Website creation Bordeaux

Website creation Bordeaux

Our team at Ingenius is composed of talented professionals who are passionate about innovation and creativity. We can provide you with a Wordpress website that will reflect your company's identity.

The best web professionals for your website project in Bordeaux

Ingenius is the right web agency in Bordeaux to create your website. Indeed, we are known for our expertise in the field of web design and our ability to provide innovative and effective solutions to our clients' challenges. Our organizational structure is based on specialized divisions in different fields of activity, which allows us to offer precise and complementary services, which is not often the case with other agencies.

Your custom website, created by an expert agency in Bordeaux

Whatever your industry, we are committed to designing personalized web marketing strategies and developing customized solutions to bring your message to your customers through your website. In addition, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who will work closely with you to find the best solutions for your business. Don't delay, contact us now to get a quote and find out how we can help you convert your visitors into leads and your leads into customers.

What are the advantages of Ingenius for your website in Bordeaux?

At Ingenius, our fundamental principle is to work hand in hand with our clients, with the aim of offering them a quality service that will meet their expectations. We accompany our clients in their projects to ensure their total satisfaction. 

We create a high-performance solution for them, while ensuring that it is easy to use. This solution will scrupulously meet their specific requirements, as mentioned in the pre-established specifications. We are a team of seasoned designers and developers, whose passion is to design websites of exceptional quality. We have extensive experience in creating a striking online presence for businesses. We use state-of-the-art design elements and the latest SEO techniques to provide our clients with an unforgettable online presence.

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Why entrust the creation of your website to Ingenius?

Your website at a glance

Ingenius offers a convenient solution for those looking to create a website on WordPress without having to manage the building and customization themselves. We offer turnkey sites that are built entirely in your company's image and to your exact specifications. This means you can focus on running your website without having to worry about the technical aspects.

Give your customers a remarkable experience

We provide you with attractive and effective designs to engage your audience and encourage them to purchase your products and services. In addition, a pleasant and intuitive user experience will strengthen your customers' loyalty and make them want to return to your website.

A tailor-made accompaniment

With our WordPress support service, our goal is to offer you peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your website. We understand that your website is an important showcase for your business and that it must remain functional and up to date to ensure the success of your business.

Our websites created in Bordeaux


Namaste Yoga© (in French)

Deadline: 1 month


Lead time: 5 months

The Viking Shop

Deadline: 1 month

Café de Paris

Lead time: 1.5 months

Web marketing experts for a successful site

With the rise of an ever-increasing competition in the digital market, being among the best is becoming more and more difficult. In this context, Ingenius can help you stand out in Bordeaux.

Indeed, our agency is made up of many experts in the digital world, able to understand and analyze your needs through a thorough knowledge of web marketing.
With Ingenius, we put all the chances on your side by designing innovative strategies tailored to your business, which will allow you to establish a successful online visibility. Playing a key role in this strategy, we consider SEO, whether natural or paid, as our main battle horse. You want to tell us about your project? Then do not hesitate to contact us, you can benefit from a free consultation!

Great sites by specialists Wordpress

Using Wordpress is a highly effective option for creating websites. At Ingenius, we specialized on this CMS a while ago, convinced for a long time of its relevance. Over the years, our team of Wordpress experts has accumulated a considerable amount of know-how on this platform, making us a partner of choice to produce a website that combines aesthetics and usability. The site we design will be true to your company's values and will greatly improve your conversion rate.

Always with you!

At Ingenius, we strongly believe that a good relationship with our customers is essential. That's why if you have a problem, you can reach our technical team in Bordeaux 7 days a week. Whether you have a problem on your site, or questions, we respond quickly. In addition, you can schedule strategic development calls with our teams to benefit from our valuable advice.

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Questions about our work? Book your live session and come discover the projects we had the pleasure to participate in.

Why you should delegate the creation of your website in Bordeaux ?

The sunny location of the city of Bordeaux and its proximity to the sea attract a lot of web design experts. In fact, finding a competent and satisfactory agency in this French town is not difficult when you use the right search engine.

On the other hand, for a resident of Bordeaux who wants to build his website locally, it is even more interesting. Indeed, the workers of the agencies installed in Gironde are impregnated with the life and the habits of the inhabitants of Bordeaux.

Therefore, elaborating an effective communication to the inhabitants of the Gironde department becomes a child's play, and it is beneficial for the companies.

Why should you use an agency to create your website?

The answer to the question has many arguments to provide, but it can be summed up by a simple question. Can you drive your vehicle 1200 km in a row in the pouring rain when you only know how to drive in your city? Obviously not.

Some people claim that it is possible to create a website in a few minutes with templates even if you are a complete neophyte. It is beautiful and tempting because you could save some money.

But can we build the house we are going to live in because we see masons at work every day? Of course not. Now, here are the relevant reasons why it is preferable and wise to go through an agency for the creation of its website.

A huge time saver

Creating a website is actually a time-consuming job. In a competitive world where being visible is a constraint, setting up a website requires expertise and strategy.

However, who says expertise, necessarily says a big training, experience and technicality, and it is not in two days that it is acquired. Moreover, the development of a website implies a continuous development. Indeed, this virtual place, which shelters the activities of a company, is called to live and to grow.

Again, it takes time to do this. A company has a lot of other tasks to deal with to take on the tedious work of creating and developing a site.

Returning to the issue of expertise so dear to this operation, here are some specific skills required:

  • coding ;
  • creation of a ;
  • implementation of a CMS ;
  • management of the hosting of the site ;
  • writing of showcase pages;
  • content creation ;
  • mastery of all aspects of referencing;
  • implementation of a marketing strategy, etc.

When one is curious, touchy-feely, and passionate about the web, one can certainly achieve something. However, the result would be far from what a Bordeaux website design team would provide.

In view of all the above, it goes without saying that obtaining convincing results in a short period of time requires expertise. That's why it's better to rely on the know-how of a digital communication agency.

Achieve long-term savings and profits

The functioning of a website is done on two levels. The first is the visible one: the sale and promotion of the products that the company that owns the site manufactures.

For a company's profit-making activities to be successful, the site carrying them must be :

  • functional ;
  • updated;
  • referenced ;
  • attractive, convenient and comfortable for visitors, etc.

It is a big job to achieve this, and this is what a web design agency Bordeaux has to do in the background. This is the second plan of operation of a production entity.

It is therefore counterproductive to want to combine the promotion of the product and that of the site. Thus, to resort to a communication agency, it is to offer a quality accompaniment for a better output.

Such assistance is intended to :

  • create visibility;
  • strengthen the brand image;
  • give the company credibility;
  • boost sales.

It follows a certain profitability. In this respect, using a communication agency inevitably brings savings and profits in the long term.

Benefit from qualified traffic

There is no point in having a website if you can't drive useful traffic to it. Several parameters come into play to do this. Yes, SEO is very important in this process, but you need more.

What happens when you are spotted by your potential customers and they turn back immediately after barely two clicks? It's a disappointment for both the site owner and the visitor.

The possible causes of this incident are multiple:

  • an unattractive design;
  • a heavy and slow downloading of the pages;
  • not very catchy titles;
  • texts that are not very digestible, etc.

The list goes on and on, but what is important to understand is that a website is a place of welcome. As such, it must be pleasant and stimulating. This is a very technical job as it is about making someone who is right in front of his screen feel comfortable: the Internet user.

When captivating visual work is done and the UX user experience is improved, the bounce rate drops and traffic comes alive. Since it's qualified traffic that brings conversion, you need to rely on effective SEO and poignant content.

Be visible to be profitable

If we had to summarize all the reasons why it is important to entrust the construction of your website to an agency, we would say: to be visible and profitable. To achieve such a goal for a company, the communication team sets everything in motion for a productive referencing.

It is about generating qualified traffic through organic and paid search. Even if a good result can be achieved with natural positioning alone, associating paid referencing accelerates the return.

The combination of these two techniques of setting up an effective visibility is a knowledge that only the web design agencies master.

The natural referencing is obtained by identifying and using relevant keywords related to the activities of a company. This is reinforced, of course, by a regular creation of content whose role is to convert.

Paid referencing is obtained through a communication and marketing strategy. An action plan and the realization of advertisements on social networks allow to obtain very satisfactory results.

As for profitability, it is based on mass conversion, and this requires persuasive content. A communication structure is also made up of experts in copywriting to enable companies to make sales.

Here, it is the power of persuasive writing that is put at the service of companies. In short, being visible and profitable can only really be achieved by referring to a digital communication agency.

What is the price of a website in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux being a city populated by many structures of creation of Internet sites, the competition is rough. This gives the advantage to the companies to benefit from a broad panel of proposals.

Thus, it would be difficult to put forward figures. The only thing to remember is that agencies with more technical expertise, equipment and personnel sometimes offer very competitive prices.

What is certain, the price of a website in Bordeaux is necessarily better than anywhere else in France. 

In general, a basic project costs on average from 1 000 to 5 000 €. This formula can allow you to obtain a site of 5 to 10 pages. For a more elaborate project (reserved space for members, an exclusive area for online sales, a page for booking courses...), you should plan a budget between 10 000 and 100 000 €.

How to choose the right web design agency in Bordeaux?

It's not that easy, but there is a way to do it. Here are six points:

  • determine its objectives and needs;
  • check the references of the most popular agencies;
  • a successful agency with good longevity inspires confidence;
  • visit an agency to get a feel for its welcome and environment;
  • order quotes and make comparisons;
  • check the transparency of the agencies by reading their general conditions...

Each of these steps allows us to identify the best agency capable of offering the best support that we expect.

The creation of website Bordeaux has the wind in its sails. It is only normal.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.