Amelia is a WordPress plugin set up for the design and management of automated online booking systems.

Why use Amelia?

WP Amelia plugin is designed to make online appointment bookings. This extension became known to the general public at the occurrence of the 2020 health crisis. It stands out from other extensions on the WordPress platform. It is known as the most comprehensive appointment booking tool that has ever existed.

Optimal management of appointments

There are industries where managing meetings is extremely essential. If you have a law firm, a psychic agency or an advertising company, for example, organizing and filing meetings can be very tedious. With Amelia, you don't have to worry about that. As soon as you set it up, you can use it to schedule appointments. It also sends you alerts to remind you of your meetings.

Apart from appointments, you can use Amelia if you want to organize a large event. Its various features mean that it can be used for booking tickets or seats. Whether your event is online or in person, choose this WordPress plugin.

A productivity booster

Manually managing meeting and event bookings is a time-consuming and exhausting activity. It can negatively influence the performance of your company. Amelia automates the process. As a result, your employees will spend less time scheduling meetings and will focus on their real job.

An economical solution

Many companies spend huge amounts of money on expensive computerized meeting reservation programs. Despite this expense, the software is not up to the task. Also, the salary of a personal assistant is a big investment. Plus, your assistant is fallible and can make mistakes. By opting for the Amelia plugin, you will save a lot of money. Subscriptions are not expensive. Whether your company has a small budget or a large one, you can use this IT solution.

Simple features

Getting started is not at all difficult. In fact, the interface presents a fairly detailed dashboard to users. Whether you are the main administrator or a manager, you have access to important and relevant data. The Amelia extension has a very powerful search bar. This is very beneficial when the number of employees is high or when your schedule is overloaded. You can refine your search by using the selection criteria. In a few minutes, you will find the information you need.

The advantages of Amelia?

 Ergonomic appointment interface  Very neat design  Compatible with most other WordPress extensions

The disadvantages of Amelia?

 Very limited free version  Limited customization

Overview of Amelia

Full description of the tool

The Amelia plugin is certainly easy to use. However, its installation and configuration require to follow well defined steps. When you buy the plugin, it comes as a compressed file. It is up to you to unzip it. Then you have to put this file on your server and proceed to its activation. Then, the Amelia extension is implemented on your WordPress account and is ready to use.

The setting options

Amelia's interface offers various parameterization possibilities that we can categorize into several sub-sections.

  • general parameters: in this step, you need to define elements such as the time zone, the minimum times required for reservations and cancellations of interviews. The country prefix should also be specified;
  • parameters concerning the company: this phase of parameter setting consists first of choosing the legal status of the company. Then, other information related to the company must be mentioned. These include the name, logo and physical address. In addition, the web address and telephone number must be included;
  • Automatic messaging settings: these are the SMS and email messages that Amelia sends in the context of an appointment. They inform the company's employees as well as the customers about the effectiveness of the meeting. This is a very important step in the configuration of your WordPress extension. However, it is important to note that the program you use in the first place must also be set up properly in order for the automatic messaging to work;
  • the working hours: the setting interface of the WP Amelia extension allows the configurator to enter the working hours of the different employees of the company. The number of employees whose schedule can be set is unlimited;

In addition to these parameters, you will need to indicate the payment methods accepted in your company. Local currencies are to be prioritized. It is also possible to include digital payment solutions such as PayPal, Payoneer or Stripe.

Amelia's dashboard

It is the interface between the users and the plugin's algorithm. First of all, let's specify that only the administrator and the people they designate as Amelia managers have access to it. This table gives a wide field of vision to those who use it. Firstly, you will see the reservations of meetings with potential customers. Secondly, the plugin takes care of estimating the load percentage. This is the quota between the time to spend on appointments and the total time. This way, the manager has a fair idea of the interviewing possibilities available to him.

Specifically, the main administrator of the WordPress account can see statistics for each employee, each client and the company in general. He also has financial information such as :

  • daily receipts;
  • monthly turnover ;
  • the funds generated by each employee.

The WP Amelia plugin dashboard presented in this way is a real gem for all businesses and individuals.

The graphic design of the WP extension

The plugin is configured so that every WordPress account administrator can customize it according to their company's visual identity. With just a few clicks, you can vary the colors and change the layout of the different elements.

If you are using Amelia, there are shortcuts that allow you to display this or that data in a precise way. They are useful in that they are short to type and therefore easy to remember.

External tools

The WordPress Amelia plugin can be linked to other applications. We can mention:

  • Zoom in;
  • Outlook Calendar ;
  • Google Calendar.

These tools can be integrated into your extension from the interface.

Our opinion

We researched the WordPress Amelia plugin and subsequently experimented with it. Like all the many Wordpress extensions, it has some real advantages.

Amelia appears to be the ideal solution for online reservations. Whether it's for your appointments, a conference, a webinar, or any other event, this plugin can lend a hand. The Amelia tool is very smooth to use and you are not burdened with ads. Considering these performances, this extension has an excellent price/performance ratio. This is what makes it the number one choice for online booking.

Despite its various qualities, it does not adapt to all languages and the translation sometimes seems gloomy. These minor usability issues do not detract from its functionality. We recommend this plugin, as you will gain a lot from using it.

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