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We create an impactful website for your company in the building industry. We highlight your expertise and make your visitors want to contact you. Ingenius is an agency specialized in creation of site BTP.

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In the digital age, the creation of a website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With the competitive environment present in all fields, companies must have a platform to improve their visibility. If you are a company specialized in construction, you should not neglect the importance of having a well designed website

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All companies benefit from being well positioned on Google search engines, regardless of their size and age. Most of your potential customers start by searching for service providers on Google, especially with keywords such as "plasterer company RGE Strasbourg", "carpenter Vosges", "locksmith Lorient", ... If your website appears in Google results, you will automatically gain visibility.

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Ingenius is the specialist in Wordpress, the essential tool for creating websites for craftsmen.

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Why create a construction website?

Internet has appeared with a multitude of advantages for individuals and professionals. If you own a company specialized in construction, the possession of a website is a must. Let's take a look at the advantages of a well designed platform.

Why you should have a website for your construction business

Internet has appeared with a multitude of advantages for individuals and professionals. If you own a company specialized in construction, the possession of a website is a must. Let's take a look at the advantages of a well designed platform.

L'obtaining clients and sites

A website will help the company to retain the customers it currently has. It will also allow you to negotiate contracts for the management of new sites. As your popularity grows, you will generate quality traffic to your website. The advantage is that traffic usually leads to contacts. With a bit of luck, you will get new jobs, without investing a single euro in paid advertising.

The development of the'brand image

With a well-designed website, you will demonstrate your professionalism and reliability to customers. Your website will enhance your services and convey a positive image of the profession you practice. In addition, your company will be selected over your competitors who are only present on the Yellow Pages.

The communication of'information

Using your website, you can easily communicate information such as: opening and closing hours, contact information and the services you offer. In case of changes, your website will automatically notify your customers of the update.

On your website, customers will be able to directly request quotes and make an appointment to discuss their construction project.

The exhibition of references and achievements

To be able to project easily and to have the impression to have entrusted the project to the good provider, the customer needs to be reassured. This is the reason why a BTP website is useful. It presents the references which generally allow to understand the services of the company and the advantages it can offer you.

Your website will collect on an optimally designed page, all the services performed. This has the effect of giving credibility to your company and establishing your expertise. For example, your customer needs to have earthworks done to prepare his land. Unfortunately, he doesn't know if you can help him to get satisfaction. With the presentation of your achievements on your website, you will prove to him that you are the perfect interlocutor.

L'exhibition of testimonies

In addition to references, which are very important, the website allows you to establish a list of testimonials from your customers.

Currently,testimonialvideos are very popular and they allow you to show that your previous clients are satisfied with your different achievements. As there are a lot of bad experiences on the internet, you need to show proof that your service is of high quality. This is a must to convince future customers to turn to your construction company to solve their problems.

The distance from the competition

Even if your competitors are also positioned on the pages of the search results, you can distinguish yourself from them by using several solutions. Therefore, when a competing company has a construction website, you should definitely design one as well. Otherwise, there is no doubt that customers will turn to them rather than to your company. Having a website gives you all the tools you need to showcase your expertise and beat the competition.

What are the parametersèto take into account when creating a construction site?

The designofa construction site is not done overnight. Before proceeding to its creation, you must take into account a multitude of parameters.

The objectives of the creation of the site

Before building your construction website, you must clearly visualize the objective of its design. First of all, it must answer the needs of the Internet users, which are generally: the localization of your company, the checking of your existence, the search for your coordinates and the obtaining of your opening hours. These data must necessarily be present and visible on your website. The latter must be clear and precise in order to retain customers.

In addition, you should know that your platform represents theimage of your company. Therefore, it must be built with care.

Finally, today, it is crucial that your website is mobile responsive. In other words, it must adapt to the navigation on smartphones and tablets. This is very important, especially since half of all Google searches are done from a cell phone.

The elements of the site

For the construction of your BTP showcase site, several elements must be taken into account.

The information on your compand your specialties.cialitiess

If the visitor does not know you, he must understand immediately what you do and in which region you operate. This is information that you must necessarily display on your website. For example, indications such as "Roofer Paris 4", " House renovation in the 13 " and "Heating engineer Paris and 92" will be perfectly suitable depending on the services you offer. If you are an RGE craftsman or have the QualiPV quality label, mention it on your homepage.

Photos of the work sites and links to social networks

Add photos of your past projects so that visitors have examples of your work in front of them. This is a detail that will build trust with potential customers and prove the seriousness of your company. Also, if you run social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok, don't hesitate to add links so that people can easily find you.

Contact form, notices and references

Among the elements that must be included in your website, there is the option to request a quote and make an appointment online. These are measures that will facilitate exchanges and speed up the process.

Then, the best way to get visitors to trust you is to show your experience in a different way. To do this, you need to get satisfied customers talking. To enrich your website, ask your former customers to leave written reviews.

You can then send your Google My Business link to collect them and use these reviews on your site. Also try video reviews which usually give visitors confidence

How to create your own construction websiteitself?

Creating your ownwebsite offers many advantages, including cost. To take advantage of these privileges, you must start by choosing the CMS that suits you best. There are several free content management systems such as WordPress that you can use. Whether you are a carpenter, a draftsman, a locksmith or an electrician, you can design your website without any programming knowledge.

To do so, you just have to follow the different steps of customizing your CMS and associate the necessary plugins to enjoy interesting features. Note, however, that you have to pay to access certain options. Free CMS offer a multitude of features for construction companies that plan to get a showcase website dedicated to the presentation of their activity.

The difficulty with the creation ofa website is the investment in time, because its design can last dozens of hours, not to mention the regular updates to be made as well as the SEO optimization to attract visitors.

What are the differentrentes stages in the creation of a'a BTP website ?

The creation ofa construction website must be successful to attract customers and land new clients. Here is how to go about getting a quality website for your business.

Prioritize the'user experience

User experience is a process that aims to increase user satisfaction with a product. This is achieved by improving accessibility, usability and the enjoyment of the interaction. In other words, you need to design your BTP website with your customer in mind. In order to improve the user experience on a construction company website, you need to produce useful and original content that meets the needs of visitors.

In addition, you need to ensure that your site is intuitive and accessible from all devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Aesthetics are a huge part of improving theuserexperience. So you need to customize it with your brand in mind. Whatever your goal is, you must keep these parameters in mind to satisfy your visitors.

Improve loading speed

According to a 2017 study by Google, it was found that a site's load time has an immediate impact on the bounce rate.

This study shows that after three seconds of loading time, 53% of the users turned to other sites. In other words, if your website loads slowly, you risk losing visitors and reducing your conversion rate. That's the whole point of working on your PageSpeed. Do not hesitate to check the speed of your site in order to act on it to reach potential customers.

Optimize the BTP website

Many companies in the construction sector approach digital agencies, because they do not understand why their site no longer generates contacts. Generally, the result is clear: the natural referencing is neglected. Still called SEO, this online marketing strategy allows to optimize a site so that it is positioned in the first results of search engines on relevant keywords.

Search engines such as Google continually update their algorithms and standards for analysis and ranking. These updates can occur several times a year and can affect website rankings. By taking action on your SEO, you will avoid losing your place in Google search results.

Highlighting customer reviews

According to numerous studies, reviews have a great influence on the decision to contact or purchase customers. For example, it is now known that the majority of consumers read reviews of a product or service before making a purchase. As a company specialized in construction, you must ask for your customers' feedbacks in order to display them on your website. Don't forget that it is the positive reviews that should be highlighted.

Facilitating contact

Once you have successfully optimized your site and it is bringing in traffic, you need to convert that traffic into leads. What you need to do to achieve your goals is to encourage visitors to get in touch with you. To do this, you need to make the contact page accessible. Optimize the call-to-actions on your page to encourage users to contact you.

Highlight your achievements

Whatever the sector in which you work, you must be proud of the products and services you offer to your customers. Let your visitors enjoy them by regularly posting your achievements on your website. In addition to customer reviews, your achievements will allow you to show customers what you offer.

Follow up on statistics

In order to determine if your website is reaching its goals, you need to set up statistics tracking. To do this, Google Search Console and Google Analytics are tools that you should use.

Produce content

It is no secret that content is very important on a website. Whether it's for SEO, for brand image improvement, for content marketing or for communication, content is an essential element.

Worried that your audience won't be interested? Yet, in the construction industry, there are thousands of topics you can cover. You can write content around your products or services, but also around your customers' issues.

Write content for your product and service pages

Users typically visit the benefits pages to learn more about your company and the services it offers. By creating good quality content about your offerings, you will allow users to determine:

  • The services you offer
  • The characteristics of your services
  • The methods used to deliver the benefits
  • The advantages you offer over your competitors
  • Calls to action.

It is not only about putting the features of your services, but also about describing the benefits your customers can get from them.

Conclusion on the BTP websites

A construction website is essential to be known and to acquire new sites. For its design, turn to our specialized Wordpress agency in order to benefit from an effective, efficient website that will help you develop your clientele.

The Wordpress agency that designs and builds high quality and sustainable websites.

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