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Our Rennes agency uses the best web tools to create your online store. We chose to specialize on Woocommerce for its robustness and its many possibilities concerning the creation of sites, which make the tool, the most popular of the market. If you are not familiar with Woocommerce, we will help you get started and use the tool so that you can enjoy your website 100%.

Our e-commerce achievements


Spirit brothers

Deadline: 3 months

Chakras Shop

Deadline: 1 month


Deadline: 4 months

FID Paris

Deadline: 3 months

The services offered by the agency

GeniusCustom : The custom online store

To take advantage of an e-commerce store 100% tailored to your requirements.

RATE: By quotation and usually by specification.

The benefits:

GeniusDrop : To start easily in e-commerce

For those who don't want to start by creating a brand and test their business model without risk.

Price: From 8500HT

The benefits:

GeniusEcom : An e-commerce ready to sell

Quickly offer your products for sale online thanks to your dedicated store.

RATE: From 2500HT

The benefits:

GeniusSEO: Be visible on Google

If you are not familiar with SEO or you don't have the time to do it, this service is for you, in order to attract your customers directly from search engines by improving your visibility.

RATE: From 390HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusAutopilot: A reliable and efficient store

Your site must be maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure its continued protection and performance over time.

RATE: From 59/month

The benefits:

Master the Google search engine

We set up the tools and techniques necessary to optimize the natural referencing of your Woocommerce store.

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Woocommerce as an E-commerce CMS

Creating an online store is an excellent idea, because it will allow you to sell products to individuals on the internet. With a well-designed e-commerce site, you will have many visits per day, which will allow you to improve your turnover. The problem is that any online sales platform does not lose to get such results. In order to get a good quality store, you need to hire a Woocommerce agency in your area.

Is it possible to do e-commerce with WordPress?

WordPress is a very well known CMS in the field of web development. It is used for the creation of various websites, whether it is a business showcase or a blog. It is also possible to use this CMS to create a powerful and efficient online business site.

Thus, WordPress can be considered as one of the best tools on the market for creating an e-commerce site. To use it in this context, you will need its famous plugin, Woocommerce. It is free, and available in the Extensions section of the software.

So all you have to do is install Woocommerce, and you can easily access several useful features for creating an online business site. Many experts use it, as do most people who choose to create their own site.

What is the advantage of using Woocommerce to create your online store?

There are many CMS that you can use to develop your online store. Among them, one of the most interesting is Woocommerce. Discover here the great advantages of this WordPress extension.

Woocommerce is a WordPress extension

WordPress was originally a content management system created specifically for blogs. However, some time after its appearance, it took on a new dimension. At present, this CMS has powered 41% of the sites on the Internet. Considering the efficiency of WordPress, one can imagine that Woocommerce is a powerful extension. With your WordPress site, you will be able to easily convert to an online sales site.

For your information, Automattic has created Woocommerce for WordPress. If you use this plugin, you'll enjoy quality customer support that will help you in case of any difficulties. With its flexible aspect, Woocommerce already presents itself as a perfect system for managing an online store.

Woocommerce has online sales tools

With Woocommerce, you can manage all stages of online sales. Among the tasks you will have to manage are: order management, preparation of shipments, online payments... Thanks to your e-commerce extension, you can manage returns, track inventory and costs. All these operations will be done on the dashboard of the plugin.

Woocommerce is an affordable solution

Whether you're new or old to selling products online, you should know that every euro counts. By opting for Woocommerce for the creation of your e-commerce site, you will save a lot of money without sacrificing the performance of your store. Woocommerce being an open-source software, you will not have any expenses to make. If you wish, you can turn to a specialized agency in Rennes to create a custom theme in line with your graphic charter.

In addition, some templates are paid, but their cost is lower than what is usually found on the market. So, based on all these arguments, there is no doubt that Woocommerce is an affordable solution.

Woocommerce allows the addition of extra features

When creating your online store, it is likely that you will only need to use the basic features. However, as your business grows, you will have the opportunity to add new options to satisfy your customers.

With the modularity of Woocommerce, you will have the opportunity to explore the different possibilities offered by your e-commerce site.

Woocommerce allows you to create a custom online store

When you prefer ready-made solutions to create your online store, you logically find yourself trapped by this platform. At the beginning, the use is simple, but as you progress, you start to develop a certain dependence. This dependency cannot be easily broken, unless you decide to migrate.

With all-in-one solutions, you usually have to pay more to access new features. As for the various enhancements, they are available only if you agree to the terms imposed by the platform. This is the reason why you should turn to Woocommerce. With this extension that comes in the form of a CMS, you will be able to control the costs thanks to the competition between templates.

Woocommerce has a multitude of payment solutions

The payment solutions chosen for online stores have a triple function. They allow you to accept payments on your platform, transfer money directly to your bank account and secure the credit card data of your customers. Because of its importance to your e-commerce site, you need to have the best possible solutions.

Fortunately, Woocommerce has an add-on called Woocommerce Payments. It's a totally free solution that allows you to manage fees, cash receipts, and refunds, right from your CMS dashboard. What's interesting about Woocommerce Payments is that it offers a multitude of interesting payment solutions besides Stripe and PayPal. You will have access to payment methods such as: Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfers, credit cards, checks, etc.

In order to allow merchants and customers to complete their transactions in the best conditions, Woocommerce accepts some third-party platforms. These include Giropay, AfterPay, GoCardless, Sofort, Square and Amazon Pay. The last advantage of the Woocommerce Payments add-on is that it allows you to accept payments in over 130 currencies worldwide.

Let's not forget to mention that Woocommerce makes it easy to collect money from sales. Indeed, the extension allows you to benefit from instant payments, which makes the money appear in your account in just a few minutes. With the competition, you usually have to wait between a few hours and several days to get the money.

Woocommerce makes SEO easier

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that allows customers interested in your products to easily find your store when searching the internet. If you are considering attracting people to your e-commerce site, you should know that search engine optimization is a practice you can deploy.

What's interesting is that Woocommerce and WordPress allow you to improve your SEO in the best way. With your e-commerce extension, you can control all the key elements of your SEO. Depending on your preferences, you can use plug-ins to let your Woocommerce agency in Rennes take care of the search engine optimization of your online store. The provider will also take care of choosing and installing the appropriate SSL certificate via the hosting company to ensure the security of your site.

The biggest advantage with Woocommerce is the importance it places on content. As you know, good quality content is a must for successful SEO. It also helps prove to Google that you are an expert in your field. By using Woocommerce configurations for SEO, you will benefit from the best possible practices, as WordPress is the most powerful and reliable CMS in the world.

Woocommerce allows order tracking and abandoned cart recovery

With Woocommerce, you will be able to encourage customers to finalize their purchases. In fact, the extension has a module prepared to help customers who were about to buy, but have withdrawn for multiple reasons. This solution sends emails to visitors based on the products in the shopping cart. With this option, you will encourage customers to buy, which will improve your sales.

Secondly, Woocommerce allows order tracking. This feature is available to abandon the cart and for general sales. By using it, you will always stay in touch with the customer.

Woocommerce : reports and promotions

Did you know that Woocommerce allows you to have information about sales? By using it, you will be able to view the statistics and the products that were most appreciated by customers. To access this data, all you have to do is take a look at the reports issued by the extension. By studying this information, you will be able to improve the management of your product catalog.

In addition, Woocommerce has tools to enable promotions and attract more customers. If you feature an item, you can activate a countdown timer on the page. Also, in case of promotions, Woocommerce has solutions that allow you to provide coupons to customers.

Why choose Ingenius as your Woocommerce agency?

Are you looking for a Woocommerce agency that understands the settings and features of the CMS? Then Ingenius will meet your expectations. We are a Wordpress web design agency, which you can rely on for the creation of your site, whether it is an e-commerce site or any other type of site.

Our web agency is composed of experts, who will be at your disposal to help you create the site that best meets your expectations. Thanks to a long experience in the field, our agency is the best choice for your e-commerce website creation project. You can also count on the experts at Ingenius for the redesign or improvement of an existing WordPress site.

Basically, everything you may need to have a successful online store that meets your requirements, the experts of our agency can offer you. You will have the right to a personalized accompaniment, which can even go beyond the creation of the site. Several tools will be offered to you at the end of the project, to follow the evolution of your site, to have the eye on your competitors, .... Then take advantage of all this by choosing our agency Woocommerce on Rennes.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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