The JetSmartFilters plugin is a solution that allows you to take advantage of advanced filters for any type of Wordpress publication.

Why use JetSmartFilters?

The JetSmartFilters plugin is a solution for creating advanced filters for the content of sites created in Wordpress.

First, it allows you to customize any type of post in record time. In a few seconds and without reloading a page, users can filter products and publications. It is therefore an excellent solution to improve the customer's shopping experience.

Second, JetSmartFilters is very easy to use. When creating or modifying a product's filter, you will only need to put in a minimum of effort. In other words, this solution will save you a lot of time. Thanks to this extension, you will be able to customize all your designs and filter bar settings for all websites.

Third, JetSmartFilters allows for filter layering. Depending on your preferences, you will be able to mix and match filters to get the search hierarchy you like. With this plugin, your website or online store will be configured according to your preferences. You can even apply all the filters to the publications and pages that interest you. There are no restrictions on which themes are compatible with the extension's filters.

Finally, you can build and style any filter structure with the user-friendly JetSmartFilters plugin.

The benefits of JetSmartFilters?

 Ease of use  The possibilities of customization  Compatibility with any type of publication

The disadvantages of JetSmartFilters?

 The relatively high price  Incompatibility with small sites

JetSmartFilters Overview


Full description of the tool

JetSmartFilters is an extension that allows you to filter the various types of publications on an online store or website. To get it, you have two choices. First, you can take the custom subscription available at $43 per year. It entitles you to 17 widgets and the JetSmartFiltersComment plugin. If you are a large company, you can afford the $199 per year plan that includes 150 widgets and 20 jet plugins. It all depends on your needs and financial means.

Improving the presentation of messages

With JetSmartFilters, you can present your messages in the best possible way and filter all products in your online store.

Far from being a simple add-on or Elementor filter plugin, JetSmartFilters is a complete toolkit that every web designer must have. It consists of six types of filters and 15 widgets for element filtration, pagination, search button and indexer. If you are planning to supercharge your website, JetSmartFilters is a must-have that you should definitely own. With such an extension, you will help your customers customize their searches. They will be able to filter by radio filters, active filters, date range filters and checkbox filters.

To work optimally, JetSmartFilters is supported by AJAX reloading which is known for its reliability and speed. Users will not need to refresh your website page to get their filter search results.

User-oriented filtering

The user has been put at the center of the development of the JetSmartFilters plugin. This extension will allow you to offer an exceptional shopping experience to your website's customers. You will have the chance to combine up to nine types of filters to get the right hierarchy and meet the needs of users.

JetSmartFilters extension allows you to create filters that perfectly match your website design. Very user-centric, this plugin will help you provide users, a very good online shopping experience.

JetSmartFilters Features

JetSmartFilters provides you with an indexer that displays filtered results in an intelligent way. With just one click, you can display the desired product to users. Moreover, in the indexer settings, it is possible to determine the number of items in each category.

The plugin has a faceted search system. Here, users can apply a multitude of filters simultaneously to get satisfaction. With the hierarchy selection principle, JetSmartFilters allows organizing category filters by combining them into a single hierarchy. With this feature, categories and subcategories can be viewed, making it easy to navigate.

Finally, JetSmartFilters comes with additional providers. They will allow you to integrate your card lists and boost the customer experience by calibrating the active filters.

Smart filters

One of the special features of JetSmartFilters is that it can be integrated seamlessly. With its optimized design, you can easily integrate it with WooCommerce, Jet Engine, Elementor or JetWoobuilder.

Additional features

JetSmartFilters is an easily configurable extension. It allows you to take advantage of additional features such as the calibration of active filters. The purpose of this operation is to make the filters interact with the main and additional providers on the same page. JetSmartFilters allows you to integrate a list of cards and merge standalone list grids into a robust filtering architecture.

The application to all slots and tutorials

JetSmartFilters can be used for any type of website. Whether you have an e-commerce site, a vacation rental site, a car dealership platform or a car rental site, this plugin is suitable for all situations. Note that you will find tutorials that will help you use it well. You just have to go to the official website of the plugin and it's done.

Our opinion

JetSmartFilters is perfect for filtering publications, articles and products on a website. Due to its limited advantages and disadvantages, our opinion about this extension is positive. We use it for our clients' sites.

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