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Ingenius and its team of experts are proud to present the Woocommerce SEO service. We designed this service to help businesses like yours improve their online visibility, attract more customers and generate more revenue. Our R&D department is constantly learning and learning and adapting new techniques and recommendations from Google. We use proven techniques to optimize Woocommerce sites sites and make them easier to find on search engines.

We have a team ofSEO experts experts who work hard to help Woocommerce stores stores like yours to improve their online visibility. We are passionate about our work and always strive to provide quality services to our clients. If you want to know more about what we can do for you in terms of SEO or for your e-commercetake advantage of your free call!

How important is SEO on Woocommerce?

The referencing is a key element for most Woocommerce as it can help you drive qualified traffic to your site. When a user performs a search on Google for a transactional keyword, it means that they intend to buy a product or a service similar to the ones you offer for that query. This can make it easier to convert on your site because users already have the intention to buy, so they need less convincing.

Moreover, in these times of difficult economic situation, it is important for e-tailers to make savings where possible. The natural referencing can help you save money on advertising costs while allowing you to continue generating sales on your Wordpress even if you stop paying for advertising. Although the cost of SEO costs can vary, they are generally more affordable in the long run than advertising costs and more importantly, investments made in SEO have a higher return on investment in the medium and long term than advertising costs.

To whom is the service of
Woocommerce referencing service ?

The service of Woocommerce referencing service d'Ingenius is designed for owners of Wordpress websites site owners looking to improve their online visibility and drive qualified traffic to their site. The calculations are clear, regardless of the type of products or services you sell, you need a large portion of revenue from organic traffic to increase your profit margin. That's why we created our SEO service for Woocommerceto help you achieve these goals. We target the keywords and intentions that are most likely to generate sales for you; this way, we can attract more and more users who intend to buy products products or services in the same universe as those you offer.

It is also important to note that you are never safe from an ad account suspension, whether for reasons of non-compliance with the ad platform's rules or for reasons beyond your control. your control. In these cases, the SEO can help you maintain the online visibility of your Woocommerce and continue to drive qualified traffic to your site, even if you can't use your advertising accounts anymore. In other words, the natural referencing can help you get your back up and keep your brand growing online.

SEO Agency Access Requirements:

How does it work?

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Every month from the 8th month onwards you notice a steady rise in your positions. You should be able to see an overall increase in your positions within 8 months, sometimes earlier depending on your theme.

Every month, we activate the SEO levers. We create links to increase reputation, create content, optimise Wordpress performance. Without soliciting you. However, you have the possibility to validate the content produced.

Our prices are transparent

Our price list contains everything you need to really set up effective actions to be well referenced on google. Our offer will act on the 3 pillars of SEO on Woocommerce to increase your positions and go search for new keywords that will bring you new visitors.



Suitable for the self-employed



Suitable for showcase sites and small e-commerce sites.



Adapted to e-commerce sites



Suitable for start-ups, SAAS or ambitious sales sites

Maintenance package Maintenance Advanced E-commerce E-commerce booster E-commerce booster
SEO audit of the site check check check check
Optimisation of site speed check check check check
Correction of the google ergonomics check check check check
Corrections and additions of SEO tags check check check check
Keyword strategy check check check check
Content creation check check check check
Monitoring and analysis of results check check check check
Strategic writing check check check
Netlinking and publicity Partial check check
Qualitative links and private networks check check
Booster (more high quality content and links) check check
Dedicated account manager check check
Advanced strategies and very high authority site publication check
Commitment No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice No commitment (although we recommend 8 months minimum) - 2 months notice

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Woocommerce SEO FAQ

For all businesses or entrepreneurs who have Woocommerce; or for those who have an online store that they would like to move to Woocommerce. Basically, for those who want to increase organic and qualified traffic to their store automatically.

Yes, one of the pillars of SEO is mastering the technical side. The fact that we only do SEO on Wordpress has made us experts in this field.

Yes, absolutely! We are transparent in the construction of content. In expert fields such as law, real estate and technology, we recommend co-authoring articles.

If your site is on Wordpress, we would be delighted to analyse your site for free with our SEO experts. Contact us via the button below.

Yes, it is! However, these 2 subscription packs should only be seen as a base for your referencing. For a more advanced referencing, we can offer you a tailor-made service.

Need an audit?

Book a live SEO session to analyze the development of your Woocommerce and audit the keyword strategy of your Wordpress site.

Key elements to
improve the SEO of a Woocommerce

The quality of the content

The quality content is a key element to improve the natural referencing of your site Woocommerce. Your product pagesyour category pages and your blog must contain content rich in useful information for visitors, which will encourage them to stay on your Wordpress site and navigate from one page to the next.

To attract search enginesit is important to use keywords relevant to your industry. These keywords must be incorporated in a natural way in the content of your product pages and your blogwithout overloading your text. Moreover, nowadays, we don't only talk about keywordsbut rather ofsearch intentions. Therefore, the work to be done to discern the opportunities and to position yourself in them is always more difficult than it seems.

The structure of the site and its performance

In order for your website benefits from a good SEOit is important that it is well structured and that it is fast and easy to use. Indeed, the websites slow and difficult to navigate can harm your natural referencing by diverting visitors and reducing the time they spend on your site.

To improve the speed of your websiteyou can already optimize your images by using adapted formats and by compressing them, as well as setting up a cache system for the pages the most visited pages. You can also choose a high-performance hosting that guarantees fast loading times.

Regarding the use of your Wordpress sitesite, it is important to ensure that it is easy to navigate, with a clear structure and a logical organization of content. You can also use analytics tools to track user behavior and identify potential sticking points or confusion.

The popularity of the website

The popularity of a site can have a positive impact on its SEO. Indeed, the search engines generally give a better place to sites that are considered popular and reliable. Netlinking will strongly contribute to improve the popularity of a Woocommerce sitesite by allowing it to obtain links from quality sites. This can strengthen its credibility in the eyes of search engines and help it to improve its ranking in the search results.

It is important to note that the popularity of a site must be built strategically and thoughtfully to maximize the benefits it can bring to referencing. If a website is considered popular in an artificial or fraudulent way, it can have negative consequences for its ranking in search engine results. It is therefore important to maintain a good reputation and a legitimate popularity to fully benefit from the advantages that this can bring to the referencing of a Woocommerce site.

How to choose the provider who will reference your Woocommerce?

It is important to consider several criteria when choosing a Wordpress SEO agency for your Woocommerce online store. Here are three main points to consider:

The reputation and experience of the provider

It is crucial to choose a SEO provider that has a good reputation and has worked with stores similar to yours. This ensures that the provider has the experience and skills to effectively optimize your online store and improve its visibility on search engines.

When you do your researchAsk for references and examples of their work to ensure that they are competent and professional. Talk to the provider's previous clients to find out if they were satisfied with their services and if the results met their expectations.

Also, check to see if the provider is a member of a recognized professional association, such as Sortlist. These organizations are generally a guarantee of quality and competence in the field of Woocommerce agencies.

Finally, make sure that the provider is transparent about their working methods and provides you with clear and detailed information about the services they offer and the results they are able to achieve for your Woocommerce store. A reliable and professional provider should be able to provide you with accurate data about the results they have achieved for other clients and the actions they plan to take to improve the SEO of your online store.

The services offered

When you choose a provider for your Woocommerce storestore, it's important to check what services they offer and make sure they meet your needs. A good provider should offer a full range of services in addition to natural referencing. This can include advertising on social networksof link buildingand e-reputation management and many other services you may need as you grow.

Advertising on social networks

It can help you reach a wider target audience and drive traffic to your site. A quality provider should be able to help you plan and implement social media advertising campaigns, using agencies such as Meta, TikTok Ads, Pinterest, etc.

The creation of links

This is another important technique to improve your ranking. A SEO provider provider should be able to help you get a diverse profile of authority links pointing to your site, by publishing articles on relevant news sites or blogs and by establishing partnerships with other websites. The vast majority of providers delegate the acquisition of backlinks even though it is a crucial element of a good SEO strategy.

E-reputation management

Online reputation is a vital aspect for any online brand. A good provider should be able to help you manage your online reviews and respond to customer comments and complaints, in order to maintain a good reputation for your online store.

Pricing and payment terms

During your search for the ideal provider for your Woocommerce online storeonline store, it's important to compare the pricing and payment terms offered in different packages to find the one that offers the best deal for your business.

Many providers offer different rates depending on the services they provide, the size of your storeand the duration of the service. For example, some providers may offer you a fixed monthly fee in the form of anatural referencing subscription for a full range of services, while others may charge you by the hour or by the project for more specific services.

It is important to request quotes from different providers to get a clear picture of the costs and benefits associated with each agency. This will allow you to make an informed comparison of the different offers and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Also, be sure to check the payment terms offered. Some providers may require payment in advance, others may bill you at the end of each month, and still others may offer flexible payment terms.

Why choose Ingenius as your Woocommerce SEO agency?

First of all, our teams ofWordpress experts experts are highly available! You will have a direct discussion channel with the team dedicated to your Woocommerce. We will do our best to guarantee you a personalized and reactive follow-up in order to meet all your expectations as they arise.

At Ingenius, we are transparent about our pricing and there are never any hidden fees. We provide you with offers that fit your budget and your needs, with no surprises.

Finally, at Ingenius, our reputation for SEO is unequivocal with the impressive results we have achieved for companies in various e-commerce industries. We are able to provide you with Woocommerce SEO strategies strategies to improve the visibility of your online store and attract new customers.

Our speciality being the Wordpress CMS, we will be able to guide your Woocommerce and assist you in case of glitch thanks to our Wordpress support service. You will be more serene with a team of specialists ready to assist your Woocommerce in case of problems.

Contact us today to learn more about referencing solutions we offer for your Woocommerce online store.

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