The 5 best contact form plugins on Wordpress in 2022

Want to implement contact form on your wordpress site? Discover the 5 best Wordpress contact form plugins
the 5 best contact form plugins on Wordpress

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Contact forms have become commonplace on most of the web. Whether you are an e-commerce, a wordpress agency or a business coach; the contact form will be a very valuable tool when it comes to inbound marketingThe contact form will be a very valuable tool when it comes to " lead capture".

However, depending on the level at which your prospect has arrived in the funnel (home page, product sheet, quote page, contact page, etc.) your contact forms will be built differently to collect more or less information depending on the objective of the moment. With all the Wordpress plugins available, it is easy to get lost; we had previously made you a top 5 contact form plugins but technologies and user needs are constantly evolving; that's why the editors have worked on an update of the best contact form plugins for Wordpress.

What is the purpose of a contact form?

The contact form has a very simple name, which in fact hides a range of possibilities, such as offering a quote calculator that calculates its response according to the fields filled in by the user, or including a means of payment in the form to collect the quote immediately, once the customer has accepted it.

The contact form is useful in many cases and you will probably need to have more than one depending on how far along your buyer persona is in your sales tunnel. At the beginning of their first visit where you will collect leads by asking for their email, often in exchange for a leadmagnet such as an ebook or special promotion.

A Wordpress contact form on the Ingenius website to schedule customer appointments
Wordpress contact form on the Ingenius website to schedule a call.

In the case of an e-commerce, in the contact section, the fact of being able to segment the contact form by asking the right questions can be a "game changer" allowing you to reduce a good part of your customer service load by providing your customer with an answer at the very moment when they have finished sending their request.

For example, for each refund request, you could ask the customer to fill in a form where they would be prompted to fill in fields of interest to your business such as "What are your reasons for returning this item?"

Why use a plugin to generate contact forms on Wordpress? 

Generating a contact form is an easy thing to do and can easily be delegated to any web developer. However, when we need to use more elaborate systems, the use of a plugin will be essential to save time and, by logic, money.

The teams behind the design of contact form plugins are constantly working to keep their tools afloat and in total sync with what is being done in parallel on the most common web tools . Indeed, for the most part, their great advantage is the plug & play effect and the various integrations one-click that they offer. This means that competitive intelligence and technical optimisation will always be guaranteed. So, why do without them?

Our top 5 Wp contact form extensions

Ninja Form and its premium forms top the list

Let's start with the rolls of the contact form plugins for Wordpress; it is Ninja Forms. Being 100% suitable for beginners, Ninja Forms extension has everything to please. Evolve in a no-code environment and build your forms from A to Z thanks to an intuitive drag and drop system. 

With pricing starting at $49 per year for 1 site, the Ninja Form contact form plugin is RGPD compliant and comes with a host of interesting features such as the ability to accept payments or turn any form into a download form, not to mention the classic anti-spam protections delivered by Akismet and Google recaptcha. If you are a Wordpress agency and the number of sites you use is important to you, you will have to refer to the Agency price plan which is $299 per year for an unlimited number of Wordpress.

Pricing table for the Ninja Forms contact form plugin on Wordpress
Comparison table of the different price plans of the Ninja Forms contact form plugin

Ninja Form is 100% compatible with most themes and is 100% responsive for maximum adaptability across all devices. The planned integration with the most common CRMs will allow you to organise and manage your leads in a more professional way. A package of additional addons is available to allow you to push automation with Zapier for example. 

Ninja Form has a well-stocked library of predefined templates to help you get started quickly if you're short of inspiration. All you have to do is pick from the available templates and customise them to your own colours or change the fields as you wish. When you have difficulty using the tool, customer support will be ready to get their hands on your forms if you feel the need.

Gravity Forms, the ultimate Wordpress contact form  

In the suite of the best contact form plugins for Wordpress, Gravity Forms follows suit with a more than complete toolbox. With pricing starting at $59 per month for a single site, it will meet the most common expectations while depriving you of a large number of additional add-ons that will only be unlocked by taking the plans higher than $159 and $259 per year, the latter being the agency plan that allows you to install the plugin on an unlimited number of websites.

Pricing table for the Gravity Forms contact form plugin on Wordpress
Comparative table of the different price plans of the Gravity Form plugin for Wordpress

Gravity Form includes a hundred interesting add-ons ranging from CRM integration such as Hubspot to payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal, not to mention a host of other industry-specific tools. Everything has been designed for ease of use by nesting useful tools within each other to deliver maximum efficiency in the actions and processes implemented.

As for the use, with its editing system in drag & drop editing system, you will not be disoriented by Gravity Forms and you can even let yourself go to more advanced configurations with a control of the columns and an advanced control of the aesthetics. One negative point is the lack of pre-saved templates available to the user. 

Where this contact form plugin really shines is in its " conditional logic "and its workflow automation function. Depending on the user's actions, you can display one form rather than another. 

For example, a first-time visitor would see a classic contact form to leave his email address for the newsletter. On subsequent visits, having already been educated about the brand, the form displayed could become a quote calculator. By coupling all this beautiful mechanics with different automation software you could create a real machine that would run semi-automatically according to your objectives.

WP Forms, from simple to powerful

Unquestionably one of the most popular contact form modules, WP Forms is almost impossible to present. The keyword of this extension is " simplicity", with a classic drag and drop editor, it will allow you to create your forms in a few minutes without writing a single line of code

The editor of the Wp Forms plugin provides users with a library containing more than 100 predefined form templates to allow you to get straight to the point without the hassle of creating them from scratch. All these templates are guaranteed 100% responsive for a perfect adaptation to different screens.

WP Forms includes an anti-spam tool to reduce spammy or unwanted entries as much as possible. It is also equipped with a " conditional logic" system, this Wp plugin will allow you to create dynamic forms according to the actions or responses of the user. 

All your leads will be in one place for centralized management of your contact lists. Once your mailing tool such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp is connected, you will be able to send data between the different tools and link automatic email sequences based on completed contact forms. 

Pricing table for the WP Form contact form plugin on Wordpress
Comparison table of the different price plans of the WP Forms contact form plugin

The WP Forms plugin pricing is more segmented and the first plan starts at $39.50 for 1 month and 1 site but this plan will deprive you of the most advanced features that unlock as the plan upgrades. For a web agency that requires unlimited usage, the highest plan is $299 per month with the assurance of having all features active.

Jotform, the contact form with multiple integrations

The Jotform contact form plugin has a slightly different pricing scheme based on the number of forms you want and the number of form submissions each month. The "Bronze" plan starting at $24 per month for 1 website allows you to build 25 forms and 1000 form submissions per month. Jotform The free plan called "Beginner" is limited to 5 forms, 100 form submissions per month; just enough to get an idea of the value of the tool and its most common features.   

Pricing table for the Jotform contact form plugin on Wordpress
Comparative table of pricing plans for the Jotform contact form plugin

The team behind this plugin provides a huge library of predefined templates. Whether you need to create a form, a pdf or a conditional sequence, there's bound to be an existing template you can start from to get the job done. 

This Wordpress extension will also allow you to collect payments directly on your forms following a quote request for example. To do this, Jotform includes a panel of more than 100 different integrations to allow you to take full advantage of the associations between your CRM, your payment gateways and many other tools that you will have to manage frequently.

Formidable Forms, The all-in-one solution!

The latest of the best contact form plugins on Wordpress is called Formidable Forms and has been recognized for its ease of use despite a range of complex features, earning a " Wpbeginner" certification in the process, which means that even the most novice Wordpress user can set up their first contact forms without difficulty. Their customer support is at your service if you have any difficulties in managing Formidable Forms. 

Formidable Forms has a wide range of interesting features from simple forms to satisfaction surveys and polls. The Wordpress plugin also acts as an application builder; depending on your industry you will surely find something to do and the customer support is very responsive. Not all important features are available on the basic plan which starts at $39.50 per year for 1 website. To unlock the rest of the features you will have to go to the higher plans, knowing that only the Elite plan at $299.50 per year will allow you to install Formidable Forms on an unlimited number of Wordpress websites.

Pricing table for the Formidable Forms contact form plugin on Wordpress
Price list of the 4 plans proposed by the Formidable Forms plugin for Wordpress

This plugin has the particularity to allow you to do more in less time. From creation to management to a/b testing, the Formidable Forms Wp extension has already proven itself in the digital world. No matter how complex the contact form you need to create is, it will be erased by the ease of a visual editor in " drag & drop" . Formidable Forms comes with a range of third party integrations to allow you to connect CRM, emailing tools, payment gateways and other useful tools. 

In summary, what is the best Wordpress contact form plugin?

In summary, there are 5 Wordpress extensions to generate contact forms:

  1. Ninja Form
  2. Gravity Forms
  3. WP Forms
  4. Jotform
  5. Formidable Forms

Depending on how you use contact forms, the choice of plugin is bound to vary. If you plan to do volume, for example, Jotform will not be for you given its pricing plan that increases with volume; choose a plugin that does not change its pricing according to the volume of forms sent. If you plan to multiply forms and couple them to your everyday tools, make sure that the list of planned integrations contains your favourite tools so that you don't get stuck later. What about you? Do you use contact forms on your Wordpress sites? What is your favourite plugin? Tell us in comments!