Axeptio is a cookie management solution to comply with the RGPD.

Why use Axeptio?

Compliant with the RGPD regulation, Axeptio is a must-have when you collect information from your website visitors. It allows you to collect the consent of your visitors and to allow you to use (or not) the collected data.

The advantages of Axeptio?

 Data portability  Cookie management   Full RGPD and ePrivacy software integration 

The disadvantages of Axeptio?

 Access to the best features is not free  The GPDR regulation does not facilitate the accessibility of user settings  Non-storage of user preferences

Overview of Axeptio

Full description of the tool

The Axeptio tool is a powerful package for managing cookies. It is a simple solution to ensure RGPD compliance and optimal data protection of your website. It offers a pop-up for the creation of images, videos and texts. The web developer can use it to create an intuitive interface. In order to fine-tune your web development, Axeptio allows you to integrate cookies in the consent form. The interesting thing about the tool is that if the proposed cookies do not suit you, you can create your own.

Our opinion

Axeptio is a cookie management tool used by many companies on the web because of its features and its compliance with the RGPD regulation. Simple and pretty, it doesn't disfigure your website and manages the consent of your visitors.

A must have if you use cookies or collect user data for your marketing.

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