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GeniusDrop is your profitable Woocommerce based dropshipping site with a method that combines SEO, low maintenance costs and advertising. Genius Drop is a complete service: we select the niche, build the SEO architecture, develop the site and launch your first ads. All of our clients' sites are profitable and we can guarantee the results* Finally become the owner of a reference site in its niche!

By Dropshippers for Dropshippers

We develop our websites in Dropshipping in-house and develop our methods for ourselves. GeniusDrop is the condensation of our 5 years of e-commerce experience into one product. Have the tool that allows us to crush our competitors.

Genius Drop?

No margins

GeniusDrop does not charge any commission on sales

Single method

Our method guarantees predictable e-commerce sites that generate turnover

Tech pro team

We are woocommerce experts and will help you in your development.

The specialist of

Ingenius is the best woocommerce dropshipping agency in Paris, our technical team builds long-lasting, beautiful and efficient websites.

We respect development standards and have a huge base of modules already developed for our clients, hence our very attractive rates. Stop wasting your time on unmanaged Shopify that takes 2% of your margins and benefit from a unique expertise that will crush your competition.

You are not alone!

Genius Drop is also a subscription starting at 89HT/month to accompany you during your development. Benefit from our technological developments and support for a mini price. We also accompany you in the technical development of your dropshipping store.

No sales = No levies.

Genius drop FAQ

We recommend that you have some experience in e-commerce but it is not necessary. It is made for all entrepreneurs who wish to launch a profitable Drop in website.

Shopify and Prestashop are very good software, but the competition being tough on dropshipping, the margins of shopify and the weak ecosystem of Prestashop can play in our disadvantage. Moreover we have on Woocommerce a software mastery that allows us to exploit our method to 100% there we could use only 60% of the method on Shopify.

You are accompanied from A to Z and have strategic calls to accompany you in the development of your shop. We do not leave you alone.

We are keeping the recipe for obvious competitive reasons. You can however make an appointment below to have a demo and see some of the sites we have developed.

Yes 100%, our site is still a woocommerce site, if you want to use your own modules it is possible! 

Below you will find the different offers. Overall, the higher the offer you take, the higher your chance of success, which is why we guarantee the last package without options.

GeniusDrop is an all-in-one product, you choose your niche from a list pre-determined by our SEO experts and launch your website as we launch ours using our unique method. So we know that if you don't get the results you want, it's because you didn't commit to it, not because of our method. As we are e-traders ourselves, we have no problem with refunding you and integrating the website into our portfolio after the refund.

We will refund you if the site has not reached break-even after 6 months after the first advertisements have been launched and a minimum of 8000e in sales.

We can build the site and check the reliability of your niche. In our process we will do our best to achieve the same results on your niche. However, we cannot guarantee the results.

We will reimburse you for the full cost of the service minus the option fee, except for the terminator pack where we will reimburse you for the full cost of the service. Subscriptions are not refunded. After the refund, we will keep the site for our use.

Following delivery we impose a mandatory subscription. We have different packages and the minimum fee is 79HT to pay for the server and extensions. Given the amount of modules available, we are sure that it will suit you perfectly. Moreover we do not charge you for the first month to give you time to make your first sales.

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100% guarantee of your success
Optimised Woocommerce website check check check
Website designed by a professional graphic designer check check check
Branding and logo check check check
SEO strategy check check check
ATS strategy check check check
Coaching Dropshipping 2 sessions of 1 hour 3 sessions of 1 hour 5 sessions of 1 hour
Number of products 150 200 350
Optimised checkout + Upsell check check
SEO reputation at start-up check
Cost-effective site guarantee*. Optional (1500HT) check

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Why buy a turnkey dropshipping website?

A ready-to-use platform, a turnkey dropshipping website is a website that includes all the necessary services and functionalities of an online shop. Content, design, visitor flow, domain, or referencing, all the necessary elements are already present on this e-commerce website. All that is left to do is to display your products and start selling them. But why buy a turnkey dropshipping website? What are the advantages of using a specialised agency to acquire an e-commerce solution?

What exactly is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business technique based on the relationship between the supplier, the reseller and the consumer. In general, a person visits an online shop to order products. However, he visits the platform of a reseller or distributor since he does not have access to the products and services of a wholesaler, namely the supplier. Dropshipping is a two-system approach for retailers who want to optimise their business. By setting up a dropshipping site, a merchant is able to improve his sales. Fast and reliable, the online sales system is now a form of business accessible to all.

Who uses dropshipping sites?

Dedicated to dropshippers, dropshipping websites are designed by professional developers. As a reminder, these dropshippers are retailers or traders who want to digitalise their business. Depending on the platform purchased, they can either take care of the marketing of the products themselves or let a partner take care of it. With the help of this kind of showcase site, these retailers are able to work at any time and in any place.

However, you should not forget that to launch this project, it is essential to prepare a substantial budget. Do not hesitate to consult some of the reviews on the internet to get an idea of the price of a turnkey dropshipping website. According to most agencies that offer this service, the cost of creating this type of platform is around 8,000 euros. Cheaper offers will not bring you results. You should know that even a supplier can use this system to receive orders online.

Why buy a turnkey dropshipping website?

If you have some knowledge of programming and HTML & CSS, you can design your own dropshipping website. However, buying a turnkey website will give you many advantages. Unlike a new platform, a ready-to-use site already has all the essential elements for successful sales, including SEO and advertising. Having a profitable shop requires mastering several skills. By working with an agency, you have all of these skills at your fingertips. In addition, by using turnkey services you are usually guaranteed results.

The benefits

With a turnkey dropshipping website, you will quickly stand out from the competition. With a product presentation and editable content, this type of platform is recommended for launching an online sale. In addition to the possibility of detailing each item for sale, it is also possible to add a shopping cart and a specific payment system. As the features are numerous, it is best to ask the agencies that market dropshipping sites.

You will also have a graphic design by a professional UX designer that you will not find on classic dropshipping sites, as well as an SEO architecture made by natural referencing experts. This guarantees that you will have sales quickly after going online.

The disadvantages

As far as the disadvantages are concerned, there is not really a big risk if you use professionals. Indeed, it is not uncommon for Internet users to be scammed by fraudulent ads when they are looking for a turnkey e-commerce site. Before completing the transaction, it is advisable to check not only the reputation of the agency, but also the various options of the online shop. Among the elements to check are:

  • The domain
  • The design
  • The legitimacy of the agency (does it do e-commerce)
  • The referencing strategy

You can find the ingenius opinions on this link

The advantages of using an agency for a dropshipping site

In order to avoid scams, the best way is to go through an agency for a successful dropshipping site. Specialised in the design and sale of e-commerce platforms, these service providers will offer you full support. Therefore, all you have to do is tell them your needs and they will be able to create a site that suits your image. With this new online sales system, you will no longer be obliged to manage deliveries and stocks. In a way, it is the supplier himself who takes care of the logistics and supply.

Ingenius has become the reference for turnkey dropshipping websites. So don't delay and book your demo of this e-commerce solution by clicking on the link below.

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