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The offers of our web agency

GeniusCustom : A custom-made Wordpress website

You define from A to Z what you want, and we create it entirely according to your criteria.

RATE: By quotation and usually by specification.

The benefits:

GeniusSolo : For small business

Freelance, contractor or craftsman in Cannes, we create your website so that your customers find you.

RATE: From 1290HT

The benefits:

GeniusDrop: To not manage stock

Start selling quickly online with your dropshipping site created by Ingenius. No stock problems, no risk of unsold goods, it's the perfect way to sell online without risk.

Price: From 8500HT

The benefits:

GeniusEcom : A professional online store

Put your own items for sale on your e-commerce store that converts users into buyers.

RATE: From 229HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusSEO: Position your site on Google

Our team of SEO references will take care of the entire positioning of your website on search engines thanks to our 100% automated service.

RATE: From 390HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusAutopilot: Maintain your site

Your website must always be kept up to date to remain efficient and reliable, and thus always accessible to your visitors.

RATE: From 59/month

The benefits:

The achievements of our agency Wordpress Cannes


My bedside lamp

Deadline: 2 months

So Parisienne

Deadline: 1 month

My artificial flower

Deadline: 3 months

CM Resource

Deadline: 3 months

We take care of your natural referencing

We make sure that your site is clean from its creation so that the natural referencing is as optimal as possible and that you remain in the first Google results.

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The success of a project depends mainly on the means at your disposal. For the design of your website, you must necessarily use the right CMS. Among the most popular tools currently, there is WordPress.

Some reasons to use WordPress to make your project successful

The CMS is free and flexible

CMS are solutions that allow to produce and manage easily a website, an online store or a blog. Among the most popular tools, there is WordPress, known for being easy to use and free. To install and use it, you don't need to subscribe or pay registration fees.

One of the particularities of this CMS is that it offers a hundred themes, the majority of which are free to use. You will therefore have no difficulty in finding your style and choosing the right template for your business. Once you have found the right template among the various proposals that are reliable, you can improve it by modifying the plugins, fonts and colors.

As far as WordPress extensions are concerned, they are also varied. By using them, you will get a personalized and professional website.

The CMS is easy to use

WordPress is a content management system that is easy to use thanks to its very intuitive ergonomics. It allows you to manage pages, media and extensions in a fluid and simplified way. To improve the look of your platform, you don't need advanced notions in development. No knowledge of computer science, graphics or HTML language is required to design your website. You just have to make the modifications on the back-office and it's done.

Moreover, since WordPress is a must in the field of website creation, you will find forums on many topics. With the popularity of this CMS, you will have no trouble finding the answer to your problems. Just put your concern in a search engine and you will get satisfaction.

The CMS promotes natural referencing

In terms of search engine optimization, WordPress is one of the most effective tools. This content management system has some interesting features in this area. With an optimal use of tags, you can improve your SEO. Websites designed with the WordPress CMS can be enhanced with powerful SEO plugins designed by the content management software.

To ensure that the SEO features of WordPress are really useful to you, you need to combine them with good writing techniques and the judicious use of social networks. To generate qualified traffic to your website and to enjoy excellent popularity, WordPress is one of the best solutions today.

The CMS supports responsive design

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used by Internet users to browse the web. A site that does not adapt to these different media runs the risk of losing traffic. The interesting thing about WordPress is that it does not integrate solutions that are difficult to read on tablets and smartphones. Instead, this CMS makes use of jQuery which makes it easier to interact and operate websites on mobile devices.

Many WordPress themes today exploit a purely responsive technology. In other words, these models are perfectly compatible with the different media used for navigation, namely: computers, tablets and smartphones. With a WordPress agency in Cannes, you will get a site that allows a display and ergonomics specific to the support of the user. They will not be in a hurry to leave your platform.

Note that today, for many businesses, creating a website without responsive technology is very risky. Due to the exponential growth in the use of mobile devices, it is more necessary than ever to turn to adapted CMS, such as WordPress.

Why hire a WordPress agency to create your website?

In order to take advantage of the efficiency and performance of the WordPress CMS, you should turn to a professional. What are the reasons why you should choose a WordPress agency in Cannes? Here are some advantages for your project.

The growth of your notoriety on the web

One of the reasons why you should use the WordPress CMS is to optimize its SEO structure. Today, SEO is not to be taken lightly, as much of a site's overall traffic is provided by search engines such as Google and Bing. By using a CMS like WordPress, you will benefit from a multitude of exceptional features that will increase your ranking in search engine results.

By using the services of a WordPress agency in Cannes, you can be sure that all the SEO options of the famous CMS will be used. Among the features that will be used, we can mention: SEO optimized content writing, internal linking, URL structure optimization, Robots.txt file optimization, responsive design, etc.

Maintenance of your site

A WordPress agency in Cannes does not only take care of the design of a website. It also makes sure that the designed platforms are comfortable and safe from external attacks. Regular updating and constant monitoring of your website is necessary to ensure the performance of your online business. By leaving your website in the hands of a WordPress agency in Cannes, you will guarantee its stability, efficiency, security and durability. In addition, leaving the maintenance of your platform to a qualified provider allows you to focus on the essentials of your online business.

Expert advice

Hiring the services of a WordPress agency in Cannes is an excellent idea since this choice allows you to enjoy many advantages. The professionals of this company will be at your side to help you create the website that will help you achieve your goals. They will offer you personalized advice on hosting, domain names and call to action positioning. With the help of your WordPress agency, you will have experts to address your various concerns.

The possession of a unique design

As mentioned above, the WordPress CMS allows you to take advantage of a multitude of free and paid themes to customize your site. The problem with these convenient and easy-to-use templates is that they lack flexibility and offer limited customization options. The ideal would be to have a well-built site, which is why it's a good idea to hire a WordPress agency in Cannes. They will write a code that will perfectly match your expectations and the proposed design will suit your visual identity.

Ahead of the competition

Opting for new technologies is a great solution to help your platform stand out from the competition. A web designer in a WordPress agency located in Cannes is used to managing all the digital elements in your field of activity. He will then be able to anticipate the trends and offer you the best possible services. By having new technologies, the specialists will allow you to generate traffic and improve the visiting time on your website.

Having a responsive site

With the development of mobile technologies, there is no doubt that many of your followers use their smartphones to browse your platform. So, you need to make sure that it is responsive in order to provide a good experience to your users. To do this, there is nothing better than a WordPress agency. They will use the responsive features of the CMS to meet your requirements.

Why should you use Ingenius for your website?

The creation of a classic website or an e-commerce site is a project that requires specific skills and experience in the field. For this reason, it is advisable to entrust this task to real experts, such as those you can find within Ingenius.

Why entrust the creation of a site to an expert?

It is important to know that the creation of a website by professionals represents a real guarantee of quality and performance. Thanks to their skills and their mastery of the field, they are the best placed to create a website that complies with Google's requirements.

Also, it is important to know that free website creation platforms are very limited. If you need a really powerful site, with specific features and parameters, only a specialized agency will be able to help you.

In addition, a website usually represents only a small part of the company's activity. You have everything to gain by being accompanied by experts, in order to have more time for the management of your company.

What are the advantages of the Ingenius agency for the creation of a website?

As mentioned above, being accompanied by an agency for the creation of a website or an e-commerce site has several advantages. You will have even more benefits by going through the experts of Ingenius.

Among other things, you will be able to count on their specialized tools, which will make your site more efficient. These are tools owned only by professionals, which can help you at several levels during the realization of your web project. They are generally used to :

  • Develop the site
  • Implementing marketing automation
  • Observe and monitor the competition
  • Optimize the referencing of the site.

In addition to all this, Ingenius has secured the assistance of several qualified experts in different fields. You can find in its team, professionals in marketing, SEO, graphic design and also in development. The agency has everything to please you.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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