CopyEcom is an automated product description editor for your Woocommerce store.

Why use CopyEcom?

The CopyEcom plugin is an automated editor that allows you to generate descriptions in batches. In total, it can manage to produce up to 20 descriptions at a time, saving you time and money on writing your product sheets. The content offered by the plugin is 100% original. This is a guarantee that you won't have duplicate content when using it.

The system of the CopyEcom plugin is quite flexible and allows the user to make additions or changes quite easily. The latter can also format descriptions from those generated.

Very practical, this plugin adapts to any type of market. Indeed, each market being different, CopyEcom provides you with several description templates that may suit you.

It should be noted that the templates offered by the CopyEcom plugin are all optimized to perform in six different languages, namely :

● French;

● American English;

● Spanish;

● Portuguese;

● German;

● Italian.

Another reason why you might want to use the CopyEcom plugin is its compatibility with WooCommerce. Indeed, it is a plugin that integrates easily with online stores in just a few clicks.Once the integration is done, the generation of descriptions is immediate.

Integrating the CopyEcom plugin to your e-commerce site allows you to optimize your product descriptions. As a result, your products benefit from an excellent visibility on search engines.

In addition to creating product descriptions for your e-commerce site, the CopyEcom plugin ensures their updates. This feature of the plugin ensures that your product descriptions are not only rich in keywords, but also informative. Thus, you are sure to attract organic SEO traffic and gain positions on search engines.

Writing descriptions becomes a breeze when you opt for the CopyEcom plugin. The system is fast, efficient and allows you to concentrate on other tasks related to your business. CopyEcom has 3 different offers in its paid option:

  • the Silver plan which provides 10 000 words, or about 100 descriptions for a single site. It costs only 79 € for one month subscription.
  • A plan called Gold that guarantees 50,000 words, which is equivalent to about 500 descriptions for 2 websites. This plan is only worth €179 per month and does not require any commitment period.
  • The plan known as Platinium which makes 279 € for a monthly subscription to work for 3 websites. It is capable of generating up to 100,000 words, which can be worth up to 1000 descriptions. This option reduces the cost of producing a description to 0.279 €.

These plans offer rates that are not competitive in the marketplace.

It generates more than 150 product sheets every hour

CopyEcom has made it easy to write a product description. Its efficient and fast system saves precious time. This time saved can be used in other areas of your business. With CopyEcom taking care of product descriptions, you are guaranteed to save both time and money.

CopyEcom is easy to use

Using the GPT-3 system, CopyEcom automatically creates product descriptions. This time-consuming task is performed by means of artificial intelligence. In addition, the GPT-3 system has the ability to create unique and high quality product descriptions.

The high quality of product descriptions made by CopyEcom takes into account the products described in them. This plugin ensures accurate, persuasive and interesting descriptions for your store visitors.

The advantages of CopyEcom?

 Big grain of time in the writing process  Descriptions written by an RN  Low writing budget

The disadvantages of CopyEcom?

 Requires human review  Does not work on all projects  No connection with Shopify

CopyEcom Overview


Full description of the tool

CopyEcom is a plugin proposed by a team of e-merchants with extensive knowledge in the field of dropshipping. This plugin has several different submenus such as :

The "How to use" sub-menu

It has 4 important tabs namely:

● Features: it gives all the information about the installation of the plugin as well as the connection of a user license. To get an overview of the potential of this plugin, this is the tab to check.

● Pricing: pricing information for this plugin's offerings is displayed here.

● Use: it is detailed to you how to realize the creation of content. In particular, we discover in this tab how to produce short or titled descriptions.

● Account: this tab concerns information related to your account on CopyEcom.

The " FAQ " submenu

The FAQ submenu provides information on the questions most frequently asked by visitors. The first recurring question is about the need for human action. Another question is about seasonal product additions. Other questions are answered about how AI works and CopyEcom's ability to work on projects.

The "Pricing" sub-menu

The different subscription offers for the CopyEcom plugin are shown in this submenu. It's up to you to decide which of these monthly subscription packages to choose.

The "Account" sub-menu

It allows you to access the member dashboard and it is the tab where you connect or create your account. It is possible to connect with your email or a LinkedIn account. This is where the experimentation of this plugin begins.

Our opinion

In order to produce content on a large scale, digital agencies use AI writing assistants. Among these writing assistants, CopyEcom stands out, producing content of all kinds for its clients. This plugin does it without requiring significant human intervention.

People who are used to contacting offshore copywriters to order product sheets may find CopyEcom a good solution. The quality/price ratio is often unbeatable and allows for savings. The CopyEcom team had the idea of providing dropshippers with a tool that would facilitate their work, hence the creation of the CopyEcom plugin.

It reduces the cost of writing product descriptions by almost 80% by making it easier for e-commerce sites to produce them. Less than 30 seconds is the time it takes to produce them, and it can produce almost 150 descriptions per hour. Its advantages are quite numerous in view of its performance, which is highly appreciated by its users.

Very few disadvantages can be found due to its efficiency. It is easy to use and is constantly growing. The craze that it arouses is therefore completely understandable.

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