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Website creation Lille

Website creation Lille

At Ingenius, we want your customers to enjoy an optimal user experience. That's why our team of website creation specialists in Lille has a deep expertise to deliver a custom Wordpress website, able to meet your requirements and bring you quick conversions. We also ensure the operational maintenance of your site, so that it can evolve over time.

Create a unique website in Lille

As a true showcase of your business, your website will certainly be the first experience your customers will have with your company. You will not have the opportunity to make a good first impression twice: your website must quickly answer the questions that your customers have. Choosing a good agency in Lille is often complicated, indeed, few of them are able to really understand your needs.

Create a website in Lille with our team of web experts

If you are looking to create a professional website for your business or project, Lille is the right place to find the best web design agencies, and Ingenius is one of them. With its experience and expertise, Ingenius is able to provide you with specific services that few agencies offer to meet your needs and help you stand out from the competition.

Create a website in Lille with Ingenius: why?

At Ingenius, we place great importance on customer satisfaction. That's why we work hand in hand with our clients to develop a powerful solution that addresses the various issues specified in the specifications. Our teams of developers and designers then create a remarkable online presence for your company that is perfectly aligned with SEO best practices.

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The advantages of Ingenius as a web agency

An immediately operational website

If you are looking for an easy and convenient web solution, our agency offers turnkey Wordpress websites that are built according to your needs. We take care of everything from the initial design to the launch of the site, so that all you have to do is use it.

An attractive and captivating environment

Our team of experienced web designers work with care and attention to design aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and user-friendly websites that will help you stand out from your competitors

Full support

At Ingenius, our commitment is to provide a full range of support services for your WordPress site. We are here to fix bugs and make necessary updates, while offering tips and tricks to optimize your use of WordPress.

Our websites created in Lille


My bedside lamp

Deadline: 2 months

EPC works

Deadline: 1 month


Deadline: 1 month

The Viking Shop

Deadline: 1 month

The know-how of our web marketing pros for your site

Ingenius in Lille offers a wide range of services to design a website that matches your desires. The agency is composed of qualified and experienced specialists in this sector, capable of creating an optimal solution to establish the online presence that your company deserves.
You can decide to choose a customized or turnkey service, or work on a plan that you have designed yourself. 

Indeed, Ingenius has the technical and human resources required to make your website stand out from your competitors. Our expertise in the field of websites and digital strategies (such as SEO and SEA) allows us to help you optimize your Wordpress website after its creation, so that it gets the best results on search engines and attracts traffic through advertising. For a free consultation, contact our friendly team!

The expert in website design on Wordpress

Ingenius is an expert in Wordpress website design. We have a long experience in creating successful websites using this platform. Our team of expert Wordpress designers and developers are specialized in all aspects of this platform. We are able to design a breathtaking website for your business that will not only look great, but also be easy to navigate and use, and most importantly, convert your visitors into customers.

We are with you!

We are here to help you create a quality website! Our technical team in Lille is available 7 days a week to answer all your requests and intervene if necessary on your site. We also offer strategic calls to help you develop your site in an optimal way.

Need to see a demo before you decide?

We're happy to offer a live discovery session, where you can see websites we've already designed and ask any questions you may have. Reserve your time to get a personalized demo experience!

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Why outsource the creation of websites in Lille?

To outsource the creation of its Web site is to entrust to a provider the mission of its design. Thus, a company not specialized in creation of virtual space can unload this activity by calling upon a professional.
A project of outsourcing begins with the edition of a schedule of conditions. It is this document which allows the agency to apprehend the needs of its customer. Therefore, the specifications must be written with care.

What are the advantages of entrusting your website design project to an agency?

To enjoy a good presence on the Internet, the creation of a website is essential. It is precisely the opportunity for the company to display and market its products online. By this fact, the website also allows to stimulate the growth and the development of a business.

In order to get a responsive and well positioned website, you will have to call upon an expert agency in website design.

Save time

The creation of a website in Lille is a time-consuming activity when you don't have the knowledge for it. Indeed, to succeed in this mission, agencies use combined knowledge in coding, CMS (content management system) creation such as Wordpress, domain name creation, web hosting management, etc. The service of website creation in Lille also includes the implementation of web marketing strategy.

Thus, a neophyte in the field of website creation will first take a lot of time to learn. Moreover, the quality of the final result is not guaranteed.

For you, who already had an activity to manage, such an investment is not qualitative. It is more profitable to call upon a professional in order to gain time on the realization of your projects without impacting your principal activity. Thanks to this investment, you will be able to generate income more quickly with your site.

Guarantee the optimization of its site

If you want to make your interface a reference on the web, you will need to attract quality traffic through a good SEO strategy. However, getting a good place on the web is not guaranteed for all companies.

Because of the growing number of websites every day, you have to constantly innovate to be among the best. Working with a Lille web agency allows you to get around this problem thanks to creative and ingenious developers.

Naturally, an agency that is an expert in its field has the tools and skills necessary to create qualified traffic, both organic and paid. Without technical knowledge, you can lose a lot of time and money. Successful website optimization requires a good knowledge of keyword management and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices.

In addition, special attention must be paid to local SEO. Indeed, building a local SEO will allow you to appear for the requests related to your activity in your geographical area.

Benefit from high quality support

The support of an expert in website management is a major asset for the digitalization strategy of your company. Without SEO, the chances of your interface being found on the web and attracting specific visitors are considerably reduced.

Unless you are highly qualified, it is very difficult to master all aspects of web development. Quality support ensures that the work is done by professionals with proven expertise. Indeed, these professionals are constantly working to stay abreast of all the changes made by the search engines in order to unravel the mysteries behind their algorithms.

Concretely, the support of a web agency allows to continuously monitor the metrics of the website to analyze its performance. From this operation, the agency can propose new strategies to develop to keep the company competitive.

How much does it cost to create a website in Lille?

In general, to create a website with a web agency in Lille, you will need to plan a budget of :

  • 1 000 euros for a Landing page ;
  • 2 500 euros for a showcase site;
  • 5 000 to 50 000 euros for a portal site;
  • 6 000 euros for an e-commerce site;
  • 10,000 to 100,000 euros for a custom site.

Although it may seem surprising, companies spend far less money working with a web agency. In fact, they save on the time and energy required to get a site up and running.

As explained above, building a website requires a lot of thought and work. Moreover, there is no guarantee to get a good result if you do not master the techniques of website creation. This is why it can be quite difficult to develop your own website.

However, the agency can offer you a post-creation support. A web agency in Lille can offer you the possibility to benefit from website maintenance services even if you have chosen a free online solution.

What are the criteria for choosing a web agency in Lille?

The choice of a web agency Lille is a crucial decision for the success of a company on the internet. The offers available to satisfy this service are numerous and the prices are varied. Nevertheless, in terms of web marketing, the cost is not a sufficient criterion. You must also take into account the availability, experience and reputation of the web agency.

The reactivity of the web agency

A good web agency must be attentive to its customers' requests and be easily reachable. In web development, bugs are very common. For a website owner, it would be very annoying to wait days to correct a code.

Experience in website creation

The experience of a web agency in Lille is mainly evaluated through its portfolio. This support allows you to discover the different projects on which the agency has already worked. Moreover, the case studies present on the site allow to analyze the capacity of adaptation and innovation of the agency's professionals over the years.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the agency itself has an ergonomic, efficient and attractive interface. This is an indication of the quality of service provided by the web design structure. It also seems wise to choose an agency with a good experience in creating websites for companies in your industry.

The reputation of the web agency Lille

The wish of any company is to satisfy its customers 100%, but this is usually impossible. So, looking for reviews available on an agency allows you to get an idea about the professionalism of the team. Ideally, you should choose the agency with the most positive recommendations.

Also, pay close attention to the agency's responses to various reviews. An agency that takes the time to start a conversation in order to establish a relationship of trust is likely to have the satisfaction of its clients at heart.

When browsing websites, pay attention to the testimonials section. You can also browse the Google My Business listings to find out what clients have to say. Be careful with agencies that only have positive reviews, the possibility of them being fake is very high.

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