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Smart Image Resize PRO is an extension that allows you to standardize the size of images on your Wordpress site.
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Why use Smart Image Resize PRO?

Smart Image Resize PRO is an essential plugin when you have an online store. It allows you to resize images to fit your site. What's nice about this extension is that it makes it easy to configure the size of images. If you used to edit your images manually, Smart Image Resize PRO offers you a ready-made solution. You can let the tool handle this task while you take care of other important tasks for your WooCommerce store development. Thanks to its automatic operation, this plugin allows you to save a lot of time.

Then, having images of different sizes on an e-commerce site is not very pleasant. Ideally, you want to create images of uniform size for a successful product catalog. With Smart Image Resize PRO, the elements are resized to match the best standards. The advantage with this extension is that the quality of the image will not be lost, as the original aspect ratio is preserved.

One of the best advantages of Smart Image Resize PRO is that it allows you to cut out the white spaces in the image. When presenting product catalogs, images are usually used. The problem is that the unnecessary white space around the products is not very pleasant. The tool removes these white spaces to make room for a clear image for the buyer.

Smart Image Resize PRO allows you to set a custom background color. This is a feature that is very beneficial when you want to match the image to your website design. Moreover, some third-party themes and plug-ins have a habit of automatically generating unwanted image sizes. This results in wasting resources and slowing down the loading speed of your page. To solve the problem, the ideal solution would be to install the Smart Image Resize PRO plugin.

If you want to keep the quality and transparency of your images while reducing their size, WebP is the image format you need. Smart Image Resize PRO allows you to configure your site with this solution. Finally, there is no need to remind how important the speed of loading a page was for a WooCommerce site. To avoid losing visitors and potential customers, image conversions are recommended. Smart Image Resize PRO takes care of converting your images from PNG to JPG to ensure fast loading of your online sales page.

The benefits of Smart Image Resize PRO?

 Time saving  Improvement of the loading speed  Customization solutions

The disadvantages of Smart Image Resize PRO?

 Repetitive bugs

Smart Image Resize PRO Overview

smart image resize pro

Full description of the tool

Smart Image Resize PRO is a solution that gives your online store a professional look. It provides uniform images without cropping. It currently serves over 10,000 businesses and works on WordPress versions 4.0 or higher. What makes Smart Image Resize PRO special is that it works without configuration. When using it, you won't have to manually edit or resize photos. It is therefore a solution that will allow you to save a lot of time.

The basic features of Smart Image Resize PRO

In its basic version, Smart Image Resize PRO allows you to resize up to 150 images. In order to get the most out of the plugin, you should upgrade to a higher version. The main feature of this plugin is the removal of unwanted white spaces around the image. These are elements that spoil the beauty of the presentation and slow down the page loading.

Using Smart Image Resize PRO, you can add a custom background color to images. This is usually done to match the selected colors to the items on the sales site. The thumbnail compression feature is very useful, as it helps to improve the page loading time. Depending on your preferences, you will be able to select the important thumbnails and delete the ones that are not useful. With the basic version of Smart Image Resize PRO, you will be able to freely select the images to resize.

Smart Image Resize PRO premium features

Unlike the basic version which is limited, the professional version of Smart Image Resize PRO allows you to resize an unlimited number of images. Here, you even have the possibility to reduce the size of an image file to meet the criteria of search engines regarding page loading speed.

The premium version of Smart Image Resize PRO gives you access to the option of reducing the image file using WebP. You will gain transparency and quality, while reducing the size of the photo. With the Smart Image Resize PRO professional package, services such as priority chat and email support are offered free of charge. This allows you to address concerns related to the use of the tool.

Using Smart Image Resize PRO

To use Smart Image Resize PRO, you need to make sure you have uninstalled the free version. Then, you need to click on the "Download" button in your purchase confirmation email to download the ZIP file of the extension to your computer. Then, you need to go to your WordPress administrator, access the extensions and click on add a new plugin.

Click on the download button and select the zip file you have previously downloaded. To validate the operation, click on the "Install now" button. Do not forget to complete the activation of the plugin with your license key. Just copy and paste the password and you're done.

Our opinion

To have quality images on your product catalog, there is nothing better than Smart Image Resize PRO. Our opinion on the use of this extension is positive despite the repetitive bugs that spoil the experience.

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