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Explore Server Side Tracking, the ultimate data solution. Optimize your data collection for high-performance advertising.
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The world of e-commerce is about to explode with the imminent arrival of Server Side Tracking, a technological revolution that is poised to radically change the way e-tailers collect and process visitor information. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive into the exciting world of server-side tracking and discover how this innovation will transform the management and analysis of your data for high-performance advertising campaigns to achieve unparalleled ROI. Stay on top of this revolution, because you don't want to be left behind!

What is Server Side Tracking?

Server Side Tracking, also known as server-side tracking, is an innovative method of data collection that moves the processing of information from the user's browser to a specific server. This revolutionary approach has many significant advantages over traditional client-side tagging techniques, as eliminating the constraints of processing data on the user's browser optimizes the quality of the data collected and facilitates the integration of various analytics and marketing solutions. This method pushes the limits of data collection and opens up new possibilities for e-retailers who want to make the most of their data to improve their online performance.

Server-side marking vs. client-side marking

Client-side tagging is the placement and execution of tags directly on the website. It relies on running JavaScript code in the user's browser to collect and send data to analytics tools and marketing partners. Server-side tagging, on the other hand, runs the tags on a dedicated server, which allows for more control and security over data collection and sharing.

Benefits of server-side tagging

Privacy control

Server-side tracking provides better control over data privacy by acting as a buffer layer between the user and marketing service providers. By filtering and anonymizing data before it is passed on to marketing partners, it helps to comply with data protection regulations and improve user privacy.

A marketing pro who thinks about data collection solutions that comply with the RGPD
The SSTR is the perfect solution to continue to perform while respecting privacy standards

Performance of the website or application

Server-side tagging improves website performance by reducing the load on the user's browser. Less JavaScript code is executed on the client side, resulting in faster load times and a smoother user experience. 

Data quality

By moving the data processing to the server, we can improve the quality of the data collected. Cookies are more secure and durable because they are set on your own domain and not by the JavaScript code of the page. In addition, it offers the possibility to enrich the data with information that should not be exposed to the browser, such as API secrets and sensitive user or corporate data.

Server Side Tagging and Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the latest iteration of Google Analytics, offering new features and an event-driven approach to tracking user interactions. The integration of GA4 with server-side tracking via GTM allows to collect and send data in a more secure and efficient way, while respecting users' privacy.

Diagram from the official Google documentation

To take full advantage of GA4 on your Wordpress site, check out our detailed article GA4: Exploiting Google Analytics 4 on your Wordpress site, which explains how to set up and use GA4 on your site.

GA4 data analysis with BigQuery

BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse that enables analysis of large and complex data sets in real time. The integration of BigQuery and GA4 coupled with the side tagging server provides the ability to explore and visualize data in greater depth, using SQL queries to extract valuable information and make informed decisions for your e-business.

Optimization of Google Ads campaigns

Server-side tracking, in combination with GA4, allows for improved data collection for Google Ads. By collecting more accurate and relevant data about user behavior and interactions, you can optimize your ad campaigns based on this information. This translates into a better understanding of your audience, more effective segmentation and optimized ad budget allocation to maximize ROI.

Server Side Tracking and Facebook Ads

Meta's Conversions API: a major asset 

For some time, comprehensive data collection via the simple Facebook pixel has become more difficult, if not impossible. In this increasingly complex and regulated environment, the challenges of data collection are growing. The numerous constraints, such as the request for consent for cookies or the changes introduced by iOS 14, make it increasingly difficult for e-merchants. Server Side Tracking is a solution to overcome these obstacles and enable efficient and compliant data collection. By adapting and optimizing the way data is collected and processed, server-side tracking allows businesses to continue to thrive in this challenging environment, while respecting users' expectations and rights.

A cell phone lit on the Meta platform of Facebook
IOS 14 brought us a lot of difficulties with a user tracking that became inefficient

On the side of MetaTheConversions API was created to overcome these limitations by sharing important online and offline events, thus improving the relevance of your ads. Server-side identification with GTM provides a solution for moving data collection mechanisms to a server. This reduces the use of JavaScript libraries and increases the security and control of your customer data.

To use the Meta Conversions API with server-side tracking, it is necessary to configure GTM to create a server container, collect the data and send it to the server container and the Conversions API.

Do I need to create a Wordpress plugin for server side tracking?

In most situations, using Google Tag Manager to set up tagging is sufficient. GTM offers significant control over data collection and processing, while being easy to integrate with solutions such as Google Analytics 4 andFacebook's Conversions API.

However, if you want to further increase the control over the tracking solution and the data collected, creating a specific plugin for Server Side Tracking can be an interesting option. A custom plugin would allow you to fine-tune the tracking features and adapt the data collection process to the specific needs of your e-commerce site.

Before embarking on the creation of a plugin, weigh the pros and cons of such a solution. A custom plugin requires an investment of time and resources, as well as technical expertise for its development and maintenance. Also consider the potential security and privacy implications. If you're interested in developing a Wordpress plugin, check out our article " How to create a Wordpress plugin " to learn more about the process.

Choose the right agency to implement the solution

Choosing the right agency to implement the tracking solution is of paramount importance to ensure the optimization of your e-commerce site and the collection of quality data. By using a specialized and recognized agency, such as Ingenius, you can be sure to take full advantage of the benefits offered by this technology and obtain the best results for your business.

A computer on the "about us" page of an expert tracking agency
The choice of your partner will define the accuracy of your tracking solution and the marketing performance that will result from it

Geographical adaptability of Ingenius

We adapt to all geographical constraints, whether you are looking for a Wordpress agency in Geneva or need website creation in Nancy or in other regions. Our team ofWordpress experts is able to provide customized solutions and accompany you, wherever you are, in order to set up and optimize your follow-up according to your specific needs.

Migration expertise

Are you planning to switch from Webflow to Wordpress? Ingenius can help you through this transition and ensure that Server Side Tracking is properly implemented on your new Wordpress site. Our team will help you take advantage of the benefits of Wordpress while maintaining the performance and data quality you expect from Server Side Tracking.

Adapted e-commerce solutions

In addition to our expertise in Server Side Tracking, we also offer e-commerce solutions for various industries. By integrating functionalities such as booking management, training programs and service presentation, we offer an optimal user experience for the creation of sports coach websites for example.

We also specialize in the creation of online reservation sites. Whether it's for restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues or other activities that require online reservation management, we design customized solutions to facilitate these processes and provide a seamless experience for users.

In conclusion, what can we learn from this revolution? 

In summary, server-side tracking is a major technological breakthrough for the e-commerce industry, offering more secure, efficient and privacy-friendly data collection and processing. By combining this innovation with tools such as Google Analytics 4 or Meta's Conversions API, you can optimize your advertising campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts.

We believe it is more important than ever to adopt server-side tracking and customize data collection to the specific needs of each industry. Our expertise in data and our experience in building responsive websites make Ingenius the ideal partner to help you through this technology revolution.

If you're ready to take advantage of the benefits of Server Side Tracking for your e-business, contact our experts to take full advantage of its benefits and transform the way you manage and analyze your data for a thriving online business.

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