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Get more customers through SEO without spending hours on it. Genius SEO is a service 100% automatic search engine optimization optimized for Wordpress and Woocommerce to finally get on the first page.

Why use Genius SEO?

Google remains a real GOLDEN MINE for those who know how to take advantage of it, but SEO is complex and requires mastering 3 pillars (technical, content and reputation).

Save hours of learning and mistakes by entrusting your SEO to the pros.

Genius SEO is the automatic service for Wordpress that will act on these 3 pillars to bring you more traffic

Who is Genius SEO for?
Genius SEO?

Our automated service is available to any professional looking to use Google as a growth lever for their business.

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How does it work?

Subscribe online to the offer in less than 2 minutes. We'll take care of the rest.

Every month from the 8th month onwards you notice a steady rise in your positions. You should be able to see an overall increase in your positions within 8 months, sometimes earlier depending on your theme.

Every month, we activate the SEO levers. We create links to increase reputation, create content, optimise Wordpress performance. Without soliciting you. However, you have the possibility to validate the content produced.

Our prices are transparent

Our price list contains everything you need to really implement effective actions to rank well on Google. Our offer will act on the 3 pillars of SEO to increase your positions and go search for new keywords that will bring you new visitors.



Suitable for the self-employed



Suitable for showcase sites and small e-commerce sites.



Adapted to e-commerce sites



Suitable for start-ups, SAAS or ambitious sales sites

Maintenance package Maintenance Advanced E-commerce E-commerce booster E-commerce booster
SEO audit of the site check check check check
Optimisation of site speed check check check check
Correction of the google ergonomics check check check check
Corrections and additions of SEO tags check check check check
Keyword strategy check check check check
Content creation check check check check
Monitoring and analysis of results check check check check
Strategic writing check check check
Netlinking and publicity Partial check check
Qualitative links and private networks check check
Booster (more high quality content and links) check check
Dedicated account manager check check
Advanced strategies and very high authority site publication check
Commitment No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice

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Genius SEO FAQ

For all companies or entrepreneurs who want to increase organic and qualified traffic to your website automatically.

Yes, one of the pillars of SEO is mastering the technical side. The fact that we only do SEO on Wordpress has made us experts in this field.

Yes, absolutely! We are transparent in the construction of content. In expert fields such as law, real estate and technology, we recommend co-authoring articles.

If your site is on Wordpress, we would be delighted to analyse your site for free with our SEO experts. Contact us via the button below.

Yes, it is! However, these 2 subscription packs should only be seen as a base for your referencing. For a more advanced referencing, we can offer you a tailor-made service.

Need an audit?

Book a live SEO session to analyse the development areas and audit the keyword strategy of your Wordpress site.

Why reference your Wordpress site?

Do you have a Wordpress site for your online activities? You have probably heard about SEO and wondered why it is important. Referencing your site means making it appear in the first results on search engines. Without good SEO, your Wordpress site has very little chance of being visible. You will discover that SEO offers you a number of advantages in the rest of this article.

What is SEO for a Wordpress site?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a set of techniques that allow a website to appear in the first results of a search on search engines such as Google. These techniques are based on the keywords used on the site, their location, the subjects covered, the titles and subtitles used, etc.

The most widely used search engine, Google, recognises two main types of SEO:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or natural referencing;
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or paid search using advertisements.

Depending on the type of SEO you adopt, search engines use predefined algorithms to analyse the content of your Wordpress site. If it meets the optimization criteria, your site is promoted in the first search results.

Why reference your Wordpress site?

Getting your Wordpress site listed brings a number of benefits to both you and your business. If you are starting an online-only business and are looking to grow, then getting your site listed is a must. These benefits can be categorised into three points.

Gaining visibility

The first advantage of a referencing of your Wordpress site is undoubtedly the gain in visibility. The natural referencing allows your site to be more visible on search engines according to the traffic generated by the keywords you used. Once visible, your site will naturally generate visits, and thus more requests and more sales.

However, to ensure that a majority of visitors are converted into buyers, you need to make the difference with quality SEO. Indeed, a good SEO must respect a certain number of criteria. When these are well respected, the themes addressed are better understood by the search engine robots which favour it in the results.

Gaining notoriety

SEO not only helps you gain visibility, but also brand awareness. When a customer performs a search on search engines, especially Google, they tend to click and trust the first site that appears in the results. Reaching this first place or at least the first page of the search is therefore essential to develop your business.

And the higher your ranking on the first page of results, the more you develop your advantage over your competition. Your competitors will naturally have less visibility than you, and therefore less awareness and fewer sales.

In addition, you can use SEA to quickly acquire this notoriety and a brand image on the engines. This technique uses advertising campaigns to display the various pages of your site on the first page of results. You can therefore position yourself quickly after having paid the right price.

The only drawback is that as soon as the campaigns end, you drop back down the ranking. So don't hesitate to combine the two SEO techniques

Save time

Once your SEO techniques are in place, they generate traffic and therefore potential sales 24/7. You don't need to constantly monitor traffic. This saves you a considerable amount of time that you can use to develop other businesses.

How to reference your Wordpress site?

In order to optimise your Wordpress site, you need to follow a number of steps. This is based on the optimisation of the three pillars of SEO.

Working on relevance

Site architecture

You need to start defining the structure of your site on Wordpress. This structure must be simple and intuitive enough so that visitors do not get lost for long before finding what they are looking for. Search engines take this structure into account when ranking content and it is essential to naturally optimise your site.

In addition, you should avoid making your pages very deep. The depth of a page is measured by the number of clicks the visitor needs to make before reaching it. So limit the number of clicks as much as possible. Depending on the size of your site, you can go to 3 or 4 clicks.

You should also pay attention to the semantic cocoon. This is the way in which your articles and pages are linked. The better your cocoon, the easier it is for search engine spiders to read your site. Moreover, it facilitates navigation within your site and is essential for natural referencing.

The contents

It is important that the content you publish is optimised. To do this, choose clear, original titles and subtitles that contain relevant keywords; choose quality keywords and above all favour long tail keywords. Indeed, the longer the keyword, the higher the conversion rate of your visitors into customers. So choose quality over quantity.

It is also important that you optimise your links. They must be clear and easily understood by search engines such as Google. Wordpress generates a link format by default. Think of modifying this format by inserting relevant keywords.

Finally, publish regularly on your site. It is indeed important that you are rigorous in publishing content on your site. This will let the search engines know that your site is active.

Working on reputation

Your positioning depends heavily on the reputation of your site, which you can improve by netlinking. This referencing technique consists of inserting hyperlinks in your content that refer to other content on your site or to influential websites. Adopting quality netlinking will allow your site to be more visible.

Working on technique

There are a number of very effective plugins to help you reference your Wordpress site. These are tools that allow you to add additional options to the CMS. In this case, they allow you to set up adequate strategies to optimise your content. However, only take the ones you need. If there are too many, the performance of your site will decrease.

If you have not hired a technical service provider to create the graphic part of your website. Make sure you have a quality theme optimized for SEO Wordpress.

The most used plugin for referencing a Wordpress site is Yoast SEO. It allows you to optimize your content, insert HTML tags, insert a sitemap and the necessary meta descriptions and titles, write your url, etc. You can also use the WP Rocket plugin to improve the performance of your site.

At Ingenius we have chosen the RankMath extension for natural referencing.

Conclusion on Wordpress SEO

In short, when you have a Wordpress site, referencing, especially SEO, is essential to ensure its visibility. Indeed, by using appropriate techniques and respecting the criteria defined by search engines, you can easily appear in the first results of a search. You can then gain notoriety, visitors and eventually customers.

To make it easier for you, you can use our 100% automatic SEO service optimized for Wordpress and Woocommerce to finally get on the first page .

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