Wix or WordPress in 2022?

Wix or WordPress? Which should it be? Here's our ultimate guide to help you choose the perfect CMS to build your website in %currentyear%.
Wix or WordPress

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Wix or WordPress are two different platforms that simplify the creation and execution of websites. Wix was created in 2006 while WordPress was created in 2003. Wix is a less comprehensive platform while WordPress is open to many communities. These two platforms compete in terms of innovation, with really different focuses.

Last time, we talked about WooCommerce and PrestaShop. This time, it's the turn of two other platforms that compete in terms of innovation, with really different focuses.

Some statistics show that WordPress has a larger user base than Wix. This is due to a number of factors such as ease of use, age and price. Yet Wix is able to meet the needs of many people. Let's find out the differences.

Who has the best additional features, Wix or WordPress?

Both the WordPress and Wix platforms offer the opportunity to take advantage of additional features (beyond basic usage). You caninstall third-party applications or plugins of your choice.

This is what will give you the right to additional features to push the limits on your sites without being a developer. Which of the two platforms offers more additional features, Wix or Wordpress?

Wix offers a whole list of applications for additional functionalities. With the help of these applications, it will be possible to add other functionalities to your site that are not present in the basic package.

For example: reservation management or e-commerce shops and online chat. Despite these applications that will be offered to you, you will notice that you will still be limited by their low volume.

WordPress offers a considerable number of plugins in its catalogue. There are tens of thousands of plugins available to you to build the site of your dreams. Even if you should not abuse them to avoid making your site heavy, it is rare that if you have a need, a plugin does not fill it.

You will also benefit from plugins with advanced functionalities such as traffic monitoring and analysis, design, help for SEO. WordPress plugins have both free and paid options.

Note that in most cases, even paid plugins offer freemium use.

Looking at the additional features offered by each platform, it is clear that WordPress is more robust and beneficial than Wix if you want to build a site that goes beyond a showcase site.

With WordPress you can easily benefit from many plugins for free, whereas Wix offers only a minimal list of applications. So Wix is not the platform with the best additional features, a point for WP.

How is WordPress easier to use than Wix?

The WordPress platform has features on its admin panel that you won't find on Wix. Even if it's a bit disorienting at first, it's still more intuitive than Wix.

Itonly takes a few days to master the basic functions of WordPress. There's a reason why the platform is so successful around the world. You can then easily create your first site and over time become a seasoned WordPress user.

The Wix platform requires a little patience to understand and master the features. However, at the end of this long adaptation time, Wix offers you, unlike WordPress, enough possibilities to customise your site without technical knowledge.

Although WordPress is simpler and easier to use, Wix is the most convenient platform for beginners, but you will be limited as soon as you need a specific result.

Wix allows you to manage your site as you wish while customising it according to your tastes and needs. This is done through a simple click and drag editing system ( WYSIWIG concept). This is a very practical approach that puts you in control of your site, at least in appearance...

Ma-Peluche shop on Wordpress

What are the advantages of WordPress over Wix?

Each platform (Wix or WordPress) has its own advantages. However, WordPress has a clear superiority over Wix. WordPress is quite complex, but rich in features.

While Wix is convenient, it doesn't have enough features to do better than a basic showcase site (despite its applications).

These advantages of WordPress make it the benchmark, whether now or later in 2022.

Some of the benefits of WordPress :

  • simple to create/install and lightweight;
  • very useful plugins, numerous and easy to install;
  • cost-effective platform: not likely to disappear tomorrow;
  • free choice for the accommodation service ;
  • natively correct code for robots: perfect for SEO;
  • possibility of transforming your site into an e-shop: with Woocommerce for example);
  • the possibility of community support;
  • secure site: regular updates.

While Wix allows you to customise your site, WordPress also offers themes (templates). These lightweight designs or themes offered by WordPress allow you to change the layout and background colour of your site. So when it comes to customisation, WordPress is no slouch compared to Wix. The real strength here is that there are many builders and there are many free and paid templates.

So much so that some designers make a living simply by selling Wordpress templates.

The Wix platform also offers interesting options. However, they are less open than WP, which mechanically leads to a smaller number of possibilities.

Here are some of the advantages of Wix:

  • modern and innovative user interfaces;
  • total control of the URL structure ;
  • automatic update for the site map ;
  • update made in the new Wix by 301 redirects.

As part of the advantages of WordPress over Wix and vice versa, it is important to consider the ease of use. Any user at any level wants to work effortlessly when on a platform. User feedback monitoring statistics show that WordPress has a pleasant and easy to master interface. This is indeed what justifies the large number of WordPress users. One more point for WordPress.

The Tea Story shop on Wix

Who has better customer support: Wix or WordPress?

When it comes to customer support, it is not easy to distinguish the best between WordPress and Wix. Wix provides customer support that is always accessible (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Whatever the day or time, you can reach Wix and be satisfied according to your needs. In addition, tutorials are available on the Wix website that can help you rescue yourself in case of urgent need.

WordPress does not offer timely support. However, WordPress does provide links and forums on its sites where you can find help.

Customer support is like that at WordPress, because it has a very large user community. As a result, you have enough groups, tutorials, or guides to help you with your concerns.

Given the potential of WordPress and Wix, it is difficult to name the best of them in the field of customer support. The choice is therefore left to you to choose the platform of your choice according to your expectations and needs.

Wix or WordPress CMS

Which price is better for website creation: Wix or WordPress?

Pricing is the last aspect to consider in order to know which site will be the best in 2022. It is important to remember that WordPress offers very different prices depending on the quality of the site to be created. On the other hand, at Wix the monthly rates are 5,50€ for the domain connection and 15€ for the unlimited connection.

All in all, WordPress is and will continue to be the best platform in 2022.

So, Wix or WordPress?

Are you more interested in Wix or Wordpress? If you have any questions about these two platforms, we'll be happy to answer them in the comments.