Gocardless is a solution for the collection of recurring or one-off payments.

Why use Gocardless?

Gocardless is a very good alternative for professionals and companies who want to improve their online payment system. This tool ensures payments without wasting time. So how will Gocardless help you?

Gocardless optimises cash flow

By using this tool, you will optimise your cash flow considerably. Thanks to it, you will know exactly when the best time is to make direct debits from your customers. As a result, your cash flow is better and your accounting is better managed.

Gocardless is safe

As far as reliability is concerned, Gocardless is truly reliable and secure. And this is true on several levels. Since it is not a card payment, but rather a direct debit, you allow your customers to be fully in control. Moreover, with Gocardless, there are no errors in direct debit. Your customers can be completely reassured and you will be able to track payment failures and customer subscriptions.

Gocardless ensures good integration

Gocardless is adaptable to most of the tools requiring the implementation of a transaction management system. It is therefore easy to integrate and, above all, accessible to any type of company.

The advantages of Gocardless?

 Improves administrative management  Automatic payments  Combining payment and billing in one tool

The disadvantages of Gocardless?

 Does not accept many means of payment  Does not include payment by credit card  Lack of advanced features in the free version

Overview of Gocardless

Full description of the tool

Gocardless is an automatic payment tool that was set up in 2011 and is used in more than 30 countries and in partnership with no less than 55,000 employees. The aim of this direct debit tool is to make the collection of payments more efficient, faster and much less painful. It can be easily integrated into companies' payment pages and is a perfect replacement for older tools such as Stripe.

Gocardless offers an API integration as well as a customisation option. All of this is designed to make it easier for customers to pay. This tool also offers a functionality that allows the connection between the billing software and Gocardless.

Our opinion

With Gocardless, you will significantly reduce the costs associated with collection through expensive and complex manual processes. You also improve the customer experience and reduce your payment failures. This tool increases customer confidence and reassures them of the company's reliability and responsiveness. And the process is simple, transparent, secure and efficient. What could be better? Although Gocardless does not support all types of payments, it is still effective.

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Gocardless is a solution for the collection of recurring or one-off payments.
 Improves administrative management  Automatic payments  Combining payment and billing in one tool

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