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Wordpress-based services that meet your needs efficiently to your needs thanks to a team of experts at your service.

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GeniusCustom : Your custom Wordpress / Woocommerce project

Genius Custom is our custom Wordpress offering for ambitious projects.

For : Website redesign, Custom e-commerce site, Advanced showcase site, Community space, Intranet, Custom online training site, Customer space, CRM, Wordpress development projects, Extension development.

RATE: On quotation

The benefits:

GeniusSolo: Turnkey website for coaches, craftsmen and solopreneurs

Genius Solo is a turnkey website designed to your image. It is perfectly adapted to convert and sell services, visibility or training.

For : Showcase site for freelancers, coaches, consultants, influencers and artisans, small businesses. Sale of services or training online.

RATE: From 2500HT

The benefits:

GeniusDrop: The only dropshipping service with guaranteed results

GeniusDrop is the only dropshipping service on Woocommerce that guarantees results.

For: Any beginner in dropshipping, or new dropshipping project on Woocommerce

Price: From 6000HT

The benefits:

GeniusEcom : Your turnkey E-commerce site

Genius Ecom is ideal for starting an e-commerce business, or transforming a storefront site into an e-commerce site.

For: Any beginner in dropshipping, or new dropshipping project on Woocommerce

RATE: From 190HT/month

The benefits:

GeniusSEO : Your natural referencing optimized Wordpress

Genius SEO is a turnkey SEO service for your Wordpress website.

For: Showcase site, e-commerce site, freelancers, as long as your site is on Wordpress 🙂

RATE: From 390HT/month

The benefits:

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Why work with Ingenius?

We have been a digital agency specialising in WordPress for over 3 years. We have helped hundreds of businesses and solopreneurs build long-lasting and impactful WordPress websites. We believe that WordPress is a fantastic tool and that it is the only tool today that can do everything right and efficiently.

Unfortunately, to be able to do everything, it sometimes becomes complex, difficult to maintain or badly optimised. It is after having identified this problem, which can be a brake on its use that we set up our agency, to be able to democratize this essential tool by building healthy, durable and beautiful sites.

Using only one tool allows us to have a much better control of the system than elsewhere, which allows our clients to finally have quality results and support.

Would you like a demo or a more detailed explanation of one of our services? Contact us now on +33 9 74 98 17 98

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