How to optimise your website to increase your contacts?

A showcase site can bring excellent results and above all, new customers, provided that it is well optimised. Find out more about our advice!
Optimise your website to increase your contacts
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If we often talk about conversions for e-commerce sites, a showcase site must also collect leads and obtain contacts to acquire relevant traffic and new customers. Fortunately, solutions exist to optimise your site! Whether you offer DIY services, therapy sessions, coaching or you want to bring potential customers to your physical shop, we share with you effective and profitabletips to get new customers with a storefront site!

Work on the pages of your showcase site

Your website represents your activity, so it must be well thought out and give a good image to make people want to contact you. But do you know how to work your pages? To illustrate the conversion tunnel of a visitor to your site, let's compare it to visiting your house. Ready to go?

Home page

Every visit starts with the front of a house. Already from the outside, your house should look good, show the atmosphere and make you want to enter. Is it a large period house or a modern house? The same goes for your homepage. The majority of your visitors will arrive at your site via this page, so it must be beautiful and attractive. The atmosphere of your site should be obvious at first glance. It should also be clear at a glance which site you are on. This is achieved by highlighting the logo, but also your graphic charter and your visuals. On your home page, you should insert all the elements that will convince your visitor to continue his visit. Be careful not to overload it with information! The idea is to give them a taste of everything there is to discover from a distance, so as to draw them towards the more interesting pages.

Service page

Your visitor has been charmed by your facade, and now he has entered the house. This is where he will check that he will find what he is looking for in your restaurant to meet his needs. Are you going to offer him an Asian or French meal? The service page represents what you can offer your customer. It should be clear with a maximum of information to reassure your visitor. The aim is to convince the visitor that your services meet their needs. Are you a hypnotherapist? Specify which disorders you deal with. If you provide home services, indicate the geographical area in which you travel. Are you a sports coach? Describe what your sessions are like and for whom they are intended, what types of sport you practice, etc. In short, answer all the questions that your visitor may have so that he or she thinks "yes, that's exactly what I need!

About page

The Internet user is now convinced that you could be of great benefit to them, perhaps they have already gone directly to the contact page. But some will still need to be reassured. If you are going to be accompanied or followed by someone, you might as well get on well with that person! This is when your visitor will be directed to your apropos page. In the house tour, this page would be like having a cup of coffee, the tour is over but you still have time to get to know each other. Talk about yourself, introduce yourself, what your values are, why you do this activity, what motivates you and why not, 2 - 3 anecdotes about you. As usual, the aim is to reassure your visitor and even succeed in creating a link before you have even met them. For example, they could say to themselves "this person has been passionate about DIY since she was 5 years old, she has a degree and is very conscientious, I can trust her with my eyes closed" or "she has encountered the same problems as me, it's certain that she will understand me, she's the perfect person" or "this person is so funny! She is exactly the kind of person I want to work with".

Contact page

This is where the visit ends. The visitor has not interrupted the visit of your house, he is really interested! This is the moment or never, will he decide to see you again? This is the last moment to convince them to take your details and contact you again! Your contact page should include all the latest useful information. Your name, first name, email, phone number, address and why not a map showing the location of your company or practice if necessary. A contact form will also be welcome to make it even easier to get in touch! Don't hesitate to reassure them that you are available to answer questions, provide information, draw up a quote or make an appointment.

how to get customers with a showcase site

Optimising the elements of your website

Now that you know how the conversion tunnel works on a website and how to work on your pages, it is time to optimise all the essential elements that make up your website. The objective is always the same: to reassure your visitor and convince them to contact you.

Ergonomics and structure of the site

To gain the trust of a prospect, you must first have a professional website . If the colours are bright and garish, the elements are all over the place, there are bugs and the texts are far too big, the visitor is likely to leave the homepage immediately without looking further. On the other hand, a beautiful, fluid and well-spaced out website where information can be found immediately makes it easier for the visitor to navigate and reassures him or her about your business. A good showcase website starts with a good structure. You should avoid creating 50 pages to present your services, which could lose the visitor more than anything else. Also, think about giving titles that are understandable at first glance. If you can call an "About" page "Who I am" or "Our story" or "A little about me...", the visitor will not understand what the title "Let's go" or "Words" in the menu refers to. Of course, you can be original... But always on condition that it is immediately understandable. The ergonomics of your site will also be essential to make navigation easier. Between wide margins, readable text without being predominant, buttons inserted in the right places, a pleasant and logical layout.... Several elements must be taken into account to optimise the layout and navigation of your site. A web design specialist will be the ideal person to accompany you on this part.

The visuals

The visual part of a website is still too often relegated to the background. However, it is essential to give a professional look to your website! Don't forget that the majority of people function first with the visual, it is the first thing that will capture the attention well before reading the texts. Images can also be used to dress up your website. Whether you use photos or illustrations, they inform the user about your world. Do you propose a playful and funny atmosphere or a calm and soothing one or a dynamic and modern one? But above all, highlighting your photographs will allow your visitor to do something very important: project himself. Yes, it's like visiting a house (well, that's a good sign!), as soon as the visitors see themselves, it's a good sign! So don't hesitate to show where you work, your past projects, your equipment, etc. And above all, you can also put a photo of yourself. We can't say it often enough, but putting the human element in all communication formats is an incredible force for getting clients. And this also applies (and I would say especially) to a website. Don't have any photos or visuals to hand? You can find many free and royalty-free image banks like Unsplash.

The content

As with the visuals, your texts should reflect who you are and the service you offer. Will you write serious, detailed content or will you prefer to write light-hearted texts with wordplay? From the first reading, you can set the tone and seduce your visitor. But never forget that your texts should serve to inform your visitor and help them find what they are looking for. So don't overwhelm them with long tirades where they won't know what to do. Adapt the content to your page and ask yourself: if your visitor is here, what information does he need to know? There is no need to present your long history on the services page (even if you can mention it quickly), but stay focused on the main information: presenting your services. Finally, the content will also help you gain visibility through SEO. For this, it is necessary to work on your content by taking into account relevant keywords, by working on your tags and your internal and external links. Going through a professional SEO agency can greatly help you create optimised content that will bring you new contacts.

You finally have all the basics on how to get contacts with a showcase site! So, have you worked out all these elements on your website?