Jasper AI

Jasper is an intelligent robot that can write quality text for your website, blog or social network.

Why use Jasper AI?

The Jasper robot is a great assistant to have as a professional writer. It saves a maximum amount of time in the design of articles, no matter what the subject.

For marketers, for example, this intelligent tool provides content that will catch the eye of their target audience. They also save valuable time.

Best of all, whether you're a writer or a content creator, Jasper allows you to have texts in over 25 world languages. So you can write a text in French and translate it into Japanese without losing the logic of the text or the semantics of the words. Jasper translates your text as accurately as possible.

It should also be pointed out that the robot takes care of putting the essential keywords in your article that will facilitate the natural referencing of the text. There is no need to worry about this or about the originality of your production.

The benefits of Jasper AI?

 Create content that is interesting to read  Be more productive  Save valuable time

The disadvantages of Jasper AI?

 Some themes are missing  No personalisation of offers  The robot does not replace a human

Jasper AI Overview

Full description of the tool

Being an artificial intelligence, Jasper works only with an internet connection and is not available as software. To access the robot, you need to go to the application's website and log in with an account.

The robot then asks you to specify the use you wish to make of it. This could be, for example, :

  • writing a blog ;
  • write an article ;
  • producing content for social media.

To better meet your needs, Jasper also helps you choose a template for your content. Afterwards, all you have to do is describe the details of your product, brand or topic. With the help of the tool's settings, you can specify, for example, the number of characters or the tone of the text.

The robot will produce several results in a fraction of the time, which you can modify as you wish. If the result does not meet your expectations, you have the possibility to restart the robot for a new draft.

Our opinion

Jasper is a promising writing tool. Not only does it save time on writing, but it produces excellent results. Its ability to write in different languages makes it even more competitive.

However, it should be noted that some human intervention is necessary in order to have an optimal result: the AI sometimes produces sentences that are a little random and out of focus. It does not replace the human but it is a precious help to the writing process.

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