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You are looking to improve visibility of your website and increase the share of traffic coming from organic search? Chances are the answer is "yes"! And if you don't want to find yourself alone, lost in a world of SEOworld, why not call on theagency Ingenius ? We are experts in SEO on Wordpress and we're ready to help you get the rankings you deserve. We can optimize your site for search enginescreate effective link building campaigns and develop content marketing strategies. content marketing strategies that will help you stand out from the competition.

At Ingenius, we are fully equipped to handle the specifics of SEO in 2023. We understand the importance of organic traffic in today's digital landscape and our team ofWordpress experts experts have the skills to help you create effective strategies focused on both on-site as well as on the off-site. Thanks to our work, your website will be easily found by your target audience via the different search engines such as Google, Bing and others.

Why use a Wordpress Wordpress SEO agency?

There are several reasons why you should work with a Wordpress SEO agency. You can save time and money by getting the professional expertise of experienced specialists. They will be able to help you get better results than if you try to do it yourself.

How does it work?

Subscribe online to the offer in less than 2 minutes. We'll take care of the rest.

Every month from the 8th month onwards you notice a steady rise in your positions. You should be able to see an overall increase in your positions within 8 months, sometimes earlier depending on your theme.

Every month, we activate the SEO levers. We create links to increase reputation, create content, optimise Wordpress performance. Without soliciting you. However, you have the possibility to validate the content produced.

Our prices are transparent

Our price list contains everything you need to really implement effective actions to rank well on Google. Our offer will act on the 3 pillars of SEO to increase your positions and go search for new keywords that will bring you new visitors.



Suitable for the self-employed



Suitable for showcase sites and small e-commerce sites.



Adapted to e-commerce sites



Suitable for start-ups, SAAS or ambitious sales sites

Maintenance package Maintenance Advanced E-commerce E-commerce booster E-commerce booster
SEO audit of the site check check check check
Optimisation of site speed check check check check
Correction of the google ergonomics check check check check
Corrections and additions of SEO tags check check check check
Keyword strategy check check check check
Content creation check check check check
Monitoring and analysis of results check check check check
Strategic writing check check check
Netlinking and publicity Partial check check
Qualitative links and private networks check check
Booster (more high quality content and links) check check
Dedicated account manager check check
Advanced strategies and very high authority site publication check
Commitment No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice

Do you have a very ambitious project and would you like a tailor-made offer?

SEO Wordpress Agency FAQ

For all companies or entrepreneurs who have a Wordpress and want to increase organic and qualified traffic to their site automatically.

Yes, one of the pillars of SEO is mastering the technical side. The fact that we only do SEO on Wordpress has made us experts in this field.

Yes, absolutely! We are transparent in the construction of content. In expert fields such as law, real estate and technology, we recommend co-authoring articles.

If your site is on Wordpress, we would be delighted to analyse your site for free with our SEO experts. Contact us via the button below.

Yes, it is! However, these 2 subscription packs should only be seen as a base for your referencing. For a more advanced referencing, we can offer you a tailor-made service.

Need an audit?

Book a live SEO session to analyze the development of your Wordpress and audit the keyword strategy of your Wordpress site.

The advantages of working with Ingenius SEO agency

The outsourcing of natural referencing with an SEO agency agency like Ingenius can offer several advantages for your company. First of all, you will benefit from the expertise of experienced SEO specialists who are dedicated to staying on top of the latest updates and algorithm changes. This allows you to focus on your own tasks without having to worry about the technical aspects.

In addition, by outsourcing the Woocommerce referencingSEO, you avoid the costs associated with training and managing an internal SEO. You also don't have to worry about managing tools and software, which can be a significant cost for businesses.

Increased traffic on the website

In addition to our efforts inSEO optimizationoptimization efforts, we can also use our online advertising skills to get your site up and running faster and acquire data more quickly. This gives you an edge over the competition and allows you to benefit from the positive impact of our work on your bottom line.

As aWoocommerce agency, Ingenius is committed to improving the performance of your Woocommerce in the search engines. You will benefit from a global and targeted approach to improve the performance of your site in search tools.

Improved brand awareness.

At Ingenius, we have extensive experience in brand building and we can guide you through your growth to ensure that you stay on top of your SEO and marketing. We know that to be a recognized brand, it's not enough to sell quality products or services, but it's also important to know how to communicate and get in front of consumers.

By working with Ingenius, you benefit from the expertise in referencing and marketing of our Wordpress SEO consultants to guide your brand in its growth and evolution in an efficient way.

Increased credibility

Studies have shown that people tend to trust sites that appear in the top positions on Google, because they assume that these positions are reserved for the most reputable and trustworthy companies.

By working with theagency Ingeniusyou can benefit from our expertise to improve the position of your website in the results pages of the search engines and thus strengthen the credibility of your brand with users. We are committed to helping you achieve your growth objectives and make your brand a recognized reference on the web.

Saving time and money

As experts, we understand that improving your positions can be complex and time consuming. It requires an in-depth knowledge of search engines and constant attention to stay on top of the latest updates and changes. This is why it is often best for companies to work with a SEO agency agency like Ingenius.

Our team of specialists will work with you to develop a referencing plan that meets your needs and business objectives. We specialize in Wordpress and can help you optimize your site and develop effective link building link building and content marketing.

What you can expect from a good Wordpress SEO agency

Design and management of a complete strategy

A WordPress SEO agency agency can offer a complete service to its clients by creating and managing an effective strategy. They will conduct a thorough analysis of the website to determine its strengths and weaknesses. A SEO plan plan will then be created based on the client's needs and objectives.

Once the plan is in place, theagency will implement the tactics, validated beforehand, using the features and plugins to optimize the Wordpress of the client. Each site has its own needs, it may be necessary to adapt a custom solution by developing a Wordpress plugin plugin that meets your expectations. A good provider will monitor and measure the results of the strategy using analytics tools to measure traffic and conversions. This will allow them to adjust their focus based on performance and ensure that the client's site is meeting its performance goals.

In short, a strategy SEO strategy must be implemented by the person who creates it. L'Wordpress SEO agency agency will be able to create and manage a complete campaign for its clients by performing a thorough analysis of the websitecreating a customized plan, implementing SEO tactics tactics and measuring the results to continuously optimize the website.

Technical optimization of the website

Some SEO providers providers do not bother tooptimize their clients' sites of their clients, which can lead to problems of performance and visibility in search results. L'technical optimization is a key element of any SEO strategystrategy, as it allows to improve the structure and performance of the site to facilitate navigation and indexing by Google and its competitors.

The best agencies understand the importance of technical improvement and ensure that the website website is properly optimized. They use optimization tools and optimization techniques to improve the performance of the Wordpress sitesite performance, reduce loading times, facilitate navigation and increase the site's presence in Google results.

Search for important keywords

The search for keywords in SEO is often underestimated, but it is actually a crucial work for the success of a SEO work. Finding the right keywords can be a complex and laborious job and it is important to target the right keywords to maximize traffic and conversions on the website website.

The SEO experts experts implement rigorous processes to find the best performing keywords, using keyword analysis tools and competitive analysis. By surgically targeting the best performing keywords for their industry and target audience, quality providers can help websites achieve their traffic and conversion goals.

Optimization of the external link profile

Netlinking is a key element for the SEO growth of a Wordpresswebsite; it is an essential component of a SEO strategy strategy and Wordpress SEO agencies agencies are best placed to implement a netlinking plan for their clients' sites.

The right providers have the expertise and networks to target the most promising netlinking opportunities for a website website. Thanks to their experience in backlinks and link buildingthey can avoid the pitfalls of obtaining low quality links. By working on netlinking with one of them, owners of Wordpress sites site owners can benefit from a serious experience to avoid pitfalls and get quality links that will contribute to the growth of their site.

By working with an SEO agency agency for netlinking, owners of Wordpress sites site owners can benefit from serious expertise to avoid pitfalls and get quality links that will contribute to SEO growth growth of their site.

Ability to operate ad hoc missions

The SEO agencies agencies can offer specific missions in addition to the monthly follow-up included in the SEO subscriptionswhich can be useful for owners of Wordpress sites who want to have more flexibility and freedom in their referencing. This allows them not to commit to a long period of time with theagencyThis allows them not to commit to a long period of time with the agency, but to have the possibility to call upon its services for specific needs or short-term objectives.

However, it is important to note that SEO is a complex and interconnected field, and that the different elements of the strategy strategy can have an impact on other aspects of the website. For example, if thetechnical optimization of the site is neglected, it can have a negative impact on the natural referencingeven if theagency does not directly manage this aspect of the Wordpress site.

By working with an SEO agency agency for one-off missions, it is important to ensure that it has the expertise and experience necessary to manage the various aspects of the SEO strategyIt is also important to communicate regularly with the agency to avoid potential problems or conflicts.

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