How to make an SMS campaign on Wordpress?

The SMS campaign has a much higher open rate than an email campaign. Learn how to run an SMS campaign
make an sms campaign
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In terms of consumer habits, an SMS (short message service) campaign will be more cost-effective than an emailing campaign for an advertising promotion. Customers are more responsive to SMS messages than to email. In addition, the response time of a mobile message is fast. It is limited to a few seconds, compared to several minutes for an email. The SMS campaign is therefore very important in a promotional communication. How to run an SMS campaign on WordPress? These paragraphs list the different techniques for making a WordPress advertising approach centred on the SMS messaging service profitable.

Review the entire mobile communication campaign

Increasing sales in shops and online is the challenge of an SMS campaign. Its development under the CMS (Content management system) Wordpress starts on solid foundations, hence the importance of a study beforehand.

Define the objectives of the SMS campaign on WordPress

Lifting the veil on theglobal objective of the SMS campaign marks the starting point of the operation. Product launch or promotion, reminder of an appointment, invitation to an event, prospecting or conversion process, special announcement, private sale, so many purposes motivate an SMS campaign.

The objectives fall into two categories: prospecting and customer loyalty. Beyond its marketing aspect, the operation is a means ofestablishing and maintaining contact with the targets.

Diversify audience contact points

A successful approach to interaction with the public in a marketing strategy calls for a diversification of channels. SMS is certainly an effective way to interact with customers. However, its use alone risks missing out on other niches.

Guaranteeing a return on investment and message recall involves a number of channels: online advertising, social networks, emailing, digital signage and many others. The choice of contact points will then depend on the target category.

Targeting the audience

Who is the audience for the SMS campaign on WordPress? The answer to this question will depend on the nature of the audience.

Thestudy of the targets first takes into account the characteristics of the product or service. It then looks at the synergy between the specific characteristics of theoffer and those of the future users. This stage of the review draws your attention to the socio-professional background of the targets. The profile of the target audience will emerge from this study: young people in a specific age group, children, households, senior citizens, students, workers, etc.

Segmenting the different target layers

image of a man pressing on a pie chart representing segments of people.
Target your message for maximum effectiveness

After targeting comes segmentation. Contacts are sorted according to :

  • location ;
  • of behaviour ;
  • the buying habits of the targets ;

Segmentation facilitates the personalisation of the SMS campaign, a decisive factor in the success of the operation. It reduces the number of unsubscribes and increases, at the same time, the ROI (Roll on investment) of the campaign. It avoids the vulgarisation of the message and guarantees its relevance. In short, it consolidates the communication action.

Establish a file of each client

The deliverability of messages illustrates the performance rate of the SMS campaign. The indicator measures the number of people, among the contacts, who have received the message.

A deliverability rate of 93% or higher is proof that your marketing is on the right track. A rate below this threshold indicates a problem in your strategy: a gap in the information or an error in the information.

The success of the operation requires the establishment of an up-to-date, authentic and complete customer file. It covers the properties of the targets: their habits and behaviour. Its elaboration will serve your project of market conquest.

Sorting the database

Your database is made up of customer files and prospect contacts. Building it up will make it easier toprepare the minimessage. It will also serve as a guide in your campaign strategy.

The operation starts by setting up a data collection system. Subscribing to newsletters, joining a programme or attending an event are all opportunities for data collection.

Each file contains useful and usable information such as :

  • telephone numbers ;
  • first and last names ;
  • date of birth ;
  • place of residence ;
  • customer purchase histories.

Thensort your data and group contacts that share commonalities (age, gender, place of residence, etc.).

Obtaining consent from targets

Collecting contacts from prospects is one thing, but getting their consent to use their details is another. The consent of prospects is essential under the Data Protection Act. As a reminder, the regulation requires that the explicit consent of the owner of the number be obtained before any attempt is made to canvass by telephone.

However, the consent of the customers, i.e. the regulars of your brand, is not necessary.

Use the SMS campaign sparingly

The SMS campaign strategy on WordPress should be applied with moderation. Redundant marketing messages can turn into harassment. Bombarded with information, customers will feel suffocated and will eventually become bored and, at worst, unsubscribe from your messages.

In addition, short telephone messages convey a sense of urgency. Their use requires a certain amount of restraint.

Send your messages only on the occasion of exceptional offers, one-off campaigns, sales and special events (telethon, donations, awareness-raising, etc.).

Focus on the content of the SMS

close-up view of a person sitting at a table holding a mobile phone in his hands and having received a message symbolised by an icon of an open envelope
The content of the SMS must be impactful

Successful SMS campaigns on WordPress require a high level of engagement, but it is important to hook recipients with relevant content.

Addressing contacts directly

The number of characters in an SMS is limited to 160 including spaces. So get to the point without beating around the bush.

The target segmentation has already identified the name of each contact. Address them by name. This will attract their sympathy and awaken a feeling of attachment to your brand.

There is no legal requirement for a specific place for the customer's name. Some companies put it at the beginning of the message, others place it lower down in the body of the text. It is up to you to choose where it is placed, the idea being to reinforce the impact of the message.

Rely on the formula one SMS = one specific action

A successful campaign follows a simple formula: one SMS = one action. A message conveys a single piece of information that supports a specific action. For example, the minimessage encourages the recipient to click on a link to your online shop or to a market survey.

Restricting information maintains attention and encourages the recipient to carry out the requested action. On the contrary, too much information in a message confuses or even discourages the prospect.

Structuring the content

The implementation of a content structure reduces writing errors. Follow the classic hierarchy of textual content, i.e. teaser + offer + contact. Don't forget the word "STOP". A mandatory component of an SMS marketing message, this element facilitates the unsubscribing procedures of the recipients of the mailing list.

Keep your message consistent. Avoid colloquial terms and SMS language that will undermine your professionalism and brand image.

Refine the text with a reward (a discount on some offer, a voucher, a small gift...) in return for your request.

Select the right words

The choice of words determines the comprehensibility of the text. To achieve a punchy, concise and understandable content, a strategic selection of words is required.

Use a direct tone. Select your lexicon according to your audience. In other words, use creative and casual language with young people. This target group also appreciates puns and funny content.

Mature people prefer strong language. Polite language is for older targets.

In all respects, avoid aggressive words. Keep it natural and clear.

Customise the content of the SMS

Personalisation encourages recall. Strategy builds relationships with customers.

Mentioning the recipient's place of residence and name are the best ways to customise a marketing message.

WordPress has a range of plugins for customising SMS messages. Installing them will make your job easier.

To get closer to your targets, also personalise your message by embedding a specific mailing list based on the last purchase or customer preferences. This technique wakes up inactive prospects and builds loyalty among new customers.

Another trick is to change the TPOA (Transmitting path originating address) to your company name. This makes your message more memorable and distinguishes it from a host of promotional SMS messages.

Inserting links in promotional content

The presence of a link speeds up the speed of responses. You can place them anywhere. However, a location at the end of the message makes it easier to redirect. The location completes the reading and persuades the reader all the more.

All links are allowed: links to your phone number, to a landing page, to your website or to another relevant site.

A CTA (call to action) is also required. It will be the culmination of the consumer's decision.

Scheduling shipments

The type of product or service category, in other words, thenature of your business activity, determines the choice of date and time of sending.

There are regulations governing the scheduling of professional mini-messages. The law prohibits mailings on Sundays and public holidays as well as mailings between 8 pm and 8 am.

The choice of schedule influences the rate of opening and reading the message. Time slots between 8am and 9am and 4pm and 5pm are not conducive to an opening. Time slots between 12 noon and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. are preferable.

Also, make use of the client file and set up the programme according to the schedule of your contacts.

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Using WordPress plugins that specialise in SMS campaigns

WordPress has a rich catalogue of SMS campaign automation plugins. Among the solutions is theofficial WooCommerce extension Twilio. It can be combined with other WordPress plugins.

Grafting Twilio SMS Notification to WooCommerce


Twillio is a comprehensive plugin with a variety of functions. The extension updates content on purchase incentives. It sends notifications of customers' acceptances of SMS updates and updates on the status of their orders. In addition to these features, it tests promotional messages before sending them.

As a WooCommerce extension, installing it unlocks its functionality.

Combine Gravity Forms with Twilio

Gravity Form is a plugin designed to serve your SMS campaign on WordPress. Merged with Twilio, the extension allows :

  • send automated notifications for each form completion, payment and action taken as a result of reading your message;
  • integrate short links in your message without impacting the 160 characters;
  • incorporate the Paypal Gravity Forms extension for sending payment notifications to customers.

The extension is available as a paid version. It is paid for by subscription.

Use Great Form with the Twilio SMS add-on

The Formidable Pro Business Package is a plugin that collects customer phone numbers. In addition to the data collection option, the tool takes relevant information from the targets in their messages.

During your surveys, the tool will help you to record votes and responses.

The extension is combined with the Twilio add-on function. This allows you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages around the world. The function costs $0.0075 per message sent or received.

Combining Easy dating and the Twilio all-in-one extension pack

The Easy dating plugin builds a booking management system. In other words, the extension records the appointment times of clients. It can be combined with the Twilio extension package.

Their combination results in the scheduling of appointments in an automatic calendar. The plugins also update the booking confirmation status. They customise message templates. They also have an automatic reminder system for upcoming appointments.

Getting to know the Text Joy plugin

Joy of text is a flexible WordPress CMS plugin. Its functions focus on sending messages in an SMS campaign.

Its versatility is its main strength. Among its versions is the Joy of text Pro plugin. This ensures the automatic sending of messages subject to a subscription that starts at 65 dollars (or about 60 euros) per year.

Joy of text lite is the cheap version of the plugin. Its functions are limited to collecting phone numbers through a form and sending messages to your subscriber group.

Making use of Clickatell's appointment booking

Twilio is also grafted onto theClickatell extension. The module consists of a digital communication platform that sends two-way messages. The extension connects to your WordPress CMS using the API key (Application programming interface key). This is a unique identifier to authenticate a computer program and unlock its functionality on other applications.

Clickatell sends messages to recipients in over 1000 countries. The cost of sending and receiving messages varies according to the number and country of the recipient. The extension customises messages based on the subscribers' name tags.

To use it, you must register for free and create a Clickatell account.

Making an SMS campaign: in brief

Knowing how to do an SMS campaign on WordPress encompasses a range of procedures grouped into 3 steps. The first step is to review your SMS campaign plan. To do this, define the objective of your mobile communication. Then, vary the contact points. Determine and segment your targets. Create and attach a customer file to each contact and sort the information in your database.

The second step focuses your attention on the content of the message. Address the targets. Ask for a unique action in each message. Structure the content and choose the right words. Personalise your texts and insert redirection and call-to-action links. The second step ends with a target-oriented scheduling of the mailings.

Now comes the final stage of the SMS campaign: the use of WordPress plugins. Twilio remains the ultimate WooCommerce extension. Its integration with the Gravity Forms, Formidable Pro Business Package, Easy dating, Joie du texte and Clickatell extensions enriches the functionality. Their fusion facilitates theautomation of the SMS campaign on WordPress.

Which of these tips would you like to try to boost your promotion via SMS messaging on WordPress? Tell us in the comments.