Our opinion on Google My Business websites

In this article you will find our review of Google My Business websites, Google's free reference service for businesses.
Our opinion on Google My Business websites
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Google My Business is a free reference service from Google. It allows you to play on local positioning and indirectly offers businesses (large and small) to improve their performance by facilitating their discovery by Internet users.

There are several types of platforms for creating professional websites, including Google My Business websites (although you will have more of a listing than a site). There are several advantages to Google's free service, but its weaknesses must also be highlighted.

What is a website or a Google My Business listing

Google My Business is the ideal way to do a simple local listing, because as you know most searches are now done on Google.

Firstly, Google My Business is a Google tool that is popular with entrepreneurs (so it lasts over time), free of charge and allows businesses and people active on the web to manage and control their web presence.

For this purpose, if you do not have a good website according to the standards and host it on a remote server, you have the possibility to have a website thanks to the functionalities of Google My Business.

It is a website with predefined features that you will only have to customize to your liking and feed. To create a website on Google My Business, you'll need to complete a number of steps. Don't worry, it's very easy and quick.

Why create a Google My Business website?

A website is an effective way to position yourself in your sector on the web and attract the maximum number of visitors to your services. It is a proof of professionalism in your company.

Through your website, a relationship of trust can be established with your visitors who will become your customers. As a result, the demand for your services increases considerably. And the demand for your services directly influences the development of your income.

However, creating a website costs a lot of money that not every business can afford to spend in the beginning. To help such businesses in their activities, Google My Business has created a pre-established algorithm that allows anyone who wants to create their own website to do so.

This can be done from a Google My Business account, which is completely free. This is a great way to grow your business.

How to create a Google My Business website?

Creating a My Business website is simple and can be done by anyone. All you need is a Google My Business account and you're set. A simple process and within 20 minutes you have a working website. From your Google My Business account, follow these steps:

  • Creating a website ;
  • Customize ;
  • Publication.

Creating a website

This section is located on your company profile. When you click on this section, you have the possibility to simply fill in the data and validate or customise the site so that it represents your company much more.

Customise your Google My Business site

Customise your site

Here you will have to adapt the website to your personal data. You will find the tab to do this at the top left. You have up to 20 different themes between colours and fonts.

Also at this stage, you have the possibility to modify the texts of your page, to insert photos to make your website more attractive.

The publication

When you have finished with the above steps, you can easily publish your site. As soon as you click on publish, you put your site directly on the web.

Only after you have published the site can you customise the domain name. The domain name is nothing more than the address from which your visitors can visit your page.

Finally, you can already check off your company page with your Google My Business website address. People will now read information that will lead them to be interested in your services.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Google my business website

Advantages and disadvantages of a Google My Business website

A Google My Business website has many advantages and of course some disadvantages which prove that updates need to be made.


As advantages we have :

  1. Speed of creation

If creating your website is an emergency, Google My Business offers the ideal solution for an online presence in no time. 15 minutes and you already have a functional website at hand. Certainly, a website created so quickly will not have all the requirements you will need. If you want a better website with all the performance and requirements, it would be better to order it from a web master.

  1. Google My Business websites are free

It is rather this advantage that drives many people to choose this option: free of charge. This way, your properly created website will perform well and will certainly have more impact on your visitors.

  1. Customisation of the site

Another advantage is the customisation of the site. You can customise your website yourself. This will be a reflection of your personality on your website since you are the one who sets the colours and everything else. Besides, a webmaster will be better at organising the design than you. Personalization of the domain name

Google offers you the possibility to customise a domain name for your website. This is also a very important advantage, because a domain name is normally bought and costs a bit of money. On the other hand, you will not be able to choose a popular domain name that belongs to an agency.

  1. Easy to locate

With the Google Maps link, your establishment can be easily located.


The existence of disadvantages proves the continuous improvement of Google My Business websites. As disadvantages we have :

  1. Very limited customisation

You will not be able to get all the changes you want on your site. If you want to create a site through which you would like to create a payment method, you are obliged not to use the Google business sites. You are completely limited in terms of your website.

  1. The domain name

In reality this is just a portion of the domain name that you can customize. All websites created through Google My Business will have the ending .business.site.

Our opinion on Google My Business sites

Our opinion on Google My Business sites

In general, Google My Business websites are a great help. They provide an immediate solution when the need for a website arises. They make it possible to publish a certain amount of information about the establishment (company) and to redirect Internet users to the company if they are interested in its services.

Furthermore, the functionality of this type of website is completely limited, as it is built from a number of predefined programs.

It is wiser to prepare a budget for the creation of your website, to put it in the hands of a real webmaster in order to get a perfect job with all the required functionalities. Afterwards, you can manage the feeding of the website yourself or entrust it to a web administrator for productive work.

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