Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is what you might call a crawler, an SEO tool that will crawl your site's URLs to optimise them.

Why use Screaming Frog?

Screaming Frog is one of the most popular and well-known SEO tools, especially among web marketing and search engine optimization consultants. It ensures the improvement of the SEO of a site. The reason why this tool is so popular is that it offers several advantages.

Identifies 404 URLs

404 URLs are links that tell Google whether a site provides visitors with relevant and useful content. To this end, by crawling your website, Screaming Frog will allow you to detect all 404 links. You can then easily correct the pages on which they are found.

Optimises your internal linkage

To optimise a site's internal linkage and improve its SEO, it is essential to set up internal links. With Screaming Frog, you can analyse the state of all your internal links thanks to metrics such asrawl depth, outlinks and inlinks.

Allows you to study the markup of your websites

Screaming Frog is also very useful and efficient for analysing the Meta Description and Title tags of all the pages of your website. This will allow you to ensure the quality of your content as well as its length.

The advantages of Screaming Frog?

 A tool to be installed on your machine, therefore very flexible  Competitive rate  Perfect for making technical optimisations

The disadvantages of Screaming Frog?

 Interface looks rudimentary and dated  Lack of documentation on its use  Lack of functionality for data processing and analysis

Overview of Screaming Frog

Full description of the tool

The Screaming Frog tool is the best known tool of the Screaming Frog company. The company offers its users and customers many types of marketing services and tools. The Screaming Frog tool is a spider software (also called a crawler). It uses the crawler to analyse and collect all the important information on a website.

On the other hand, this tool is composed of a dashboard (highly intuitive) that allows you to analyse the results of the website analysis. It should be noted that Screaming Frog is available in both free and paid versions. Obviously, the free version is limited in terms of functionality and performance. You can access the paid version at €178 per year for premium operation.

Our opinion

Whether it's the free or paid version, Screaming Frog offers a variety of features. And all of them are really useful for the optimization of the natural referencing of the pages of a website. This tool is without a doubt efficient, intuitive and affordable.

We strongly recommend it to detect blockages obstructing your referencing. However, in addition to this tool, you should really and regularly work on the content of your pages.

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