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Why work with Ingenius?

Our WordPress agency specializes in designing professional and compelling websites. We are passionate about creating websites that reflect our clients' identities and help them stand out from the competition.

We help you create an effective and memorable online presence. We offer a full range of WordPress services including custom website design, theme and plugin development, SEO, hosting, maintenance and security.

A Wordpress agency at your disposal

Full support

We help you create a site that suits your business by sharing our best strategies. You are accompanied from start to finish.

A special focus on UX

We create an eye-catching and effective website for your business, your design is the first thing customers notice.

A technical specificity

Ingenius uses and is a specialist of Wordpress only, this guarantees a technical system mastered and therefore a reliable and efficient site. Wordpress is the only software that allows you to realize all types of web projects.

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the best Wordpress agency

Ingenius is a digital agency specialized in Wordpress for more than 3 years. We have helped hundreds of businesses and solopreneurs build websites on Wordpress that are sustainable over time that impact your customers.

We respect the development standards and have a base of Wordpress modules already developed for our customers which allows us to save money while producing high quality sites. Our work method guarantees high performance.

Our services

Genius Custom

Creation of a website or redesign on Wordpress / Woocommerce.

Genius Solo

Your personal turnkey website for coaches, craftsmen and solopreneurs

Genius SEO

Your natural referencing optimized Wordpress. Finally become number 1 on Google.

Genius Ecom

Your E-commerce site on Woocommerce turnkey

Genius Drop

The only dropshipping service with guaranteed results

Genius Autopilot

Maintenance, update and support of Wordpress websites in autopilot

Genius Training

Coming soon...

Dedicated support

Throughout your project, you will have a dedicated contact person and a passionate team team !

We guarantee your satisfaction and success, which is why we are a partner, not a service provider. We are the Wordpress / Woocommerce technical team you can rely on. 

What our customers say about our Wordpress Agency

5 good reasons to choose Ingenius, a web agency specialised in Wordpress, for your project

To have a continuous presence on the Internet, it is important to create a website. It allows you to present and sell your products and services, provided that it is well positioned. The creation of a website should therefore promote the development of your company. In order to design an e-commerce platform, you can choose free online solutions, and go through an expert Wordpress provider. In this guide, you will discover the good reasons to use a specialised agency for the creation of your website, because you might as well use the best agency for your project!

Do you know the famous American New York Times, the Renault website or the official website of the White House? If so, did you know that all these websites were built using WordPress? Well, now that you know, you can understand why you should choose WordPress too.

Websites created with WordPress are generally very well ranked. This content management system is designed to meet the requirements of search engines. The platform has the ability to provide unique keywords and meta-tags for each page and post, which allows for more accurate search engine optimisation. Another important point to note is that WordPress sites respond very well to themobile interface.

The fact that WordPress is used by a large number of users has contributed to the creation of a very strong community. As a result, many features have already been developed to make your web project faster and cheaper.

WooCommerce allows to answer this last concern. This tool is increasingly used by many e-commerce sites. You've probably heard of it and are probably wondering why you should use it. Here are a few reasons why you should choose WooCommerce over many other tools.

It is adapted to your project and your needs. All you have to do is incorporate the content of your website. However, templates have their limits: lack of flexibility, complexity of the code... A specialised agency will be able to offer you an interesting and efficient theme.

This has several advantages depending on your needs.

  • The code will meet your expectations. It will improve the loading speed of web pages.
  • The development of the back-office will be optimised for good accessibility. You will be able to modify texts or photos yourself, add categories...
  • The design of your site will be reliable. Free, paid or custom themes can appear on several sites. Thus, a unique template is a site that exactly matches your visual identity.
  • The final architecture will be tailored to the individuals you wish to target.

Creating an optimal website is a time-consuming but necessary task. It takes at least a whole year if you want to design it and create theonline URL.

You must also have the experience required for :

  • the creation of a ;
  • integration of a graphic charter ;
  • the installation of an appropriate hosting system;
  • referencing ;
  • content writing ;
  • the implementation of a marketing strategy.

In addition, you need to be trained in code and a CMS like Wordpress. An agency like Ingenius that specialises in website design has a multidisciplinary team to help you create a page that will improve your visibility on the Internet. With the services of a web agency, you can continue your core business. Your role is to check the development of your site, highlighting your choice and the strategy you have chosen.

To make the cost of building your website worthwhile, it is important to gain recognition in your industry. An expert provider in CMS Wordpress or Woocommerce aims to control the reliability of your site with adapted processes. We propose different strategies toincrease your visibility on the web.

Being well referenced on Google is essential for the success of a business. Wordpress is perfectly suited to SEO, but you still need to anticipate an appropriate strategy. Ingenius, expert in natural referencing can accompany you in the realization of a complete strategy of referencing.

Thanks to an optimized Wordpress site, you will gain more and more customers, and the sales of products / services will be exceptional. The amount of the creation of this site will then be amortized quickly.

There are also best practices for converting your customers through UX that Ingenius has mastered.

Ingenius also has a base of plugins and developments that reduce development costs, improve site reliability and speed up development.

To develop your traffic, you need to boost your SEO. To do this, it is important to analyse the issues of content, semantic fields and keywords. You need to know how the search engine algorithm works. However, this is a complicated and time-consuming area. The best solution is to use a specialist SEO Wordpress agency!

The digital agency plays an important role in your overall communication. It consists of :

  • improve web traffic;
  • work on your content to improve SEO;
  • design landing pages that match the conversion;
  • work on keywords and content.
  • Working on your reputation

This requires skills that go beyond making a website. At Ingenius we offer a Wordpress SEO offer to meet all your Wordpress SEO needs and take care of your maintenance to have an up-to-date site.

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