ACF Pro is a premium plugin that allows you to create custom fields without writing new HTML lines.
acf pro

Why use ACF Pro?

The majority of existing websites in the world are designed with WordPress. To better illustrate the importance of this CMS, you should know that one platform out of three is created with this content management system. While it mainly provides additional fields for your articles, ACF PRO will allow you to perform many actions. Currently, there are many advantages to using the WordPress ACF PRO extension.

Its use allows you to create custom templates for your views. Depending on the template you select, the plugin offers you fields to fill in and it allows you to control the user experience in the site administration. With the ACF PRO WordPress plugin, you will be able to manage many actions like creating events that your visitors can easily sign up for. It offers the possibility to extend your site's registration with additional fields and facilitates the management of job offers. In addition, it allows you to create several types of directories with search filters.

Furthermore, ACF Pro allows users of WordPress sites to design groups of fields that will be displayed according to a few defined parameters, namely: the chosen template and the type of publication. The types of fields offered are numerous. Among them are:

  • The text field;
  • Date field;
  • The text box ;
  • The website;
  • Purpose;
  • The group of fields.

The possibilities offered by the ACF Pro plugin are plentiful. What is interesting is that for each field you have the possibility to create validations and conditional logics. Using ACF Pro, you will perform your actions without friction and you will benefit from a complete documentation and a quality interface.

ACF PRO to take advantage of advanced features

ACF PRO is the premium version of the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin. It allows you to take advantage of advanced features that are not available with the classic version. Using this extension, you will create customizable image galleries and unlock a more efficient workflow.

ACF PRO to save time

If you are a web developer, ACF PRO consists of a set of custom fields that will allow you to normalize metadata for various elements such as: user objects, publishing objects, etc. This plugin will also provide you with a familiar set of template functions for displaying and updating metadata.

ACF PRO to improve performance

The ACF Pro plugin is a great solution for extending the technical limits of web design. It allows you to go beyond standard WordPress templates to take advantage of complex layouts with structured data and advanced features.

This WordPress extension will allow you to work in front-end languages and provide your clients with quality websites.

The benefits of ACF Pro?

 Creation of custom fields  Event creation  Advanced features

The disadvantages of ACF Pro?

 Occasional bugs  Limited options  Lack of assistance

ACF Pro Overview

acf pro screenshot

Full description of the tool

The ACF PRO plugin is a solution that transforms WordPress sites into an exceptional content management system, thanks to the access to the necessary tools for the optimal use of your data. Using this extension will allow you to take full control over your editing screens and custom field data. Depending on your preferences, you will have the opportunity to quickly and easily add fields to the editing screens of the CMS. The special feature of the ACF Pro extension is that it allows you to add fields wherever you want. They can therefore be created in accounts, media, publications, taxonomies, custom options pages and comments.

Currently, ACF has over 2 million installations worldwide. It is compatible with WordPress versions 4.7 and higher. Note that it is available in several languages. To take advantage of the ACF PRO plugin, you need to pay $25 per website. This will give you access to a lifetime license.

ACF PRO features

As mentioned above, ACF PRO is the premium version of ACF for WordPress. It allows you to enjoy more features, flexibility and fields. With the repeat field offered by this plugin, WordPress site builders will be able to create a set of subfields that can be repeated endlessly. You can use the "Options Page" feature to add custom admin pages to edit ACF fields.

Moreover, the Pro version of ACF gives access to ACF Blocks which is a powerful PHP-based framework. It allows you to develop custom block types for the WordPress block editor. The premium extension offers the possibility to create fully customizable image galleries with the "Gallery" field. Note that the WordPress ACF PRO plugin allows you to define, create and manage content with the flexible content field, which gives you access to several subfield layout options.

Finally, the premium version of your extension unlocks a more efficient workflow to manage field settings.

Installation of ACF PRO

To install ACF PRO, you need to go to the WordPress dashboard and go to "Extensions". Click "Add" and search for "Advanced Custom Fields". This will allow you to find and enable Advanced Custom Fields. Click on the new menu item and create your first group of custom fields. Documentation is provided to help you use the plugin.

Our opinion

Our review of the Acf Pro WordPress plugin is positive. It allows you to create custom fields anywhere, which is interesting for creating content on your WordPress site.

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