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Our agency in Rennes offers its Wordpress expertise for your online project. Whether it's a 3-page showcase site or an ecommerce platform to market your products, you'll be satisfied.

In Rennes, we ensure the success of a project tailored to your needs.

In Rennes, discover our team specialized in WordPress/WooCommerce.

Take advantage of tailor-made support, whether remotely or in person. We are available for meetings in Rennes.

A project that's aesthetically appealing, but above all effective, based on a Figma model. We ensure that your design is in line with UX principles for optimal conversion.

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The specialist in Wordpress/Woocommerce in Rennes.

We're committed to designing a solid, efficient website that leverages the full power of WordPress. Our team is dedicated to supporting you, ensuring total transparency in the evolution of your project.

Position yourself among the leaders in search results with a unique strategy in Rennes.

Based in Rennes, our agency has the know-how and SEO resources needed to guarantee your site's top position on search engines.

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A team at your service in Rennes.

At Ingenius, we're available 5/7 to guide you and provide solutions during the creation of your site. Organize strategic consulting sessions with us to optimize your development.

Our Rennes-based team uses advanced SEO tactics to guarantee your site a dominant position on Google and other search platforms.

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Why choose WordPress when designing a website?

WordPress continues to grow in popularity among CMS enthusiasts. Currently, the number of sites built on WordPress far exceeds those built on other CMS. To put this in perspective, over 24 million sites currently online use WordPress as their foundation.

Amazing, isn't it? This clearly shows that WordPress has many advantages that set it apart.

WordPress: a free, no-cost, scalable tool.

WordPress is free open source software that's easy to modify, supported by a vast community of contributors. Unlike other platforms like Shopify, it requires no subscription, offering long-term savings.

It's easy to install, with hosts like Kinsta, and thanks to a variety of themes and plugins, users can customize their site without needing advanced coding skills. Its intuitive nature makes website creation and management accessible to all, without compromising on flexibility or functionality.

WordPress: the ideal platform for optimal web referencing.

WordPress offers a number of technical plugins that considerably simplify the initial natural referencing of the page. These tools offer relevant resources and advice to ensure good SEO performance of your site, increasing its visibility in search results.

WordPress has a large number of users.

The WordPress universe is rich and dynamic! It's easy to find articles, forums and guides dedicated to this CMS online. If you're looking for advice on how to optimize your use of WordPress, a simple Google search will do the trick.

The French-speaking presence is also notable. Many experts, aficionados and professionals regularly share their tips and tricks in French.

If you need help, the official WordPress support team is here to help, or you can turn to an expert WordPress digital agency.

WordPress: an adaptive platform.

It's vital to guarantee your visitors an impeccable user experience. This means adapting the site to the device being used, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or computer.

To achieve this, WordPress includes adaptive technology in its themes.

This technology ensures optimal ergonomics and design adaptability for your site. In a context where the use of cell phones continues to grow, using WordPress becomes an undeniable advantage for professionals.

WordPress offers a vast choice of themes and extensions for customizing your site. It's easy to integrate elements such as contact forms, photo galleries and social sharing buttons.

Perfect for a blog ...

Initially, WordPress was created as a platform dedicated to blogging. Although it has since diversified considerably, it remains the CMS of choice for blog management.

With WordPress, you can shape your blog according to your preferences and requirements. It offers the flexibility to add categories, filters and allows multiple authors to contribute to your blog simultaneously.

For an e-commerce ...

Woocommerce, the flagship extension for setting up online stores on WordPress, rivals platforms like Shopify in terms of ease of use and efficiency. It lends itself equally well to the sale of physical and digital products, as well as services.

And for other kinds of sites such as ...


Thanks to its flexibility and dedicated themes, artists and professionals alike can easily present their work.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to create without coding, making it both elegant and simple to showcase projects, photos or videos.

But that's not all! The software is also suitable for forums, corporate sites, e-learning platforms or even professional directories, etc.

What does a WordPress agency in Rennes do?

A WordPress agency in Rennes designs, develops and optimizes websites using the WordPress CMS. It offers tailor-made solutions for local businesses, from the creation of showcase sites to complex e-commerce platforms.

Thanks to its in-depth expertise, the agency provides SEO, maintenance and site security.

She also advises clients on best practices and innovations in the WordPress world.

Should you choose an agency or a freelancer to create your Wordpress site in Rennes?

When hesitating between choosing a web agency or a freelancer to create your WordPress site in Rennes, here are a few key points to consider:

Scope of skills :

  • Agency: Global approach, multi-skilled team (design, development, SEO, etc.)
  • Freelance: Often more specialized in a specific area of web design.

Customer relations :

  • Agency: Professional online interface, with potentially several contacts.
  • Freelance: More direct and personal online relationship with the service provider.

Rates :

  • Agency: Can be more costly due to the resources involved.
  • Freelance: Often more flexible and potentially cheaper on the Internet.

Major project management :

  • Agency: More capable of managing large-scale web projects thanks to a dedicated team.
  • Freelance: Ideal for more limited or specific online projects.

Additional services:

  • Agency: Often offers additional online services such as digital marketing, maintenance, etc.
  • Freelance: May be limited in terms of additional services.

The decision will therefore depend on the size of the Internet project, the budget, the level of specialization required and the type of online relationship preferred.

Is it better to work with a WordPress agency in Rennes or remotely?

Whether you opt for a WordPress agency in Rennes or an outsourced one depends on your aspirations and requirements. Exchanging may be easier with a Rennes agency, but a delocalized agency could offer more flexibility and financial advantages. The major benefit is that the Rennes agency is familiar with the local environment.

Do you have a WordPress website redesign or creation project in Rennes?

Configuring a WordPress site, while practical, requires specific expertise to guarantee a professional rendering.

That's why specialists like those at our Rennes agency are essential. They'll guide you in adapting a WordPress theme to your vision while ensuring optimal visibility on search engines.

Ingenius in Rennes is ready to work closely with you to turn your digital vision into reality.

With a dedicated and experienced team, we offer you a high-quality, customized and secure WordPress solution.

Investing in a well-designed WordPress project ensures better online visibility.

By entrusting your project to our team in Rennes, you benefit from a strong digital strategy, a high-performance site and constant support.

In this way, your site will stand out from the crowd, while remaining resistant to vulnerabilities.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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