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We create websites for sports coaches that make it easy to sell your training or services. Convert your audience and visitors to their full potential with an impactful website.

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Offer your products, services, coaching and/or training with a clear and impactful website. We help you transform your online presence with a message and design that converts. For 3 years we have been helping dozens of coaches convert their audiences.

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Sale of services, training, diary connected to the customer area, online training system, benefit from the best turnkey online tool.

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Ingenius does not charge any commission on sales

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Get the most out of your website with our unique expertise in conversion and advice on digital strategies like SEO. We help you optimise your website to appear at the top of the results in search engines like google. Make it easy for your clients to book coaching sessions online, at home or remotely!

The specialist of Wordpress

Ingenius is the specialist in Wordpress, the essential tool for creating sports coaches' websites

We respect the development standards and have a huge base of modules already developed for our clients, which allows us to save money. Have your website designed by experts and increase your income in the long term!

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Why create a Wordpress website when you are a sports coach?

Whether it is to travel, to buy products or services or to subscribe to subscriptions, the internet has become the first means of research that consumers think of. This also applies to the search for a sports coach. Whereas in the past word of mouth, press advertisements and media advertising were the most effective strategies for attracting customers, today the internet has become a must.

It is therefore essential for any sports coach who wishes to stand out, to be known and to attract a larger clientele, to have an efficient website. This website can not only be the coach's showcase, but also a working tool with a formidable efficiency. 

There are many options for creating a website, and one of the best and most practical is WordPress.

What use is a website for a sports coach?

Thecreation of a website for a sports coach has several objectives, the end result of which is to strengthen the coach's brand image, to widen his audience and to facilitate contact and appointments.

Improve your referencing and expand your fitness clientele

Regardless of their sector of activity, companies are engaged in a fierce war of referencing on search engines. The better a company is referenced, the better known it is and the more customers it has. Thanks to the website, it is possible to improve your ranking on Google, particularly through a blog in which you give advice and talk about your passion and your methods. This way, you will rise in the search results for the keyword "sports coach" in your region. This makes you easier to find and contact and increases your customer base.

Strengthen your brand image and stand out from the competition

On your website, you can reinforce your brand image by adopting a particular graphic style and work philosophy that you display on the web. You can highlight your principles, your way of working, your strengths. You show your own elements and characteristics that make you unique. You then rise above the sea of sports coaching offers that exist on the web and, once again, you improve your audience and increase your clientele.

Facilitating contact and appointments

A good website offers you the possibility to integrate various functionalities such as allowing your clients to contact you more easily, to organise their sessions by making or cancelling appointments. It is even possible to integrate payment methods. By making your offer more practical and accessible to everyone, you will stand out even more from your competitors and improve your reputation on the web and elsewhere.

Use visitor statistics

A website can provide you with many valuable statistics about its visitors and your customers. This information is a strategic asset in achieving your expansion goals.

Why call on Ingenius to design your sports coach website?

For an effective website, it is best to turn to a specialised and renowned company such as Ingenius. Specialised for more than three years in the creation and redesign of websites for professionals, the company has a range of services to suit everyone. It has already helped dozens of companies and entrepreneurs to create websites that have an impact and that will last over time. The Ingenius teams work in accordance with universal development standards. They also provide their clients with modules that have already been created for their customers. In this way, the company is able to produce high-performance websites at affordable prices.

A complete offer

When you choose to build your website with Ingenius, you get a complete package. This includes the creation of your website according to your needs and strategic advice to help you stand out.

Also our system allows you to sell easily and efficiently your training or sport programs, whether you are in the field of health, fitness, nutrition.

We create sites with an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface and design. In addition, Ingenius only works with WordPress, a powerful system that allows us to create reliable and efficient websites.

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It is a software that allows you to develop a site by easily adding content of all kinds: text, photos, sound, video, tables, etc. It also has extensible functionalities thanks to plug-ins or modules that can be integrated on request. It is a complete system that appeared in 2003 and has since become the most widely used in the world. It has achieved this position thanks to the many qualities that distinguish it from other CMS: efficiency, security, reliability, durability, adaptability and ease of use.

An ally of your referencing

WordPress is known to be one of the best CMS for improving website SEO or search engine optimisation. It allows for easy and efficient tag management, thanks to dedicated modules like Yoast SEO for RankMath. Integrating quality, SEO-optimised text content into your sports coach website is easier and faster with WordPress. This is an undeniable asset in improving your search engine rankings. In addition, WordPress tools are generally simple and intuitive to use, including the SEO modules.

Effective media management

This CMS also offers advanced media management capabilities. It supports most media and document formats, including sound, image, video and text. Here too, the integration of content is intuitive, which makes it easy and quick to learn, even for less experienced users.

Features that can be extended at will

WordPress started out as a blogging tool, but it has since evolved. Today, this CMS can integrate a wide range of modules or plug-ins that offer the possibility toadd all the functionalities you want to your sports coach website. Messaging, account creation, appointment booking, nothing is impossible on WordPress.

Reliability and safety

WordPress is constantly being improved and updated. This keeps it up and running and provides high levels of security. Although vulnerabilities and technical problems are inevitable on websites, thanks to this watchful eye of the foundation that manages the system, they are quickly corrected.

An optimised interface

Thanks to its many features and overall technical quality, it is possible to have a professional website with an aesthetic and ergonomic interface thanks to WordPress. By building it with a specialised company like Ingenius, you can have a site that looks like you, because the customisation options are endless.

A scalable and adaptable site

By creating your website with WordPress, you keep the ability to grow it as your business, your offerings, and your wants and needs change. You can always change the look of your site, add or remove features, and do so without interrupting access to your site for long periods of time.

A WordPress website is therefore secure, reliable, durable, efficient, adaptable and scalable. Everything you need to create your sports coach website that will allow you to improve your services, display your passion and grow your client base.

Now that you know what WordPress is and what it can do for a sports coach, tell us what you think in the comments. And if you use this CMS, tell us about your experience.

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