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Our agency in Nantes offers you its Wordpress expertise for your web project. Whether it's a 3-page showcase site or a full-fledged ecommerce site to sell your products, you'll be satisfied.
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Café de Paris

Lead time: 1.5 months

Chakras Shop

Deadline: 1 month

My artificial flower

Deadline: 3 months

Focus and you

Deadline: 2 months

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With us, you are guaranteed to have a reliable and efficient site. We listen to you and are transparent throughout the process of creating your project in Nantes.

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Our team of SEO experts in Nantes also takes care of optimising your Wordpress site so that it is well positioned on search engines.

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Why should I use WordPress to build a website?

Today, the effectiveness of the WordPress CMS is no longer in question, as many web players in various fields use it to design their websites. In terms of figures, the number of websites that use WordPress for their digital communication exceeds 24 million, or more than 43% of all websites worldwide. A record that no CMS has yet beaten. WordPress has several advantages that make it an authoritative content management system.

WordPress is flexible, customizable and free

WordPress is undoubtedly the simplest CMS to use. Its first advantage is of course its free nature. You can download and use it for free. WordPress allows you to easily manage a website. Its use is indeed simple and its ergonomics is incredibly intuitive.

You also benefit from WordPress themes and plugins that aim to make your website more attractive and intuitive. To this end, hundreds of WordPress themes are available, many of them free. With these themes, you can let your creativity run wild to create a truly customised site. The plugins will allow you to improve the functionalities and to make your website evolve. Interesting, isn't it?

WordPress offers an excellent basis for natural referencing

On the SEO side, WordPress brings great added value to your website. In order for your content and pages to be naturally indexed, the use of appropriate tools is essential. Therefore, by using WordPress to create your website, you benefit from certain plugins, designed to improve your performance in terms of SEO. In addition, meta descriptions and title tags are automatically generated by WordPress for all your pages. This optimises your SEO.

Wordpress offers an adaptive interface

There is no doubt that when you visit a website you appreciate an excellent user experience. In other words, when the site not only looks good, but also adapts perfectly to the format of your device (laptop, desktop, smartphones, tablets).


Well, when you create your WordPress website, you offer your users a responsive interface. That is to say, a responsive interface adapted to the format of the device used by the user. This makes it easier for users to interact with your site, and you'll gain even more traffic. The responsive technology offered by WordPress is therefore a very advantageous factor.

Do you have a WordPress website redesign or creation project in Nantes?

Whether you have answered yes to this question or are considering this type of project, please let us know. WordPress is definitely one of the easiest CMSs to use. But when you are a professional, you should not skimp on the quality and performance of your website. Because your website will represent your brand, your company or your organisation on the internet and will be an important pillar in your digital communication strategy.


That's why we put our expertise and know-how at your service by offering you a tailor-made, complete and efficient solution. We are indeed an agency specialized for several years in the creation of WordPress websites. Through a team of highly qualified experts :

  • we improve your e-reputation and your visibility on the web by creating a site that meets all your needs;
  • we take advantage of all the SEO features of WordPress to optimize your referencing;
  • we monitor and update your WordPress site on a daily basis;
  • we help you find a good digital marketing strategy in line with your objectives.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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