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Call on Ingenius to design your modern e-commerce site, built with a sound basis for making to make your business thrive in the long term.

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Genius Ecom is a complete service: From the creation of the site to the accompaniment to launch your first advertisements, we guide you in the construction of a successful e-commerce site.

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We develop our e-commerce sites in-house and develop our methods for us. Genius Ecom is the condensation of our 5 years of e-commerce experience into one product. Have the e-commerce tool and our expertise that allows us to crush our competitors.

Genius Ecom?

No margins

GeniusEcom does not charge any commission on sales

Single method

Our method guarantees long-lasting e-commerce sites, our base is 100% compatible with your custom Wordpress modules

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We are experts in the web and online business and we support you in your development.

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We support your growth

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Our prices are clear and available according to the price list

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Ingenius is the best turnkey e-commerce web agency in France, our technical team builds long-lasting, beautiful and efficient websites.

We respect development standards and have a huge base of modules already developed for our clients which saves money. Stop wasting your time on non-performing Shopify and benefit from unique expertise that will crush your competition.

You are not alone!

Genius E-com is a technical team available 7 days a week to answer your questions and intervene if necessary in the development of your site. You can schedule strategic development calls to benefit from our e-commerce expertise. We are the service provider you can count on.

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Genius Ecom FAQ

For all entrepreneurs and e-merchants who need a powerful, beautiful and converting e-commerce site without having to spend a ton of money at start-up. As e-tailers ourselves, we understand the difficulties of getting started.

You can! However, it must be within the scope of the offer. If you have a custom project we recommend Genius Custom our custom website development service.

Shopify is a very good software, but the competition being tough on e-commerce, the margins of shopify can play in our disadvantage. Moreover, we have a software mastery on Woocommerce that allows us to use our method at 100% where we could only use 60% of the method on Shopify.

You are accompanied from A to Z and have strategic calls to accompany you in the development of your shop and its implementation. We do not leave you alone.

We are keeping the recipe for obvious competitive reasons. You can however make an appointment below to have a demo and see some of the sites we have developed.

Yes 100%, our site is still a woocommerce site, if you want to use your own modules it is possible! 

If you already have a specification, there's a good chance that Genius Custom, our custom website offering, is a better fit. Contact us to check this out.

Yes. You are committed for a minimum of one year. The full subscription fee must be paid.

You can take out a higher subscription if you are committed at no cost. However, you will not benefit from the SEO at the start. You can take a lower subscription if you meet the criteria of the lower subscription and are no longer committed.

Ingenius is a Woocommerce specialist, we have been developing only with Woocommerce for years which allows us to offer e-commerce sites that are consistent with your needs and perfectly developed. We pay particular attention to the smallest details to make your project a success.

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Why buy a turnkey e-commerce site?

E-commerce, better known as e-commerce, translates as an online shop, especially a web platform for online sales. More precisely, it is a space where a merchant can display his products in order to sell them to target Internet users via a payment module. The main customers of e-commerce sites are those who cannot go to a real shop to make purchases.

Thanks to search engines, an e-commerce site is able to generate traffic and reach Internet users who could become potential customers. Currently, you can purchase a turnkey eCommerce site and enjoy the many benefits of this solution.

What are the advantages of a turnkey e-commerce site from a professional agency in the business?


An e-commerce site is the ideal solution for project owners who have just set up an online shop. With a turnkey model, you have the chance to obtain a solution appropriate to your budget while avoiding the various risks. The objective of a web agency that creates turnkey e-commerce sites is to offer an identity to clients in order to develop their sales. Offering a wide range of solutions, the agency makes every effort to ensure the success of its customers through offers and turnkey services that allows to have a unique identity on the market of online platforms.


Professional with a commercial at the heart of its business, the agency is committed to offering e-commerce sites, both complete and easy to access at the technical level to manage orders ideally. The agency has thought of setting up intuitive and well elaborated sites. The experts carry out the various technical parts which are complex for the Internet users. If you are a merchant, you must concentrate on your activity and not manage the Back Office or add functionalities like delivery modules. That's why the agency has set up help on the different steps of the configuration of the new online store. The goal of the agency's experts is to avoid any difficulties by introducing technical support that helps future e-commerce site owners.


Apart from creating and operating your e-commerce site, the agency also works on finding a technique to increase the visibility of the company. To increase your turnover, you need to make sales. However, you cannot sell if your products are not visible to customers. To achieve this, the agency designs solutions to optimise your e-commerce site. Each procedure is designed to optimise your site's ranking.

Why call on Ingenius to design your turnkey e-commerce site?

At Ingenius, our offers are perfectly calibrated to create modern, up-to-date websites that will finally bring you customers with easy management. We create turnkey e-commerce sites that sell and position themselves position themselves on google. Genius Ecom is THE turnkey e-commerce solution.

They are suitable for online advertising and search engine optimisation. Would you like a demo or more information about our prices or services?

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