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Alan is a health insurance company for individuals and professionals that is available online.

Why use Alan?

Alan is a health insurance provider for professionals and individuals. With its many advantages, this 2.7 billion dollar company has captured the hearts of its users.

The benefits of Alan?

 Technological know-how  Saving time  Human support

The disadvantages of Alan?

 The basic formula is not convincing enough  Lack of customer service  The high price of services

Overview of Alan

Full description of the tool

Whether for companies, the self-employed or individuals, traditional mutual insurance companies sometimes require overly complex procedures. Alan is a solution that solves this problem with its completely paperless service. This easy-to-use platform has focused on the user experience. It offers a fully secure insurance product that is ACPR Banque de France approved and reinsured by CNP.

Alan offers a multitude of features that make it quite interesting. It allows you to draw up your invoices, make your estimates or follow your reimbursements. To do this, you only need to use your tablet, your smartphone or your computer. Using this platform, you can send your invoices without any complications. You will also be able to consult the details of all your reimbursements in real time.

Alan gives you the possibility to have your virtual mutual card. This will save you from having to keep it and possibly lose it. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to easily locate a doctor or any health professional in your area. The platform even performs a filter based on opening hours, rates or reimbursement conditions. If there is a fee overrun, Alan will tell you how much you will have to pay.

Alan's medical service is quite extensive. It offers mutual insurance for oral health, eye care and routine care. As far as treatment is concerned, Alan allows you to obtain reimbursement of up to 200% of the cost of your dental health. The consultation and care of your prostheses are included in the mutual insurance offer. One of the particularities of this new insurance is that it allows you to obtain reimbursement from your mutual health insurance company in a short period of time.

This virtual company's mutual insurance offer is comprehensive for the self-employed. In case of convalescence, you will benefit from medical assistance at home thanks to Alan. If you wish, you can use this platform to carry out daily chores or for childcare. Alan App's vision is to help patients and provide them with medical care.

Our opinion

Alan is a very useful tool for individuals and professionals. Whatever your status, you can go for a consultation and benefit from health services without having to travel. It is a platform that we recommend.

In short, Alan is an online application that offers several benefits. Consider using it to improve your health.

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