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Ingenius, your partner in website creation in Nancy, guarantees you a Wordpress website that is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient to boost your marketing strategy. We are aware of the importance for your customers to have an optimal user experience, and for you to have a scalable and functional site. That's why our team of experts will do everything possible to offer you a unique design and an immersive visual experience capable of generating conversions.

A professional web team in Nancy for a website that looks like you

Among the web agencies located in Nancy, Ingenius is among the best. If you are interested in creating a website, contact us today for a quote, and benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the industry. Our company is organized into divisions, each with a deep understanding of their respective industries. This allows us to provide a range of precise and complementary services, which is rarely the case in other agencies.
Whatever your field of expertise, our team will design a website that stands out from your competitors, created to convey the best possible message. The implementation of marketing content is an undeniable asset that we use to convert users into customers

Why should you choose Ingenius to create your website in Nancy?

At Ingenius, we are dedicated to providing our clients with complete satisfaction by providing them with customized support at every stage of their project. We offer them a robust solution, while ensuring that it is easy to use and respects their specific needs, as expressed in the specifications. 

Why choose Ingenius for your project in Nancy?

Our team of seasoned creative and development specialists are dedicated to designing a spectacular online presence for your business. To achieve this, we use superior design concepts and the latest advances in SEO (search engine optimization).

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How does Ingenius differ from other web designers?

Save time with a turnkey solution

Our turnkey web design solution is designed to help you save time and energy by avoiding the tedious process of creating a website from scratch. Our team of experienced professionals will take care of all the steps of creating your website, from design to launch.

Captivating design to attract customers

To engage visitors and entice them to learn more about you, we work tirelessly to create the most attractive designs. Indeed, a well thought-out design helps establish credibility and trust for your company, which in turn will lead to conversions and increased sales.

An efficient follow-up of your project in Nancy

Our team of WordPress experts is available to help you at any time, whether you need technical assistance, design advice, or help implementing new features. We're here to support you throughout your online journey, ensuring that your WordPress site always stays current and performing well.

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Web marketing pros for a successful online presence

With the increasing competitiveness of the digital world, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. For this, you can benefit from the services of Ingenius in Nancy to design a website that is both elegant and effective. Indeed, our agency is composed of several teams with a deep knowledge in the digital field, and who have a perfect mastery of web design and web marketing.

At Ingenius, we have the means and strategies to build a large audience for your Wordpress site, through the implementation of targeted marketing campaigns. We also attach great importance to natural and paid search (SEO and SEA) in order to implement a real strategy for acquiring qualified visitors. We offer different solutions, whether they are custom-made, turnkey solutions or solutions based on ideas you have developed, in order to help you reach the best positions on search engines. Our main objective: to help you increase your online visibility. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

Great websites thanks to our Wordpress experts

Using Wordpress is a particularly powerful solution for website design. That's why we at Ingenius have been using this content management system for a long time. Over the years, our team of Wordpress experts has acquired a lot of experience with this platform, which allows us to be your ideal partner to design a site that perfectly represents your business while optimizing your conversion rate. Our goal: To be the best Wordpress agency on the market.

We are here!

Questions, problems and other concerns? Don't worry! In Nancy, you can count on our technical service 7 days a week to guide you and help you. If your website has a problem, we will intervene quickly. You can also schedule strategic development calls for advice.

An overview of our talents?

Don't miss the opportunity to discover our creations up close by booking a live discovery session now and get the answers to your questions.

Our turnkey web design solution is designed to help you save time and energy by avoiding the tedious process of creating a website from scratch. Our team of experienced professionals will take care of all the steps of creating your website, from design to launch.

Why you should delegate the creation of your website in Nancy ?

The delegation of your website in Nancy gives you many advantages. In addition to saving a considerable amount of time, you benefit from a custom design.

Time saving

Websites, regardless of their purpose, are not an easy task. They require a significant amount of time, and the time required depends on the level of expertise of the designer.

In the city of Nancy, you will find many web agencies able to design a site adapted to your needs, but not only. The people who work there come from different backgrounds. They are able to take care of all your digital strategy, from the realization of the site to the creation of content through SEO and others.

Thanks to the delegation, you enjoy a continuous online presence. Whether you are a merchant, an individual or an organization, the digital agencies in Nancy promote your evolution by ensuring your good positioning on the web.

Customized design

By delegating the creation of your site to a professional, he chooses the best tool designed for this purpose. A web agency in Nancy creates for you a personalized and customized theme.

Are you planning to design an e-commerce site? This is another reason to call on professionals in the field, because online sales have secrets that novices do not know. And the first tip for selling well online is to make your online store successful. You must customize it according to your offers. The choice of the design remains an essential factor to attract customers.

Why should you use an agency to create your website?

There are many reasons why you should use an agency to create your website. Let's decipher.

The gain of technical expertise

The agency helps you define your specifications. The latter is used to establish the specific objectives of your site and to elaborate the strategy in order to reach them. Thus, the success of a website depends on the specifications.
A website can have multiple goals. The most common are increasing sales and generating leads.
Creating a professional website requires a certain amount of expertise. This can not be acquired with a few hours of tutorials followed on the internet. Agencies provide you with trained professionals with many years of experience in website design.
An agency will easily identify your objectives. They will make proposals that will make the user experience more fluid and enhance the functionality of your site.

Maintenance of the site

Like a machine, a website requires monitoring and maintenance to remain functional. In order for it to remain well referenced by search engines, you must regularly add content. So many tasks require the intervention of a digital agency.
Its team ensures that your site works well and remains efficient in the long term. They make the necessary updates so that your site remains perfectly functional and complies with the latest security and performance requirements.

SEO optimization of the site

In order to climb the ladder to the top of the search results, a website must have excellent optimization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the ability of a website or a web page to provide relevant content.
To decide on the relevance of your topics, search engines rely on many elements. By respecting them to the letter, your site will undoubtedly appear at the top of the rankings of search results.
The optimization of a website is not a piece of cake. To succeed, you must first understand the ranking mechanism of search engines like Google and be able to use them to your advantage.

What is the price of a website in Nancy?

It is difficult to give a fixed price for the creation of a website in Nancy. The amount to be expected will depend on several parameters. First, it depends on the choice of the provider. Indeed, the billing methods vary from one digital agency to another. Thus, the rates of some agencies can be higher than those of their competitors. Often, the cheapest providers are those who do low quality work. However, expensive services do not always guarantee a qualitative site. This is why it is important to know how to choose your professional.
To create a basic website (5 to 10 pages), agencies charge between 1000 and 5000 euros. For an advanced web development, the price of services varies between 10 000 and 100 000 euros.

How to choose the right web design agency in Nancy?

The city of Nancy is full of web design agencies all boasting of their expertise. However, it is clear that only a few brands can really claim the quality of their services. To recognize a good web agency in Nancy, some criteria should be taken into account.

Take into account your needs and objectives

Before hiring a web developer, it is essential that you do some preliminary work. This one aims first at clearly defining the objectives of your site. Indeed, if some sites aim to sell, others serve as a portal for information, education, entertainment, blogging ... By being aware of your objectives, it will be easier to define the type of site you need. On this subject, the developer can also make suggestions.
A reliable developer must have a website to sell his services. Even if he has a physical location, this is the minimum that a person offering to design other people's sites should have. On the basis of his own platform, you can already judge his expertise. To push the envelope, you can take a look at the customer reviews or search the section presenting his portfolio.

Review the agency's portfolio

Before hiring an agency to create your website in Nancy, you should check their experience in the field. To do this, ask to look at their portfolio. Examine the provider's previous achievements to make sure of their quality. Also see if their skills match your expectations in terms of website design.
The portfolio also informs you about the tools and methods used by your provider to design their websites. Indeed, in addition to the traditional development, there are tools (CMS) to create your websites more easily. However, these are not equal in terms of quality. That's why you must be well informed on this subject before hiring a developer. To know the best CMS on the market, you just have to consult the online user reviews.

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