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Welcome to Ingeniusan agency specialized in the creation of personalized websites under Wordpress with the Divi theme. Our vision is simple: a website should be more than just an online storefront, it should reflect the identity and values of your brand. That's why we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, from design to the maintenance through the development, lintegration and the referencing.

Our team is passionate about creating elegant Wordpress that convert. We constantly stay on top of the latest trends and technologies to ensure superior finished work for our clients. Since every project is unique and deserves a personalized approach, we work closely with them to understand their vision and turn their idea into a digital reality.

A Wordpress agency specialized on Divi

Ingenius is specialized in custom-made creations and our team of experts has a thorough understanding of the Divi theme theme and its builderone of the most popular and versatile tools of the moment. We have gained significant experience in creating designs and aesthetic designs, while providing a smooth and intuitive user experience. Our experts are able to leverage the theme's advanced features to create animations, transitions, visual effects and other elements that will add a unique and professional touch to your site. We also have extensive experience in natural referencing to help our clients improve their online visibility and drive qualified traffic to their business. With our client-centric approach and expertise in web developmentdevelopment, we are able to bring a real "before and after" to any business.
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Custom designs:
With our expertise in using
Divi, we are able to create THE elegant and professional Wordpress design that will reflect your company's identity while providing a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Advanced features:
We are able to use advanced features to add animations, transitions, visual effects and other elements to ensure a unique and professional look.

Optimized for SEO:
We have a solid experience in
SEO experience and will optimize your assets for search engines to improve your online visibility and attract qualified traffic.

A team of Divi experts:
Our team of Divi experts is highly skilled at creating custom worlds that meet every need.

A client-centered process:
We believe in a client-centered approach to all our work. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals to create a
website that meets those needs.

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The specialist in Divi on Wordpress

Through the strength of our team, we are proud to be considered as specialists in Divi. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of all the features of this multipurpose theme as well as its builder and are able to create unique designs. We are able to customize every element of the chain, including the homepage the products or collectionsthe service pages and blog postsall to reflect your company's identity and attract the attention of your target audience. We are also able to provide in-depth training to our clients on how to use the theme and its builder to operate their environment independently.

Our services Divi

GeniusCustom: your custom Divi project

Our agency realizes for you a Divi project entirely personalized according to your requirements and to your image.

RATE: By quotation and usually by specification.

The benefits:

GeniusSolo: building your online presence

The Ingenius team will create a website that fits your business and looks like you to attract more customers. Whether you are a small business, a coach or a craftsman, this solution is for you.

RATE: From 1290HT

The benefits:

GeniusDrop :: ecommerce without inventory management

The agency offers you its skills in online sales, to create a dropshipping site that suits you.

Price: From 6000HT

The benefits:

GeniusEcom: Your turnkey E-commerce site with Divi

For the creation of an online shop, optimised to sell your products on the internet.

RATE: From 190HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusSEO: Your natural referencing optimized with Divi

Put your website in the spotlight on Google thanks to our 100% automated natural referencing service. We will take care of gaining you positions to attract more traffic to your website.

RATE: From 390HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusAutopilot: Regular maintenance of your website

Make your site efficient and secure with our 100% automated maintenance service. Don't worry, we'll take care of your site for you.

RATE: From 59/month

The benefits:

Customer reviews

A Divi expert team close to you

Ingenius is a technical team expert on Divi and available 7/7D to answer your questions and intervene if necessary in the development of your site. You can schedule strategic development calls to benefit from our expertise.

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Book a live session to discover the websites already developed with Divi and to ask us all your questions.

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Why choose Divi for a Wordpress?

The Divi theme theme is an all-in-one solution for professional web designers. It offers a wide variety of features, tools and resources to help users create elegant, functional and customizable functional and customizable websites.

Leverage the Divi Builder

First of all, it comes with a page builder page builder, which allows you to create custom custom layouts and unique designs and unique designs without needing any coding knowledge. Simply drag and drop elements to place and adjust them to your liking, much like elementor.

Pre-existing models

The pro license offers you a wide variety of ready-to-use templates for homepages, service offerings, portfolios, online stores and more. These templates can be customized endlessly, offering great versatility to create original and professional designs from scratch.

Be on every screen


The Divi theme theme is also fully responsive, which means that its designs automatically adapts to all devices and screens, providing an optimal user experience for all visitors.


Divi offers a wide variety of advanced features for power users, such as the ability to customize CSS styles or add advanced functionality with custom plugins.

We have followed many impressive projectsranging from showcase sites for local businesses to large e-commerce for large online brands. The versatility and creative potential of the theme and its builder are unlimited, which makes it an ideal choice for experienced web designers experienced web designers.

Is Divi free?

Unfortunately not, Divi is not free. It is a premium themetheme, which means you have to buy it to use it. It is sold as an annual subscription or a one-time purchase with a lifetime license. The annual subscription price starts at $89 per year for a site site and includes access to all themes and plugins d'Elegant Themesincluding Divias well as regular updates and technical support. A one-time purchase of a lifetime license starts at $249 and gives you access to all other themes themes and plugins fromElegant Themesthemes and plugins, as well as lifetime updates and technical support.

Is Divi easy to learn?

Divi is relatively easy to use in everyday management once you are familiar with its interface and features. Its page builder page builder is very intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to creation and customize and customize layouts in a flexible and fast way. It offers a wide range of pre-designed templates, which saves time when using specific templates.

However, if you are new to Wp or have no experience in web designyou may encounter a steeper learning curve than with another builder. It may be helpful to follow tutorials, videos or consult the official documentation to familiarize yourself with the features and best practices. You should not encounter any technical constraints even if, as with any tool, it is important to maintain the security and backup of your website and to keep all updates of Divi and Wordpress to avoid compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities.

What is the difference between Divi and Elementor?

Divi and Elementor are two of the builder builders for Wpbut they have some key differences. The first one is a Wordpress theme theme with a integrated page builderbuilder, whileElementor is a page builder plugin only. This means that Divi is an all-in-one solution, whileElementor requires a separate installation and activation as a plugin in case you don't use an Elementor agency.

In terms of functionality, the former offers a greater number of theme customization and layout customization options, which means that users can create more personalized and complex designs. When it comes to the user interface, the latter is often considered more user-friendly and easy to use, especially for beginners.

In the end, the decision between the two builders will depend on the individual needs and preferences of each user. Both are solid options for creating high-quality Wp, so it's important to research and try both before making a final decision.

How to choose a Divi Wordpress agency?

The choice of the Divi Specialist Specialist to work with you is an important decision that can have a significant impact on the success of your business. If you choose an unreliable or inexperienced partner, you may encounter design, security and functionality issues that could affect the performance of your livelihood. Choose your partner carefully to ensure that the project is created and maintained according to your needs and that it meets the goals your company has set for itself. Here are some tips to help you choose the right WordPress Divi agency for your business:

  • Check references and reviews: check the websites of potential companies and look for testimonials and reviews from past clients. This will give you an idea of the quality of their work, their experience with Divi and their customer service.
  • Evaluate their portfolio: review the various projects they have created with Divi. This will give you an idea of their creativity and design skills, as well as their ability to create websites in your industry.

Check their expertise in builder: make sure theWordpress agency agency is an expert in Divi and has extensive experience in designing and customizing websites with this theme. You can ask questions about their knowledge and experience working with Divi to assess their expertise.

Need a Wordpress for your business? Or need to improve your existing environment? Ingenius is here to help you maximize the result. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you in your web creation project!

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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