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Offer your craft services with a clear and impactful website. We help you transform your online presence with a message and design that converts. For 3 years we have been helping dozens of photographers design websites that showcase their services and rank on Google. 

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Get the most out of your site with our unique expertise in conversion and advice on digital strategies such as SEO. We help you optimise your site to appear at the top of the search engine results.

Why create a photographer's website?

For 95% of professional photographers, having a website is a necessity.

Yes, it's true, most photographers have this concept very clearly. The days of "word of mouth" and business cards are over. OK, they are still used, but once people have the card... where do you think they look for you? Your website should showcase your talent to the world and allow people to get to know you and write about you. For a photographer who doesn't know much about web design, the idea of creating or setting up a website can be daunting.

But before you even start thinking about how to create the site, the most important question to answer is what you need. These days it's so easy to create a photography website, but you need to know exactly what benefits a photographer's website gives you. 

Reason 1: To have an up-to-date and 100% available portfolio

If your website is not updated, it will look unprofessional and you will drive visitors away. Your website is the face of your photography business on the internet. It will be the first thing a potential client sees before they contact you. You need to make sure that this photographer website design is modern, compatible with all devices and offers a good image of you. No one wants to hire a photographer with a shabby or outdated website.

Whether you are a professional wedding photographer or an amateur landscape photographer, having a modern, fast and up-to-date website is essential to reach more clients. You need a website and control panel that is user-friendly, well organised, easy to use and allows you to manage your site at any time and from any internet connection. Some important things to consider when creating your website:

Yes, the blog is your main ally in creating quality content. You should create blog posts with your latest work, talk about where you are reporting or what events you are attending. Talk about your working day from time to time, because people want to know and see what you do, how you work. Don't forget the blog, it is very important for your website. At Ingenius we have a automated SEO service.

Reason 2: Sell your photos and services directly online

Adapt your website to your real business. Start selling your photos, products and services on the Internet. A photo book, a studio session, an author's photo, wedding photos, photos of a sporting event, even a picture book or a photography course. Whatever you want, the possibilities for selling on your website can be endless. And it doesn't matter where your customers are or how far away they live from you to view and buy your photos. Are you afraid they will download your work?

You can add watermarks to your photos for added security. In addition, you can post photos with a resolution suitable for the web, but of low quality for printing. This will provide maximum security for your photos. Go ahead and sell your photos and services on your own website. At Ingenius we are used to creating websites for photographers and we know your challenges.

Reason 3: Display of photos in private via a private customer area

If you are a professional, you need to be able to show your images to your clients in private. You can always send the photos to your clients via email, Dropbox, etc., but you know that this is very cumbersome and offers very little space, and you waste a lot of time. Why not turn to photographer website design where you can easily create private galleries with a username and password? Tried and tested galleries that are very easy to use, allowing customers to choose photos from home with ease. And if you have a lot of possibilities, even better, for example :

Of course, this makes your life easier (because you have more time), and especially that of your customers who will be able to choose or buy photos quickly.

Reason 4: Search engine positioning and automatic promotion of your work

For example, you are a wedding photographer based in Paris, France. Now imagine that a potential client searches for "wedding photographer Paris" on Google... You more or less understand what this means. If you are on the first page of Google results, you will get more clients. Apart from people searching for you directly online to see your work, if you can't be found in Google, it's like you cease to exist.

Your website should offer as much information as possible about you and your photography business. Search engines are then responsible for indexing your site and making it easier for potential customers to find you.


The advantages of creating a photographer' s website do not end there. The possibilities become greater for your business anywhere in the world. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, maybe you wouldn't want to have clients in Tokyo. But who knows? Having a website improves the visibility of your business on the internet.

And the last thing, did you know that since April 2015, Google has announced that it will penalise websites that are not smartphone friendly? Imagine how important this is today, where everyone uses the internet with their mobile phone or tablet. Your photography website needs to be responsive.

Reason 5: Sharing your photos on social networks

Social networks are a place that offers great potential to make yourself known to thousands of people. They will help you to promote yourself, inform about your services and share your photos directly from your website. Your followers or friends also start talking about you and your photos have a viral effect, this effect is multiplied every time your friends' friends share one of your photos. So if you have a Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or other social network page and you use it regularly, you should add it to your website.

Social networks not only allow people to discover you, but also to see that you are an active photographer. you will also get followers who will see that you are a very active photographer and renew themselves. Of course, there's no point in having 10 social networks if you don't post anything in any of them, it's counterproductive.

Why use Ingenius to design your photographer's website?

At Ingenius, our offerings are perfectly calibrated to create websites that will finally bring you customers. We create impactful websites for photographers that sell and position on google.

They are suitable for online advertising and search engine optimisation. Would you like a demo or more information?

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We work on your site with graphic models made by a professional graphic designer. We pay particular attention to the design.

The deadline is about 1 month depending on the feedback from the first graphic model.

Following delivery we offer a non-binding subscription. We have different packages and the minimum price is 59HT to pay for the server and extensions. Given the amount of modules available, we are sure that it will suit you perfectly. Moreover we do not charge you for the first month to give you time to make your first sales.

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