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RafflePress Pro is the perfect plugin for launching contests or giving away prizes on your site.
rafflepress pro

Why use RafflePress Pro?

RafflePress is the reference for creating contests. The extension offers a visual drag and drop interface. It also offers templates already made and ready to be used. RafflePress is a gem of a marketing tool and its options are definitely useful. Its best version, which is paid, is RafflePress Pro.

With RafflePress Pro, you are guaranteed to see a dramatic increase in your email list, and consequently in the amount of traffic to your site. An increase in traffic to your site means a potential increase in your social network subscribers. This extension offers users the possibility to share organized contests on their social networks.

Through its referral tool, RafflePress Pro makes the most of word-of-mouth marketing. RafflePress Pro has the ability to convert your site visitors into active brand ambassadors. It is compatible with:

● the set of plug-ins to the WordPress form;

● all social network sites;

● CRM software;

● tools that produce leads.

The RafflePress plugin can be obtained in two different versions. The first version is free and is called RafflePress Lite. It can be activated in the WordPress dashboard, or downloaded from the official directory. With RafflePress Premium as the second version, there are 4 price plans including RafflePress Pro.

RafflePress Pro's price offerings range from about $40 to almost $360. RafflePress Pro solves many expansion problems, and is a clear departure from the past. It is currently the best in terms of creating contests. This extension is a WordPress plugin that was designed solely for WordPress websites. The only way to access this tool is to use WordPress.

RafflePress Pro is also not compatible with WordPress as a platform. In order to use it, you must have a self-hosted WordPress.org blog. Besides, opting for WordPress.org for the purpose of creating your blog, grants you total control over your website. This way, the website can be designed as you wish, since it is an open source software.

RafflePress offers 4 annual subscription plans. These are:

● The Plus offer which is $39/year for one site;

● RafflePress Pro which manages 3 sites for $74/year;

● the $139/year Growth Option available for 20 sites;

● the Ultimate offer for an infinite number of sites for $314 as a one-time payment.

The RafflePress Pro option unfortunately limits its use to 3 websites. Even though its options are numerous, they are not the full potential of this extension. It is certainly true that this extension gives a big boost to the community. But it's one thing to grow your community, but another to keep it.

Contests can attract many people looking for rewards. Not everyone will be attracted to what the website offers in the long run.

A pleasant and easy to use interface

A beginner will feel comfortable and at the same level of use as a seasoned developer. RafflePress Pro has made a point of presenting an attractive and easy-to-use interface.

Creating a contest is easy

When using RafflePress Pro to run your contest, no technical knowledge is required. It is done visually and in a very short time. Changes can also be made in real time.

A clear and not overloaded setting menu

This menu makes it easy to get started, because all the work is done in the WordPress administration. No need to leave the site to make adjustments, as can be seen elsewhere.

Several different actions to offer to users

In this respect, RafflePress Pro stands out from the competition. This plugin has a much wider range of actions than what is available on the market.

The benefits of RafflePress Pro?

 Pre-designed competition templates  Drag and drop interface   Integration of important email marketing services

The disadvantages of RafflePress Pro?

 The price list  No translation possible  Very limited free version

RafflePress Pro Overview

rafflepress pro screenshot

Full description of the tool

RafflePress Pro has several different menus which are :

Template : there are the 7 templates available on the RafflePress Pro extension.

Publication: everything related to the management of the publication is recorded here.

Settings: this menu offers 4 submenus to make possible settings. We can quote details, actions, customize design, parameter to configure.

The settings submenu is quite dense and for good reason: it organizes the framework of the use of this extension.

The "details" sub-menu :

This tab allows you to make settings related to gifts and campaigns. Several additional functions are in this option to manage their organization framework.

The "Actions" sub-menu

The actions that a visitor must perform to take part in the contests are defined there. They are of 3 types, the first one is to get more subscribers. The other actions are to receive more engagements and get more traffic. Following these actions, at least twenty sub-actions are possible with each one having a defined objective.

The "customize design" sub-menu

The choices are basic and you can act on 5 parts. You can set the layout, the font among the 9 pairs of fonts available. There is also the possibility to choose the color of the call to action buttons, define the background, and finally choose the background image.

The submenu "parameters to be configured

This sub-menu has 8 different tabs:

General: we can set in the latter a permalink for example. It will be useful for the landing page that refers to an organized contest.

The rules of the contest: with this tab, we define the rules of a contest thanks to the rules generator of RafflePress Pro. This rules generator is not simple and also adapted to what is done in France.

RGPD: the visitor has an obligation to know that they are sharing their information, and must know why they are doing so. The rules of a contest should specify this. RafflePress Pro gives the option to present a checkbox for contest participants to give their consent. This consent is given at the time of entry with text that can be personified.

Email verification: this involves verifying the email given by a participant by sending them an email. This helps to limit fraud and deception.

Success tracking: this tab offers an insert to which you add your Google Analytics tracking code. It gives you access to very detailed statistical information about the visits made to the landing page created by RafflePress Pro.

Success redirect: to drive participants who have completed all the rules of a contest to a page that would have been defined.

Recaptcha: it gives to fight against spam by adding a system of the same name.

Social Logins: this tab gives participants the option of logging into the contest through their Facebook profiles. This is a better option than entering their email address.

Our opinion

By thoroughly unpacking the RafflePress Pro plugin, we can say that it is quite complete. It presents enough easy-to-use tools, which makes the heavy task of gift campaigns easy. It already integrates in advance options and features that are mandatory in creating successful gift campaigns.

By making it easy for beginners and with pre-built templates, it is a reference tool.

RafflePress Pro is a very useful WordPress extension for which the rave reviews don't dry up. It is in the category of the best WordPress plugins. It's easy to see why. All in all, there are plenty of reasons to use RafflePress Pro. Very useful for increasing the traffic of its site, this plugin significantly increases the social network community.

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rafflepress pro
RafflePress Pro is the perfect plugin for launching contests or giving away prizes on your site.
 Pre-designed competition templates  Drag and drop interface   Integration of important email marketing services

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