to realize your projects. Whether it's for maintenance, a redesign or for the creation of a site (online store, portfolio, showcase site), don't hesitate to use the services of this company.

Why choose Agence Ingenius as your WordPress agency in Geneva?

While it is possible to create a website yourself with the WordPress CMS, you will not be able to exploit the full potential of your project. Indeed, the realization of a professional quality website requires the mastery of a very large panel of skills and tasks. Creating a website, developing its traffic, keeping it up to date, creating content... All of this takes a lot of time.

To stand out from your competitors, we advise you to use the services of specialists. In Geneva, Agence Ingenius is the perfect partner to help you realize your digital project.

The advantages of working with Ingenius Agency

Our agency has a solid experience on which we base ourselves to constantly improve. Whatever your project is, we can bring you our help and expertise. We have a close-knit team of competent and passionate professionals. This team intervenes in many fields: design, development, marketing, referencing, ecommerce... Moreover, we offer a personalized and targeted support for the management of your project.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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