The 4 best courses for creating a website

This article is your guide to the best courses for website creation. Reliable and quality courses.
The 4 best courses for creating a website

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Web design tools, new languages and new approaches to the profession are constantly emerging. The best web design courses online or face-to-face can help you easily stay ahead in this market. However, there are a variety of web courses available today and not all of them are of the same level.

You don't need any qualifications to create and sell a web design course. It is difficult to know who to trust for quality training. On top of that, there is the cost of the training, as well as the cost of creating the website. To help you out, we've put together the top 4 web design courses and explain what each of them has to offer.

INSUP training

INSUP formation is an organisation specialised in website creation training. If you are looking for a place to train, do not hesitate to register with INSUP formation.

INSUP formation is based in France and more precisely at 37 rue Labottière. If you do not live in France, you have the possibility to follow this training at a distance. You will have to pay 840 €.

The main objective of INSUP training is to help you :

  • to create your site from WordPress ;
  • to update your professional website;
  • master the basics of writing for the Web ;
  • to know and master the basics of SEO.

After registration, you will be entitled to one course. This course is grouped into chapters. In one of the chapters, you have a course on installing WordPress locally on Windows or Mac OS.

In a second chapter, you have one of the steps to follow for the actual creation of a website. You also have content on managing social networks, creating pages and articles.

When you finish this course at INSUP formation, you will be able to save, restore and update your website or blog. You can also format your content.

INSUP formation is a training course for everyone. Whether you are a civil servant, a student, a job seeker... you can register. However, there is a downside. Although the course is open to the public, you must have certain prerequisites before enrolling. Mastering the workings of the internet and knowing what Windows and Mac are is very important.

At the end of the course you will be assessed. This evaluation will allow you to assess your level. You will be given practical case studies.



Did you know thatwith two months of training you can create your own website? It is possible with MATHA. It is indeed an online training that allows you to create your website. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you necessarily need a website or blog to improve your image.

With MATHA training, you will be able to :

  • create your website with WordPress ;
  • optimise your referencing;
  • to find customers.

To benefit from this training, you must register quickly. Only a maximum of 10 people are taken for the training. This is the number of participants for each class. So don't delay. This is a distance learning course.

The best part is that you benefit from the knowledge of many entrepreneurs registered on the training platform.

During this training you will :

  • learn how to create your website;
  • learn the basics of the web ;
  • will show you how to optimize the SEO of your blog or website;
  • etc.

At the end of the course, you will be able to put everything you have learned into practice.

MATHA training is open to anyone who needs :

  • personalized advice for the realization of its projects;
  • a good learning environment;
  • knowledge in the field of web design;
  • etc.

To be eligible for this training, you must pay €1250 before tax and €1500 including tax.

Unlike INSUP training, you do not need any prerequisites. However, you do need a laptop, to know where you are actually going and to have enough preparatory material for the website. The preparatory elements are usually logos and product photos.

It should also be noted that this training offers you several advantages, namely

  • the possibility of being financed ;
  • the possibility of always being accompanied;
  • the opportunity to enjoy an excellent programme;
  • the possibility of making your training profitable;
  • etc

Don't hesitate to get trained by MATHA formation.

Possibility of obtaining financing

This possibility only applies to those who are eligible for the Pôle Emploi and the CPF.

Being supported for the creation of a website

Possibility of being accompanied at all times

You will never be alone during the training. MATHA being a large community of entrepreneurs, you will always be assisted. The WordPress experts will be by your side to give you the best.

Opportunity to make your training profitable

At the end of the course, you'll get your license to build WordPress websites and €300,000 off over 200 tools to get you started. Wonderful, isn't it? And there's more to come. A promo code is offered for a subscription. The subscription gives you access to the e-learning platform.

FFD training

FFD formation is an organization specialized in computer science and in the creation of Internet sites. This training is open to everyone. You do not need any previous knowledge to register.

The training is step by step with a content of 8 programs. You will have to follow all the steps to master the computer and be able to create a website.

FFD formation is located at 5 rue de Conflans. For more information, you can reach them on 01 84 23 17 17. The training costs 1650 € for three days of training.



With LiveMentor training, creating a website will no longer be a problem. During this training, you will master the basics of creating a website or a blog.

Livementor has a specific objective: to allow you not only to know how to create a website, but also to adopt modernism during the creation. For them, anyone can create a website using HTML.

What makes the difference is to be able to create a beautiful site and that must above all be in line with our era. That's why Livementor offers training on WordPress and design in its module.

Apart from design and WordPress, you will also learn how to develop your website. The development will consist of teaching you the basics of SEO, its management and more.

As a bonus, you will be able to optimise simple blogs, e-commerce blogs and marketplaces. With Livementor you will be able to make money with your knowledge.

With the knowledge, you will be able to offer your services to different companies. You can also create an online business through the creation of your website. Dropshipping, advertising and others are some examples of online business. You will be able to master everything if you really follow the 7 modules of the training.

Livementor's trainers are attentive and willing to listen to your concerns.

Learning how to create websites is not a walk in the park. If it is important to choose the best training, it is also important to start on the right foot. If you have any questions, or if you want to promote your own course, please leave a comment.