Top 8 best e-commerce dropshipping providers in 2022

How to choose when faced with the abundance of web wholesalers? Here are the best e-commerce dropshipping suppliers in 2022
best dropshipping suppliers
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Dropshipping is a tripartite business involving: a supplier, a seller and the customer. The customer places an order with the supplier (the drop shipper). After collecting the agreed sum, the drop shipper collects the product from the supplier who delivers the order to the customer. This is how the 3-step sales process works. The approach has a number of advantages for the drop shipper. It relieves the drop shipper of logistical chores and storage constraints. At the heart of the business is the supplier. His choice therefore determines the success of the business. So how do you select the right wholesaler to supply your business? The top 8 best e-commerce dropshipping suppliers in 2022 lists the digital market leaders of the moment.

1- Aliexpress: the ideal supplier for online sales enthusiasts

AliExpress is a major marketplace. In addition to being one of the largest shopping sites, it is also one of the largest dropshipping sites in the world.

Its advantages

The generalist supplier started with a very simple formula: the accessibility of products. The marketplace is an Ali Baba's cave that offers an abundance of goods of all kinds (fashion, childcare, gardening, animals, etc.).

The Chinese platform has warehouses on European soil. Thanks to its strong partnership with DHL, Ali Express delivers within the country. It also has several warehouses in China and Hong Kong.

Its disadvantages

Aliexpress' exceptional pricing is its main strength. However, low pricing often means low quality. Counterfeits also fill the platform.

The delivery time is debatable. However, a good supplier is known for its speed and responsiveness. In terms of delivery time, Aliexpress takes between 2 and 3 weeks from the time the order is taken to start deliveries. The dropshipping supplier is therefore aimed at amateurs who are still at the start-up stage of their business and not at professionals.

Some retailers also complain about the inconsistency between the information on the website and the product delivered.

2- Bigbuy: the wholesaler of choice for European sellers

The Spanish dropshipping provider offers thousands of products for sale based in Europe.

Its advantages

The UK-based platform has been promoted to the top European dropshipping supplier. The importer and wholesaler is one of the continent's prestigious suppliers.

It handles both the processing of orders and their packaging. Nevertheless, the products are signed for by the seller.

Its compatibility with the main e-commerce solutions is a major advantage. Indeed, the sales platform is compatible with Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce and Shopify. It also integrates with marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Its stocks meet European quality standards. Its products belong to well-known brands.

Delivery times are kept to a minimum, as the products leave the warehouses in Europe. The platform also works with reliable transport agencies such as FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL, DPD, etc.

Finally, BigBuy benefits from a rich catalogue available in 24 languages.

Its disadvantages

Quality has a price and BigBuy understands this. Its prices seem exorbitant. Retailers have to make concessions on their profit margins.

Stocks are in short supply. In view of the limited range of products, BigBuy is therefore struggling to compete with the tough competition.

Despite its speed, the delivery time varies from country to country. The same applies to the shipping options.

3- Oberlo: the wholesaler attached to Shopify

Oberlo is known as the leading product import solution, but the platform also excels in dropshipping.

Its advantages

Oberlo started its business in 2015. Through dropshipping, it has connected over 85 million people. The Italian-based tool dominates much of Europe.

Oberlo is not a platform per se. It is rather an extension of Shopify. Nevertheless, it takes on the roles of a dropshipping provider. It receives orders from your customers and manages the delivery process.

When you start your business, the supplier presents you with a free start-up plan with 50 monthly orders plus a free registration. Then they offer you a higher plan to increase the monthly order limit to over 10,000.

a professional sits at a desk with his laptop, coffee and notebooks. he overlooks a warehouse full of goods.
The logistician is one of the pillars of the success of your dropshipping shop

Its disadvantages

Despite its scale, Oberlo is limited. Available only on Shopify, it is heavily dependent on the marketplace. The plugin remains incompatible with other e-commerce platforms and standalone sites, with the exception of Aliexpress. Products are not edited in the Oberlo extension. Order validation continues to the Shopify product page.

The plugin is difficult to handle. It contains complex settings that confuse beginners.

4- Ecopresto: the 100% French supplier

Ecopresto is a young dropshipping provider. However, the platform has proven itself and offers high quality products.

Its advantages

The supplier has made it its mission to promote dropshipping throughout France. Ecopresto is not a complete supplier. It is a trusted intermediary between wholesalers and retailers. It also manages the suppliers' products.

The platform only partners with renowned wholesalers and therefore registers a diversified repertoire of products belonging to a variety of fields: decoration, multimedia, sport...

The tool promises delivery as soon as possible.

Its disadvantages

The subscription price of Ecopresto discourages sellers. Smaller e-traders cannot afford to pay an excessive subscription fee. They also criticize the high shipping costs.

The tool updates its database in real time, which explains the fluctuation of its prices.

Some drop shippers note a contradiction between the arguments put forward on the site to attract sellers and the partnership agreement to be signed, which states the free choice of selling price.

The platform remains unable to deliver on its promises of fast delivery. Delivery times remain variable and deliveries are impossible at weekends.

5- SaleHoo: the platform with many extensions

The 2 million high quality products make SaleHoo an exceptional platform in the list of the best dropshipping providers.

Its advantages

Suppliers rely on a policy of price reduction to attract distributors. SaleHoo takes a different approach. The platform offers you a range of extensions to support your online sales activity.

In addition, its plugins automate the ordering process. They carry out market research. They provide free training on how to run a digital business.

Once you have registered, SaleHoo will introduce you to its ecosystem. The provider has even set up a blog and an active forum for exchanges between sellers.

Its disadvantages

SaleHoo imposes an annual subscription fee. In addition, the wholesaler raises its prices, forcing you to reduce your profit margin. This is why the platform is an exclusive solution for large retailers.

The wholesaler also suffers from low stock levels, which puts him in a bad position compared to the competition. The restriction of goods thus reduces your niches.

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Subscription is a hindrance to start dropshipping

6- Cdiscount Pro: the online supplier of Cdiscount

Cdiscount has launched a sales platform dedicated to dropshipping. Cdiscount Pro is a rare gem in the stockless e-commerce sector.

Its advantages

Cdiscount Pro is a European supplier that invites you to start your digital project under the best auspices.

The platform offers 200,000 product references in various categories: pharmacy, car/motorcycle, fashion, electronics, sports, etc. However, the marketplace specialises inoenology.

Its attractive prices are hard to resist. Despite the paid services, the products are cheap.

The warehouses located in France guarantee a fast delivery in only 48 hours.

Its disadvantages

At the moment, the platform has only a small stock. This limitation makes it difficult for you to expand if you want to think outside the box and explore other niches.

Its use is complex and time-consuming. Contact (by e-mail or telephone call) with the Cdiscount Pro team is essential for the validation of your partnership. You can also contact them from your customer area or through an advisor.

The platform charges an additional fee for any change of plan, such as a change of category.

7- GRIFFATI B2B: the fashion supplier

GRIFFATI B2B dropshipping leader is dedicated to the sale of fashion items from the top brands. It is aimed at both online and physical shops.

Its advantages

The Italian supplier has more than 150,000 retailers in 67 countries. Its warehouses contain items from Italian designers and creators. The platform stocks clothes, shoes, hats, jewellery, bags and all fashion accessories for men, women and children.

Its strength lies in its accessibility. Griffati B2B offers wholesale prices.

The marketplace also offers a dropshipping service. Depending on your CMS, it suggests a variety of modules and plugins.

Its catalogues are available in 24 languages with detailed descriptions. On top of that, it promises fast delivery.

Its disadvantages

There are occasional bugs in the platform that affect navigation. Users have noticed an increase in bugs following the integration of Shopify. The malfunctions disrupt registrations on the vendor side, resulting in additional coststo the vendor.

Customer service is deplorable. GRIFFATI B2B does not accept any returns. Explanations and complaints are slow. Even in an emergency, quick contact with customer service is impossible.

Shipping costs are high. In addition to these disadvantages, there is a price inconsistency between order taking and shipping.

In a desk on a desk, a mobile phone is distibuted, a bank card with "Credit Card" written on it, a miniature supermarket trolley with boxes marked "fragile".
Take care of your relationship with your dropshipping supplier

8- Printful: the wholesaler of print on demand products

Dropshipping provider Printful focuses on the sale of customised and print-on-demand products.

Its advantages

The marketplace provides design tools. It is also dedicated to the creation of customised clothing and accessories.

Printful first sends you samples to give you an idea of what it can do. It also provides you with a design tool and a graphic library to facilitate the customisation of products.

Every order from your customers is automatically reported to Printful. Printful then takes care of the printing, packaging (under your brand) and shipping from its warehouses in North America and Europe.

It's compatibility is what it's known for. Printful integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Wix, BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce. The tool also connects to online marketplaces such as Wish, Amazon and eBay. It even has iOS and Android mobile apps.

In the interest of transparency, Printful only sends out payment requests after your customer has confirmed receipt of the order.

Its disadvantages

Despite these advantages, Printful is not immune to some flaws. Its merchandise range seems limited. It offers only a small selection of products.

Its high prices reduce the profit margin, unless sales are increased tenfold.

Between the printing and personalisation processes, the waiting time is endless. The indeterminate delivery time discourages the impatient.

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How to choose the right dropshipping supplier in 2022?

The supplier plays a crucial role in your dropshipping business. Before making your choice, analyse your niche, the price of wholesalers and the delivery time.

Focus on your niche

As the dropshipping suppliers in business are not necessarily generalists, your niche determines the choice of your wholesaler. Specialised platforms focus on specific goods such as :

  • decoration ;
  • household appliances;
  • fashion ;
  • animals ;
  • gardening ;
  • car mechanics.

If you do business in a particular field, you will be directed to specialist suppliers. In addition to their top-quality products, their expert advice will be invaluable.

Study the supplier's product prices

Price is a key factor in the choice of supplier. The selection is based on the reputation and size of the supplier.

If necessary, compare the prices of each wholesaler. Then calculate the margin to be achieved. When making your estimate, take into account the delivery costs. The price changes depending on the distance from the delivery point to the warehouse, the number of products and the total weight. Some suppliers even charge a restocking fee if the customer returns.

Focus on delivery time

The delivery time is a factor. Suppliers take between 7 and 12 days for delivery. However, they rarely communicate the time it takes to process the order. Depending on the product requested, it can take up to 2 weeks!

Before taking out any subscription, check the terms and conditions for the time limits. Do not hesitate to contact the customer service department to obtain the necessary details.

Beware of misinformation about the storage locations of foreign suppliers. To remove any doubts, a preliminary test of the wholesaler is necessary before making your choice.

The best dropshipping suppliers

The top 8 best e-commerce dropshipping suppliers in 2022 lists the best wholesalers that can serve your interests in your online business. Aliexpress is at the top of the list. The platform has a diverse product catalogue and a smooth interface for all users.

Despite the price and limited stock, Bigbuy takes second place in the ranking. The supplier is compatible with the major e-commerce sites.

In third place is Oberlo. The Shopify plugin fulfils your customers' orders in record time. However, the plugin seems difficult to handle.

The French-speaking website Ecopresto wants to democratise dropshipping in France. The supplier offers a vast repertoire of goods at a high price.

SaleHoo, a prestigious provider, has put together a range of plugins to manage your digital business. However, the platform is overpriced and lacks product diversity.

In sixth place comes Cdiscount Pro, the dropshipping platform of Cdiscount. The wholesaler specialises in oenology, but offers other high-quality products.

Sellers of fashion items turn to GRIFFATI B2B, a renowned supplier of a variety of goods from the Italian market.

In last place is Printful. The supplier stocks tools for designing clothing, accessories and many other customised products.

Before you make your choice, review your niche. Then look at the supplier's pricing and delivery time.

So which of these dropshipping wholesalers appeals to you? What do you think are the criteria of a trusted supplier?