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Notion is our project management software within the agency. Notion is an all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis and databases.

Why use Notion?

The possibility of organising your tasks through an ergonomic software is a sublime idea. Indeed, Notion is an advanced and feature-rich tool for managing information, whether professional or personal. It is an organisational tool that combines flexibility, performance and time saving. It therefore performs several functions at the same time. Why should you use it?

Notion is an all-in-one

Notion's features allow it to offer its users an extraordinary experience. It does this by bringing everything together in one place and acting as a multi-tool. It easily replaces all of Trello, Evernote, Google Sheet, Air Table, Asana, Google Doc. This centralizing aspect of Notion allows you to work in an organized and simplified way, especially if you manage a business or a project.

Notion is an aesthetic and attractive tool

Notion is simply wonderful! To be able to work on a complete organisation and project management tool, which is also attractive, is the dream of many. And this is exactly what Notion offers. It is visually beautiful and will allow you to be really productive.

Notion allows to set up relational databases

The concept of relational databases is very simple. They are large lists with data of the same nature. And you can give properties to these lists. You can therefore create databases of tasks, contents, days and even customers. There are no limits with this tool.

The advantages of Notion?

 A powerful database  Easy to use software  Thousands of possibilities

The disadvantages of Notion?

 Not available in French  Quite a long time to set up  Not for offline use

Overview of Notion

Full description of the tool

Created in San Francisco by a small team, the Notion application is still in its infancy. The goal of its creators was to create an organisational tool that brings together all organisational features. It integrates notes, to-do and other lists, project management boards, videos, databases and more in one place. This makes it easier for millions of people around the world to work in a more organised way.

The tool also offers a feature to create handy templates. Furthermore, Notion is made in such a way that each person can personalise their space. And that's just amazing! Because of all this, Notion keeps on making lovers on a daily basis.

Our opinion

Notion is far from applications whose goal is to develop thousands of features. Notion is much softer and takes a minimalist approach. In other words, anyone who wants to create an intuitive, flexible and personalized workspace can rely on Notion. Moreover, it allows you to manage your ideas, tasks, notes,... in one place.

Notion has been adopted by our agency and we are still very satisfied with it.

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