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Updating the system check check check
Updating extensions check check check
Performance optimisation check check check
Ultra powerful hosting dedicated to Wordpress check check check
Technical optimisations check check check
Automatic backups Daily Bi-day Every hour
Monthly Reports check check check
Enhanced security check check check
Modifications (texts, images, integrations) 30 minutes 3 hours 5 hours
Priority processing of applications check check
24-hour monitoring and immediate intervention if critical check check
Website translation check check
Performance monitoring and optimisation check



+200 HT/month

High-performance server + CDN (mandatory from 100K/turnover/month + 200e/100k) or 200 000 visitors/month


+50 HT/month

Update and development via an internal pre-prod.

Booster Pack


8 hours of usable credit
over 6 months

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We implement specific processes to ensure the highest level of security and availability of your website. Our Wordpress support is available at extended hours to assist you.

Our team is mobilised to respond to your requests and to develop and maintain your website. You can plan strategic development calls to benefit from our expertise.

Migrate your Wordpress site to us and see an immediate performance boost! Also our powerful hosting, only dedicated to Wordpress, guarantees you an optimized referencing.

The specialist in Wordpress/Woocommerce

WordPress maintenance requires an advanced understanding of the CMS such as security, performance and extension compatibility.

Ingenius is a Wordpress maintenance specialist. We've been developing exclusively with Wordpress for years, which means we can offer specific optimizations for your website. Find out more about our rates here.

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FAQs on our subscriptions

For all companies or entrepreneurs who wish to entrust their technical management to a highly competent agency on a human scale.

Yes, to be proficient in a domain you need to practice regularly in just one specific area. We've been 100% Wordpress and Woocommerce from the start, which guarantees you unrivalled expertise. Our Wordpress maintenance service guarantees you the best service on the market. To find out more about woocommerce maintenance, click here.

Yes, absolutely! We are transparent in the construction of content. In expert fields such as law, real estate and technology, we recommend co-authoring articles.

To benefit from the service on an existing site, we must first check the compatibility of your site . If your site is compatible, the migration to our system is offered.

No you are not committed. There is however a 2 month notice period for SEO subscriptions. In case of a termination of the service we provide you with the files and your database free of charge. We can also do the remigration for you.

Yes, it is possible! However, we do not offer discounts if you keep your accommodation.

If your site is on Wordpress, we would be delighted to analyse your site for free with our SEO experts. Contact us via the button below.

Yes, it is! However, these 2 subscription packs should only be seen as a base for your referencing. For a more advanced referencing, we can offer you a tailor-made service.

Why maintain your WordPress site?

Today in France, WordPress is the CMS most used by companies. The reason for this is due to the various advantages it offers users: its free availability, its multiple functionalities and its ease of use, for example. However, it must be said that due to its high level of notoriety, it has become the primary target of hackers. It is therefore necessary to ensure its continuous maintenance to guarantee the protection of your WordPress site and its fluidity.

Why update your WordPress website?

There are many important reasons to regularly update your WordPress website. In addition to optimising your site, it will ensure its long-term development.

More security

Ensuring the security of your WordPress website is the main reason to update it. Today, WordPress has become a target for hackers and malicious code distributors because of its high profile.

Be aware that every WordPress update includes release notes notifying all the fixes made in the update. Once hackers become aware of these notes, they use them on WordPress sites that have not yet been updated. As a result, your site will be vulnerable to attack by these hackers if it is still running on an older version of WordPress. At Ingenius, we implement layers of security to ensure that your site is as secure as possible.

More speed

WordPress updates offer small improvements in site speed and performance. The advantage of a fast website is that it reduces bounce rates. In addition, it allows you to rank well and take advantage of your site's full SEO. You can only benefit from this speed and these advantages by maintaining your WordPress website by experts in this CMS.

Fixing bugs

Like all software, WordPress also has bugs. These bugs can completely crash your system or cause particular errors in your program. It is therefore important to patch your website to ensure that it is working properly. These patches are done through regular updates.

Integrate new features and performance

As the WordPress CMS becomes more popular, it becomes more diverse. This has led to an increase in the list of features that ensure modern, mobile-optimised websites can be created. As a result, each major release of WordPress now comes with new features and specific improvements.

How to maintain your WordPress site?

There are some essential steps you need to take to maintain your WordPress website, including :

  • regular updates ;
  • backup of your data ;
  • removal of unused modules and themes;
  • corrections of errors and broken links.

Have the latest version of WordPress

By updating WordPress, you can be sure that you are taking advantage of the latest features that the designer offers. The advantage in this case is that these latest updates are usually in line with the latest technological improvements online. Also, by updating WordPress you have a better chance of fighting off hackers.

This will prevent vulnerabilities from previous versions being identified and exploited on your website. Be sure to update without restraint as soon as it becomes available.

Save the entire site

Making regular backups of your information and configurations is also a way to ensure the maintenance of your WordPress website. It is not recommended that you leave it to the hosting companies to take care of the backups of your site. To make your backup automatic, here are some solutions you can use:

  • Using backup plugins ;
  • Make a manual backup of the database and files. This allows you to decentralise your backups in the cloud or on other computers;
  • You can also use an external service provider to ensure that your information is backed up.

Remove obsolete plugins, themes and media

It is certainly not easy to distinguish between WordPress plug-ins and themes. However, if old versions of these elements are present on your site you are in real danger. Note that it is for this simple reason that you are continually confronted with a warning about updating plug-ins.

This is because these plugins have become inappropriate for keeping your WordPress site functional. You will need to change these old plugins and themes before hackers use this to break into your site.

If these plug-ins and themes have not been updated for a period of at least 6 months they are a danger to your site. You should therefore look for a more recent alternative.

Correcting broken links

Broken links usually cause a 404 error. These are very damaging to the user experience. In addition, a multiplication of these links in your site can negatively impact your SEO. There are plug-ins on WordPress or Google Search Console that allow you to easily find broken links.

Once the pages are detected, the solution is to redirect the links to other pages on the site. Another equally effective solution is to create fun pages on the error pages. However, it is necessary that the pages link to other content.

Correcting erroneous data in the database

Typically, many users forget to pay attention to their databases while maintaining their WordPress website. If you are upgrading or installing a plug-in, be aware that slight changes to your database may be observed.

It is possible that this saved information could cause errors or slow down your site. If you do something that might change your database, be sure to take a look at the changes you make. You can then correct any errors you notice.

Perform an audit of old pages

By carrying out an audit of your pages, you will be able to detect obsolete data. It is essential that the audit is carried out at a frequency of 12 months to ensure that your data is up to date.

Also, be sure to review your blog content. So make the appropriate corrections to your blog as the numbers and statistics on the web never stop changing.

Responding to user comments

You should also be interested in the actions of your site's visitors in maintaining it. By interacting with them, you not only create links, but you also ensure that they come back to you. This is an opportunity to redirect them to a sales page or article on your site. You can also scan the comments on your site once a day to remove spam.

Conducting performance tests

You can run performance tests as soon as any revisions are made to your WordPress site. Via these tests, you can perform a final check on :

  • Page reload time ;
  • Information updates...

Note that one of the particular elements to check in this test is the loading speed of your homepage.

How to get Wordpress support?

Wordpress being open source, this software does not have an online and available customer support. Open source has many advantages such as the freedom to modify its code as you wish but on the other hand you have the responsibility. The advantage is therefore to go through a web agency specializing in Wordpress maintenance like Ingenius to take care of the maintenance of your Wordpress website and to have technical support available.

In brief: Maintenance of the Wordpress site

By updating it regularly, your site gains better security to counter threats from hackers and offers a better speed to visitors and therefore directly affects SEO and conversion. It is generally recommended to use an experienced provider for quality support. However, there are many free tutorials available on the net to help you with these tasks, you could do the updates yourself if you do not wish to delegate this task.

At Ingenius we offer the best wordpress maintenance packages, if you want to know more, contact us!

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