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Our agency in Montpellier will create your online store with the best tools of the web. That's why we use Woocommerce for the design of your online store. You do not know Woocommerce or very little? Don't panic, we will guide you step by step so that you can take control of your store and enjoy 100% of the powerful features of Woocommerce.

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Ginette and Josiane

Lead time: 8 months


Lead time: 5 months

Spirit brothers

Deadline: 3 months

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Deadline: 1 month

Services adapted to your project

GeniusCustom : A customized ecommerce site

Define the Woocommerce store you want according to your requirements. For a store entirely in your image.

RATE: By quotation and usually by specification.

The benefits:

GeniusDrop : The headache-free ecommerce

Build an ecommerce shop in your image, with which you can sell products, even if you don't physically own them.

Price: From 8500HT

The benefits:

GeniusEcom : Your personalized shop

Sell your products online with your Woocommerce store that converts.

RATE: From 2500HT

The benefits:

GeniusSEO : To improve your natural referencing

Entrust us with your natural referencing so that our SEO experts optimize your website and manage to position it ahead of your competitors on Google.

RATE: From 390HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusAutopilot: A store that runs smoothly

Maintain your website with Genius Autopilot to keep your site up to date and efficient in terms of security.

RATE: From 59/month

The benefits:

Your products well placed on Google

We make sure that your Woocommerce store is well referenced so that it can sell its products online by being well placed on search engines.

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E-commerce with Woocommerce

WordPress is probably the most famous CMS in the world. On the internet, many websites have been developed using this content creation tool. In order to extend its services, it offers an extension for the design of online stores.

This plugin called WooCommerce is easily usable, provided you first create a site with WordPress. In other words, your website will start as a simple showcase site. By installing the appropriate extension, you will transform it into a commerce platform. For your information, WooCommerce is the only WordPress extension that offers such a privilege.

Today, almost the entire WordPress community has adopted it and millions of people use it every day to promote their articles. To illustrate this, you just have to go to the official WordPress catalog. On it, you will notice that WooCommerce has over five million active installations worldwide. Moreover, based on 4,000 reviews, this extension has a total rating of 4.5 out of 5, which makes it one of the most appreciated CMS.

What are the features of WooCommerce?

If WooCommerce is very popular among users, it is mainly because of the features it comes with. We offer you a brief overview of the options offered by this WordPress extension.

Online sales

One of the main reasons why WooCommerce is used is that it is a flexible and customizable solution. No matter what size your business is or how much money you make, you can adapt it to your needs. With its many outstanding features, you can easily offer your products for sale online. Here are some of the things you can do with WooCommerce :

  • Design of product sheets with essential information (name, description, photos, price, taxes);
  • Classification of items according to categories and subcategories;
  • Customer management, adding and modifying their contact information;
  • Setting up payment solutions;
  • Selection of delivery options and interaction with freight companies.

When you use the WooCommerce extension, it allows you to fill in information about your business. After installing and configuring it, the plugin will automatically create the pages that are essential to your business. These include the store layout, payment confirmation, customer accounts, etc.

As your online sales business grows, you can add product listings and modify your e-commerce site.

Payment solutions

With the installation of WooCommerce on your website, you will have the ability to accept payments. From then on, your platform will be transformed into a merchant site. By default, the plugin offers payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe. However, using the WooCommerce Payments add-on, you can add as many payment methods as you like. Some of the choices you have include: bank transfers, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, checks and cash.

WooCommerce impresses because it also embeds other third-party payment platforms. So for your online store, you will have a multitude of options to satisfy your customers. Solutions like Sofort, Giropay, GoCardless, Square, AfterPay and Amazon Pay are available for your enjoyment. With the WooCommerce Payments add-on, you will receive money from all over the world, as it is compatible with over 130 currencies.

Customization options

In the field of online sales, competition is extremely tough. In order to become the customer's favorite, you need to stand out from the crowd. To do this, having a strong brand identity is crucial. With a name, a logo and a well established graphic charter, you will convince your customers.

Since WooCommerce is developed by WordPress, this plugin relies on its block editor to work. This way, you will enjoy the same customization possibilities. In order to improve or embellish your e-commerce site, you will have the choice between thousands of interesting themes. According to your preferences, you will add the corresponding elements to have an attractive and unique online store.

In addition, you should know that choosing the theme is a crucial decision. So, you should not rush. Each template works in a specific way and offers particular features. You should make sure that the selected theme is suitable and supports responsive design. Choosing the right template is a long and tedious step, but you should be careful to avoid missteps.

The marketing component

What is nice about WooCommerce is that this extension has a marketing component. It will be of great help to you, because it is not enough to just have a merchant site. For its growth, you must necessarily promote it. Without the right tools to do so, your store will never come out of anonymity.

With WooCommerce, you will be able to manage several marketing aspects of your online business. With promotional operations, multi-channel sales, related products... you will quickly make your platform known to Internet users. To help you, the WooCommerce plugin can connect to many trending sales channels such as: Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Walmart, Google Product Feed, Google Listings, Shopify, Pinterest, Wish, TikTok, etc.

In addition, it is important to notify that WooCommerce has the necessary elements for you to implement email marketing to your customers. By using it, you will be able to send automatic emails in several cases. These emails will allow you to contact inactive customers, send wish list reminders, wish a happy birthday, invite customers to leave reviews, etc.

WooCommerce places great importance on email marketing. In addition to other features, you will benefit from its compatibility with specialized software, namely:

Finally, WooCommerce allows you to create discount codes and loyalty point systems to attract more visitors and retain regular buyers.

Management of shipments

WooCommerce has a default interface that allows you to manage shipments. If you are not interested in them, the plugin lets you add add-ons. Among these, WooCommerce Shipping stands out as one of the best solutions. It promotes printing of delivery notes for DHL from your dashboard. Depending on your preferences, you can select other shipping companies to deliver your customers.

With WooCommerce's various shipping management features, you can add and update information such as:

  • Shipping addresses;
  • Delivery addresses;
  • Package size;
  • The cost of deliveries, etc.

The main advantage of this WooCommerce feature is that it saves you from using specialized software to process orders. From the interface of your extension, you can manage shipments on behalf of your online store.

The WooCommerce mobile application

WooCommerce has developed a mobile application for merchants located in Canada and the United States. It allows merchants to manage their online sales when they are away from their workstation. For creating new products, processing orders and tracking the performance of your e-commerce site, this is an excellent feature.

The WooCommerce app sends notifications, which allows merchants to be alerted when notices are issued or new sales are made. For merchants who have to move around regularly, this feature of WooCommerce is a good ally. If you manage several online stores, the application allows you to switch platforms.


One of the WooCommerce features that will appeal to influencers, content creators and bloggers is paid newsletters. With your extension, you'll be able to offer monetization to your audience. To work, this solution is based on the MailPoet plugin. This plugin allows you to create and send newsletters from the WordPress CMS.

In a concrete way, this extension will help you drive your strategy and increase your revenue. What's interesting with MailPoet is that it's free up to 1000 subscribers. Beyond this limit, you will have to pay a fee.

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