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Ingenius is the specialist in Wordpress, the essential software for creating websites in the field of law.

We respect the development standards and have a huge base of modules already developed for our clients, which allows us to save money. Have your website designed by experts and increase your income in the long term!

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Why create a website for lawyers?

Why create a website for a lawyer? In the digital age it is a tool indispensable communication strategy. It offers many possibilities as well as financial and time advantages that contribute to organisational and professional sustainability. The multitude of functionalities offered by a website offers many advantages to a lawyer. But for this to happen, it must be well referenced on search engines.

Essential for his activity, a lawyer's website is an extension of his practice. It must comply with a common code of ethics which is regulated by the National Internal Regulations of the legal profession (RIN). The domain name must be transmitted to the Bar Association.

Communicating on its services

The primary purpose of a lawyer's website is communication. As a showcase for his activity, it allows him to make himself known and to propose his products, his services, his expertise. This is all the more important for a law firm and has become a criterion of choice today.

Today, the first reflex is to consult the Internet whenever information or assistance is needed.

The site is therefore the first level of contact, the one that is decisive in converting a simple visitor into a potential customer.

It is therefore essential to take care of your communication. First of all, from a regulatory point of view: no third-party advertising, addition of compulsory information related to the profession, respect for professional secrecy, legal information about the lawyer's structure.

The communication on the site must be qualitative but also complete in order to allow the Internet user to form a favourable opinion. The aim is to encourage contact by e-mail, via a social network, by telephone, or even via the site, in order to arrange an appointment.

As the first lever for increased activity, communication is above all informational and professional. It is factual and it is an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

However, this communication is above all regulated by the National Internal Rules of the profession in the same way as the domain name of a lawyer's website. It cannot be advertising and must be of high quality so that the site is well referenced on the various search engines.

As a guarantee of seriousness, communication can be attractive in order to attract attention by means of different levers.

Centralise information

A website is a unique medium that offers the possibility to communicate a multitude of information/content. Everyone can find what they need.

Whether it be opening hours, postal or telephone contact details, the areas of expertise offered, the history of the firm, the fees charged. Everything is centralised in one place.

The details of the bar association in which the lawyer is registered, the practice structure, or even the network of which he or she is a member, must also be included.

This ease of access is a significant advantage and is very important for Internet users who are fond of immediate information.

The services, the specialities of action, which are enhanced by a photo of the lawyer can also create an initial relationship of proximity and trust.

In addition, there is also a financial advantage for the law firm. Indeed, this first contact and first level of information saves valuable time.

However, care must be taken to ensure that the information is easy to access, otherwise users will quickly leave the site to consult that of a competitor.

Transmit news

In addition to the lawyer's administrative and commercial information, other sections can be added to the site.

This can be articles dealing with generallegal information, news on the profession or on legislation in different areas, or even a blog.

These elements provide added value, a lever to stand out from the competition and to be better referenced by search engines. By completing the window display, they allow future clients to form an opinion on the expertise and skills of the lawyer.

The website is thus enriched and, above all, updated at regular intervals, and communicates a modern and efficient image.

This news section is essential for the lawyer's website, as it allows him to assert his identity and values, and even his ethics.

Increase your customer base

The main objective of creating a website is ultimately to develop its activities. Even if it is not advertising, the communication of information aims to acquire visibility and reinforce the notoriety of the lawyer. And by resonance to increase its turnover.

As the Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB) reminds us, this is not canvassing but rather an extension of the lawyer's physical office.

The visit to the site aims to create the opportunity for a first contact. Its objective is to lead to a physical exchange with the lawyer.

With this digital tool, the referral system, or online word-of-mouth, works optimally. In marketing terms, it's estimated that a single satisfied customer who shares his experience with his network generates five new leads.

The collection of opinions and comments from Internet users also contributes to the conversion of Internet users into clients. They allow the perception of visitors or prospects to be analysed in order to optimise the lawyer's site, or even the services.

Offering online services

To go further, various very useful services can be offered by the site. They will increase the notoriety and give a modern image of the lawyer. They also have the advantage of optimising time and have financial impacts


Whether it is from different packages according to the services or in a personalized way, the Internet user can obtain a quote directly from the site.

This feature is very interesting and advantageous because it not only saves time but also allows the collection of information from a potential customer. In addition, the next telephone contact or appointment is made easier.

Digitalising the quotation is also a financial gain as it can avoid shipping costs and it reduces the burden of administrative work.

Making an appointment

This second possibility also has temporal advantages for the lawyer but also for the Internet users. The latter no longer have to wait for the opening hours of the law firm.

As a result, they will not "surf" to competitors' websites in the meantime. This simple opportunity converts more Internet users into customers.

There is also a financial gain due to the reduction of administrative tasks.

Videoconference consultations

Dematerialising certain meetings and appointments can also be very useful and advantageous for both the lawyer and his future clients.

The gains are first of all in terms of travel time to the meeting. But also financially if a means of transport, such as a car or public transport, is necessary.

And above all, a videoconference meeting is much more fluid than a simple exchange of e-mails or letters. It develops a relationship of proximity and trust.

Secure online payment

This practice has become common and offers a modern image of the lawyer. It is a feature that has an impact on its reputation.

This alternative can be used to pay the fees for an online consultation, to pre-pay for an appointment, but also to pay a deposit when taking on a case.

This simplicity of settlement is much appreciated by Internet users.

Tracking visitors to the website

Statistical analysis tools are essential for the proper implementation of the lawyer's website.

The various indicators of the traffic of visits to the site will make it possible to optimise and adapt the information and news disseminated.

Knowing how much time is spent on the site, on which sections, knowing which articles have caught the attention of Internet users, are elements that make it possible to adjust what is posted.

The more the site is "alive", the more visits it generates and the more opportunities it creates to increase business.

Even if the time spent and the number of visitors do not increase the referencing, the statistics make it possible to increase the quality which is a factor of improvement of this one.

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