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A Wordpress agency dedicated to the design from A to Z of your website in Roubaix. Wordpress agency specialized in website creation in Roubaix.

A tailor-made project or simply a showcase site on Wordpress?

We make it a point of honour to make your site reliable and efficient: just as you want it to be. We listen to your feedback and remain transparent about what is being done. We also carry out conversion-oriented website redesigns.

The guarantee of a successful tailor-made project in Roubaix.

An expert Wordpress team /

Privileged support from our teams, either remotely or on site. We can meet in Roubaix.

A CANON project, but above all a high-performance graphic model: Your project respects the rules of high-conversion UX for a successful design.

Clear and transparent rates, you can get an estimate quickly.

The specialist in Wordpress in Roubaix

We are specialists in natural referencing so that your Wordpress site can receive free qualified traffic from its first months of life.

The services offered by offers our web agency

GeniusCustom: A 100% customisable project

Our team of experts will realise your project according to your criteria and your image. We create a complete web identity. You have control over your project and can ask for anything you want.

RATE: By quotation and usually by specification.

The benefits:

GeniusSolo: A website that reflects your image

Start creating an online presence with our offer for small businesses and self-employed people. Your potential customers will find you more easily on the internet.

RATE: From 1290HT

The benefits:

GeniusDrop: Selling without stock

Become an online merchant quickly and easily by selling your products through dropshipping. One less barrier to entry.

Price: From 6000HT

The benefits:

GeniusEcom : To sell your products online

Do you have products and want to sell them on the internet? This is the offer you need for the design of an ecommerce shop in which to put your products.

RATE: From 190HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusSEO: Perform on search engines

Get more traffic to your website with our 100% automatic SEO service. Ingenius takes care of your website's SEO without you having to worry about it.

RATE: From 390HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusAutopilot : A 100% maintained Wordpress

Our team takes over the management and maintenance of your website so that you have something else to worry about. The technical part (security, bugs, performance) is for us.

RATE: From 59/month

The benefits:

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A service package close to you

Designing and maintaining a website can be time consuming and expensive. That's where a WordPress agency like Ingenius comes in. We specialise in creating custom WordPress websites that are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. And because we are located in Roubaix, we are able to offer our services at a fraction of the cost of other agencies. So if you're looking for an affordable and effective way to get your business online, contact Ingenius today. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and give you a free proposal.

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Book a live session to discover the showcase sites already developed and to ask us all your additional questions. If your project is very ambitious we can also meet in Roubaix.

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Why use Wordpress for your website?

The creation of a wordpress website offers a range of advantages. This CMS has everything you need to run a successful website.

Flexible and affordable software

Wordpress is a CMS suitable for e-commerce sites, blogs, or showcase sites. It is not necessary to have any programming skills to use it. It is therefore a CMS within the reach of all and easy to use. With wordpress you can easily manage your site. You have countless themes, and can change the look and feel of your site, or insert links, images or videos at will. This is done with just a few clicks on wordpress, whereas with other platforms you will have to go back to the drawing board.

Open source software

Wordpress is a free software. Indeed, everyone can help to improve the wordpress site, including the creation of plugin called extension. In addition, Wordpress offers thousands of plugins to diversify the functionality of the site. You can use them to create a photo gallery, integrate facebook comments, etc. However, the more extensions you add, the longer your loading time will be. So don't overuse plugins.

SEO / SEA optimisation guaranteed

In addition, wordpress has the attributes to enable good SEO of your site without you having to intervene. Wordpress is therefore an extremely flexible and easy-to-use system for achieving your SEO goals. In addition, with wordpress, the content of your sites is stored on your server. One of the advantages of wordpress is that experts work regularly on its development.

A free and international platform

Another advantage of wordpress is that the wordpress.org platform is free and there is a free version of wordpress.com. In addition, wordpress is an international platform, appreciated by the whole world. It can, therefore, create an international image for you.

A professional platform

With wordpress, whether you are a novice or not, it is easy to create a professional website in record time.

Are you planning to create your website with the Wordpress CMS?

Wordpress is undoubtedly the world's number one content management system. It would be wise to use it for your web project. In addition to this choice, you should also target a digital agency specialising in wordpress. They are well versed in the wide range of plugins and features that wordpress offers. They will be able to help you fully exploit the potential of this CMS for your digital communication.


It is therefore on the basis of their skills and the features available on wordpress that digital agencies will help you. They will allow you to strengthen your online presence and visibility through SEO tools. They will also keep your site in good shape through regular updates. As specialists in the field, they can give you good advice to achieve your goals.


Similarly, such an agency can help you define your online communication strategy by shaping a digital marketing strategy. It can also help you build your e-reputation. It allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors by making regular use of new technologies. The agency will also make your website responsive through web design. Thus, you will benefit from competent professional resources to have a strong online presence.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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